‘It’s almost like a bullseye for the defensive guys’: Cody Fajardo enters Riders rematch with Alouettes still bothered by knee injury

Photo courtesy: Scott Grant/CFLPhotoArchive.com

Cody Fajardo has not hidden the fact his injured knee, suffered in a Week 2 win against Edmonton, still has not fully recovered.

Fajardo said he’s so beat up, the knee brace he wore in Montreal and will wear again in Saturday’s rematch versus the Alouettes in Regina is the only thing keeping him on the field right now.

“This brace has been beneficial and I don’t think I would’ve been able to play without it,” Fajardo said during preparations for Week 4. “I’m really looking forward to getting the brace off, hopefully I can get through one more week and then hopefully take the brace off.”

The eight quarterback sacks, Fajardo was in for seven of them in addition to numerous hurries, hung a lickin’ on Saskatchewan’s quarterback but he doesn’t sound like a guy who thinks the Montreal pass rush was his biggest problem in that Week 3 meltdown.

“Football is always a physical game but I think it was one of the more physical ones because my body wasn’t fully recovered from the week before,” Fajardo said.

“Usually you get to wake up on game day excited, fresh like: ‘Yes, we get to play football today.’ I remember waking up [in Montreal] and I’m like: ‘Ah, I hope I can make it through four quarters.’ Right there you’re already thinking negatively. I’m going to feel a lot better going into this game body-wise just because of the time off.”

Despite the discomfort Fajardo is currently experiencing, he said don’t expect him to shy away from hits, even on short-yardage plays.

“That’s the thing that kept me in the CFL so as long as they want me out there, I’m going to be out there. I know Mason [Fine] hasn’t done very many short yardage [plays] and so I’m going to be out there,” Fajardo said.

“When you get into those piles, there’s a lot of things the cameras don’t catch. You wear a knee brace as a quarterback when you’re not used to wearing one, it’s almost like a bullseye for the defensive guys. That’s something you’ve got to get used to and try to protect yourself.”

Fajardo isn’t coming right out and accusing the Alouettes of targeting his banged-up knee. However, the Roughriders quarterback sure sounds like someone who feels the Als are aware of his braced knee.