CFL free agent rankings: defensive tackles

Defensive tackles that remain available.


1. Eddie Steele, SSK
Age: 30
Key stats: 16 tackles & four sacks
Notes: Consistent player who still has some gas in the tank.

2. Daryl Waud, OTT
Age: 25
Key stats: Two tackles
Notes: Youth and size will get Waud a contract, but he hasn’t produced much since his rookie season in 2015.

3. Maxx Forde, B.C.
Age: 27
Key stats: Two tackles
Notes: A trade to Ottawa was blocked following a failed physical this past season. Injuries are a concern.

4. Faith Ekakitie, FA
Age: 25
Key stats: None
Notes: Missed the entire 2018 season due to a torn Achilles. Released by Montreal last week, the former first overall pick has become a monumental bust.

5. Don Oramasionwu, OTT
Age: 32
Key stats: None
Notes: Ten-year pro who was a late-season depth addition in Ottawa.


1. Drake Nevis, WPG
Age: 29
Key stats: 26 tackles & two sacks
Notes: Powerful 300-pounder who often commands a double-team.

2. Dylan Wynn, TOR
Age: 25
Key stats: 30 tackles & two sacks
Notes: Young, athletic, tenacious, and physical. An underrated player.

3. Mic’hael Brooks, SSK
Age: 27
Key stats: 15 tackles
Notes: Has never fully lived up to the hype he generated as a rookie with B.C. in 2015.

4. Ken Bishop, TOR
Age: 28
Key stats: 18 tackles & two sacks
Notes: A prototypical nose tackle. Not flashy, but consistent.

5. Jason Neill, HAM
Age: 26
Key stats: 12 tackles
Notes: Didn’t generate much push working beside perennial all-star Ted Laurent.