Grey Cup Betting

The Canadian Football League is back and all nine teams are vying for one thing: the Grey Cup. And in Ontario, fans now have a huge range of options when it comes to odds for the CFL title game.

Grey Cup odds

First awarded in 1909, the Grey Cup is one of the most coveted and prestigious trophies in all of North American sports. It has been the official trophy of the CFL champion since the league’s inception in 1958, and it’s the most popular futures market out for anyone who wagers on the league.

This page contains all the key information you’ll want about betting on the CFL championship game at regulated sportsbooks in Ontario.

How to bet on the Grey Cup

Placing bets on the Grey Cup isn’t too dissimilar to wagering on regular-season CFL games. There is a chance that additional betting markets are added for the big game, making Ontario sports betting menus even bigger than they already are.

You can bet moneylines, spreads, totals, props, live lines, and more. We’ll the following example as a guide when explaining how each one works.

Saskatchewan Roughriders+3.5 (-110)+140Over 47.5 (-105)
Toronto Argonauts-3.5 (-110)-160Under 47.5 (-115)


Betting moneylines simply means picking the winner of the game. With American odds, favourites have a negative moneyline and underdogs have a positive moneyline. In decimal odds, favourite is identified because it has a lower overall decimal number.

  • Saskatchewan Roughriders +140/2.40
  • Toronto Argonauts -160/1.60

When betting moneylines, it’s best to use the number 100 to calculate potential wins and losses. With decimale odds, the number represents the total payout for a $1.00 bet including your original stake. So a $1 wager on the Riders at +140 means profiting $1.40 for a total of $2.40. At $100, you can profit $140 for a total of $240.

With American odds, moneylines are the amount you win for every $100 wagered. For exampled, a +140 line means winning $140 in profit on a $100 bet. With underdogs, you’re wagering the moneyline number for every $100 in winnings. So a -160 line requires a $160 risk to win $100 in profit.

Point Spread

Because all teams are not created equal, oddsmakers apply a point spread to even out the game. It is essentially a projected winning margin for favourites and losing margin for underdogs. Favourites can ‘cover’ the spread if they win by more than the number indicates. Underdogs can cover the number if they lose by less than the spread, or win the game outright.

  • Saskatchewan Roughriders +3.5 (-110/1.91)
  • Toronto Argonauts -3.5 (-110/1.91)

A bet on the Argos means that Toronto (-3.5) must win by four or more points to cash your ticket. For the Riders (+3.5) to cover the spread, they must win or lose by three or fewer points.

Reading the spread is the same for American and decimal odds, and calculating payouts is easier as well. Most spreads are somewhere between -125 (1.8) and +100 (2.00), with -110 (1.91) being a common starting point for many. Both sides of this spread are -110 (1.91), so you must risk $1.10 for every dollar, or $110 to win $100.


Betting totals simply involves picking whether the combined score of the game will go over or under the number set by oddsmakers. Sometimes, determining the pace of a matchup or whether scoring will be abundant or limited can be easier than picking a side, and it’s an exciting way to take in the Grey Cup.

  • Riders/Argos Over 47.5 (-105/1.95)
  • Riders/Argos Under 47.5 (-115/1.87)

Similar to spreads, the odds for totals hover around -125 (1.8) and +100 (2.00). In this case, betting the Under 47.5 (-115/1.87) means needing 47 or fewer points to win your wager. A total of $1.87 would com back to you with a $1 bet and If you want to win $100, you’ll need to risk $115.

Betting an Over 47.5 (-105/1.95) requires 48 or more points to win the bet. At these odds, a $1 wager returns $1.96 and $105 risk can win $100 in profit.

Live Betting

Throughout every CFL game including the Grey Cup, bettors can also wager after kickoff has already happened. Whether you missed kickoff or just wanted to wait for the game to start for a better line, you can place tons of mid-game wagers at Ontario sportsbooks. That includes standard moneylines, spreads, and totals, but can also extend to props.

Live betting can also be used strategically to hedge or middle pregame wagers and help cement profits from previous bets.

Grey Cup prop betting

One of the best things about single-game wagering coming to Canada was the door opening to the seemingly endless prop betting market. Across a wide range of sports including the CFL, props are available for every single game and provide an exciting alternative to the standard moneyline, spread, and total.

Proposition bets take on a life of their own at this point in the year due to the massive popularity of props in general, but also the sheer volume of the options. When the Grey Cup comes around and there’s only one game on the schedule, prop betting is sure to be extremely popular throughout Ontario.

Sportsbooks offer dozens of different prop markets for every CFL game, and offerings are only increased once we reach the championship. The options will include but are not limited to:

  • Player Props: Centered around individual stats such as passing, rushing, and receiving numbers. Passing, receiving, and rushing yards along with attempts, receptions, and touchdowns are all popular player props.
  • Team Props: These involve individual teams such as home/away team totals (game, half, quarter) total touchdowns for a specific team, or race to X points (5, 10, 15, 20, etc.)
  • Game Props: Options to do with neither team such as an over/under for total field goals or touchdowns in the game.

Grey Cup Parlays | CFL same-game parlays

Canadian bettors are familiar with parlay betting, and it may even be a sore subject for some. But same-game parlays, a newer type of parlay wager, have some more flexibility and have become wildly popular among football bettors in North America.

These bets allow you to combine moneylines, spreads, and totals (along with alternate lines) with several different props to build a parlay that is focused on one specific game. Especially for a standalone game such as the Grey Cup, the option to place a multi-leg wager by combining different markets could be appetizing.

Bettors have the option of playing things as safe or risky as they want, whether it’s going for a massive payout, keeping things modest, or something between the two. It’s wholly customizable and makes for a singular betting experience, especially for the big game!

Grey Cup promotions | CFL promos at Ontario sportsbooks

While signup offers are something that all bettors should pay attention to when choosing a sportsbook, that isn’t where the benefits stop. Industry-leading sportsbooks in Canada such as the ones featured on this page have a wide range of promotional deals including but not limited to the following:

  • Odds Boosts: Enhanced odds for specific Grey Cup markets, chosen by the sportsbook.
  • Profit Boosts: An odds boost that the bettors can use on a qualifying wager of their choice, rather than a market chosen by the site. May be eligible for a specific sport or type of bet such as a spread or a prop.
  • SGP Boosts: Enhanced odds for qualifying same-game parlay wagers for the Grey Cup.
  • Bet & Get: Offer involving a reward of site credit or a future boost in exchange for betting on a qualifying market that has to do with the big game.
  • Refer-A-Friend: Earn site credit for referring friends to the site! This is available all season but is especially valuable around Grey Cup when you may want to bet a little more than you normally do, or on something different.