About Us

3DownNation is a website dedicated to covering the CFL and Canadian football.

Founded in 2015 by veteran CFL writer Drew Edwards while reporting for the Hamilton Spectator and initially the property of the Torstar corporation, ownership of the site was transferred to its contributors in January of 2019.

Justin Dunk: managing editor and contributor
John Hodge: editor and contributor
Joey Alfieri: contributor
Ryan Ballantine: contributor
Darrell Davis: contributor
Santino Filoso: contributor
Joel Gasson: contributor
Josh Smith: contributor
Ken Edwards: director of digital operations
Drew Edwards: founding editor

Core principles of 3DownNation.com

• provide quality news, context and analysis on Canadian football across a variety of platforms to our subscribers.
• conduct ourselves with integrity in our relationships with our sources, shareholders, subscribers and contributors.
• treat our contributors fairly, providing them with compensation, resources and benefits wherever possible.
• to support the sustainability and growth of Canadian football and journalism, while staying true to our journalistic principles.
• to strive for economic sustainability, quality and fairness over the pursuit of pure profit.

Professional standards

Accuracy and Accountability
• we strive to be accurate in our reporting and prioritize that accuracy over being first.
• we are accountable for the fairness and reliability of our reporting.
• we will not allow our own biases to impede fair and accurate reporting.

• while there is no copyright on news or ideas once a story is in the public domain, we will credit and link back to the source material in every situation where that’s possible. Credits for scoops should be given “as first reported by” or Tweets embedded into posts. When quotes are taken from stories, the story should be linked and the reporter credited.
• source material taken directly from team sites, the team should also be credited.
• stories that use material from social media, i.e. Tweets, Instagram posts, Facebook posts, should have the source material embedded in the post. Screencaps are also permissible.
• we should provide accurate photo credit information in every situation where that’s possible.

The reproduction of other people’s work without permission or attribution is strictly forbidden.

Online conduct
The content and conduct online can have an impact on reader trust and the journalistic reputation of 3DownNation. This is true regardless of privacy settings, profile description and whether the account is considered personal.

Social media conduct, particularly comments or content of a racist, sexist, homophobic or offensive nature can lead to the removal of a contributors’ work from 3DownNation.

Upon verification of a factual error, corrections shall be made clearly, promptly and prominently and be acknowledged at the bottom of the post (“this story has been updated to reflect…” Minor mistakes (typos, grammatical errors etc.) can be corrected in a post without acknowledgement.

To report an error, please email [email protected]

Anonymous sourcing
While we acknowledge the importance of anonymous sourcing in the work we do, we will strive to ensure the information obtained from such sources is accurate and independently corroborated where ever possible.

Takedown policy
This policy sets out the circumstances under which we may remove online material.

In making material available online, 3DownNation acts in good faith. However, we recognize that from time to time material published online may be in breach of copyright, contain personal information inappropriate for publications or potentially libellous material.

On receipt of a request to takedown material from our websites, 3DownNation will assess the case within one business day.

3DownNation may approve the withdrawal of the material if one or more of the following criteria is met:

  • the material is in copyright, and the copyright-holder refuses permission for it to be made available online.
  • The material does not meet the journalistic standards set out by 3DownNation’s policy.
  • the material contains personal information about someone and continued online access would be unlawful or unfair to them.
  • the material is potentially libellous.

Any takedown notice requesting removal of copyright material must be sent by the copyright owner and/or the owner’s legal representative. 3DownNation will not respond to notices requesting removal of copyright material by any unaffiliated third party.

Any takedown notice requesting removal of material perceived to be potentially libellous must be sent by the individual named and/or their legal representative.

To submit a takedown request please email [email protected]

Comment policy
3DownNation respects its readers and values robust and open debate – it’s an essential part of the CFL fan experience. We encourage readers to comment on stories and rely on them to maintain a respectful and civil discussion. Please respect the following guidelines:

  • initial comments require approval from 3DownNation staff, including verification of a valid email address. Subsequent comments from approved participants will be published automatically, provided they meet the guidelines.
  •  comments that gratuitously attack or demean individuals or organizations are not acceptable.
  • harassing and stalking people or personal attacks of any kind are not tolerated.
  • racist, sexist, homophobic and otherwise discriminatory and offensive language will not be tolerated.
  • swearing, name-calling, and otherwise abusive language is unacceptable.
  • be relevant. Comments unrelated to the topic being discussed may be deleted.
  • there is zero tolerance for pornography, sexually explicit content and depictions of graphic or gratuitous violence.
  • do not infringe anyone’s intellectual property, including by posting content you’ve copied from elsewhere.
  • do not use the comment section to advertise products or services.
  • do not impersonate others. Do not use the personal information or image of another person without their consent.
  • We reserve the right to remove comments or any other content we deem unacceptable in our sole discretion, including removing user names and profile pictures.
  • violation of these policies can result in the revocation of commenting privledges.