Paul LaPolice says Redblacks would consider cutting a player who acted like Riders’ Garrett Marino

Photo courtesy: Scott Grant/

Ottawa Redblacks’ head coach Paul LaPolice has furthered condemned the actions of Saskatchewan Roughriders’ defensive lineman Garrett Marino, according to Tim Baines of the Ottawa Sun.

Asked by TSN’s @clahanna if the tables were turned and it was of his players who did what #Riders DL Garrett Marino did last week, #Redblacks coach Paul LaPolice said: “If one of our players acted in that total way, I don’t know if he’d still be a Redblack.”

Marino was suspended for four total games following last week’s contest against Ottawa, including a two-game suspension for an illegal hit on quarterback Jeremiah Masoli, a one-game suspension for a verbal comment about Masoli’s heritage, and a one-game suspension for an illegal hit on offensive lineman Dino Boyd.

The 27-year-old isn’t a stranger to supplemental discipline having twice been ejected in only 12 career CFL games and fined multiple times. The four-game suspension is the most severe discipline the league has ever administered for in-game behaviour during a single game.

Saskatchewan released a statement on Marino’s behalf on Wednesday apologizing for his behaviour and indicating that he will not be appealing the suspensions. He has not spoken to the media regarding his suspension and indicated through the team-issued statement that he will not be commenting further.

Riders’ head coach Craig Dickenson doesn’t believe Marino intended to injure Masoli, though he expressed disappointment in the defensive lineman’s behaviour. It doesn’t appear the club ever considered releasing Marino and believe the 27-year-old is on his way to

“We’re not gonna give up on him, everybody makes mistakes,” Dickenson said on Tuesday. “Goodness gracious, it would be rough if we all were judged on our worst moment and hopefully we won’t judge him forever on a situation where he got out of control and his emotions got the best of him.”

“It was definitely despicable and we don’t want any more of that ever again. We’re not gonna give up on him for that one incident. We’re gonna try our best to help him and help him learn.”

TSN’s cameras showed LaPolice expressing his frustration to Dickenson after Saturday’s game. Dickenson apologized to LaPolice, while the Riders issued an apology to Masoli and made a donation to the Redblacks’ mentorship program in his name.