CFL pending free agent list

Here is the list of pending free agents for every CFL team.


BEDARD, Martin, national, FB – re-signed
BLANC, Jean-Samuel, national, DL – re-signed
BOWMAN, John, international, DL – re-signed
CUNNINGHAM, BJ, international, REC – re-signed
JACKSON, Ernest, international, REC – re-signed
LEWIS, Eugene, international, REC – re-signed
MATTE, Kristian, national, OL – re-signed
ROBINSON, Jermaine, international, DB – re-signed
WASHINGTON, Tony, international, OL – re-signed

Pending free agents
ADEKOLU, Stephen, national, REC
BOULAY, Nicolas, national, LB
BOWMAN, Adarius, international, REC
BURNETT, Joe, international, DB – released
COX Chip, international, LB
EKAKITIE, Faith, national, DL – released
ELLIS, Dominique, international, DB
GAGNON, Philippe, national, OL
GRAHAM, TJ, international, REC
GUY, Dillon, national, OL
HEATH, TJ, international, DB
JOHNSON, George, national, REC
JOSEPH, Jesse, national, DL
KNAPTON, Gabriel, international, DL
LALAMA, DJ, national, LB
KUDER, Tyler, international, DL – retired
PIERZCHALSKI, Alex, national, REC – retired
PITTMAN, Lawrence, international, RB – released
STANFORD, Joshua, national, REC – released
WILLY, Drew, international, QB – released
CAMPBELL, Tevaughn, national, DB – released to sign NFL contract


BALTIMORE, Sherrod, international, DB – re-signed
DAVIS, Dominique, international, QB – re-signed
ELLIS Avery, international, DL – re-signed
FEOLI-GUDINO, Julian, national, REC – re-signed
KLASSEN, Michael, national, DL – re-signed
LATTANZIO, Ettore, national, DL – re-signed
LAUZON-SEGUIN, Jason, national, OL
LEONE, Richie, international, K – re-signed
MACMILLAN, Nolan, national, OL – re-signed
MASON, Danny, international, DE – re-signed
NEWSOME, Jonathan, international, DL – re-signed
ROMICK, Nigel, national, DL – re-signed
ROSE, Jonathan, international, DB – re-signed
TINDAL, Corey, international, DB – re-signed
WAKEFIELD, Michael, international, DL – re-signed

Pending free agents
ACKIE, Chris, national, DB
ELLINGSON, Greg, international, REC
GOTT, Jon, national, OL
HARRIS, Trevor, international, QB
HEBERT, Kyries, international, LB
INTZANDT, Zachary, national, OL – retired
KETT, Jamal, national, REC – retired
LEONARD, AC, international, DL
LUE, Andrew, national, DB
MADU, Mossis, international, RB
MARSHALL, Andrew, national, DL
MURRAY, Derico, international, LB
ORAMASIONWU, Donald, national, DT
POWELL, William, international, RB
RHYMES, Dominique, international, REC
ROGERS, SirVincent, international, OL
SPENCER, Diontae, international, REC/RET – released to sign NFL contract
WAUD, Daryl, national, DL
WEST, Dan, national, DB


BELTRE, Frank, international, DE – re-signed
BOMBEN, Ryan, national, OL – re-signed
BURKS, Branden, international, RB – re-signed
CAMPBELL, Jamal, national, OL – re-signed
CHARETTE, Alexander, national, REC
DARBY, Alden, international, DB – re-signed
DAVIS, Troy, international, DL – re-signed
DEANE, J’Michael, national, OL – re-signed
FINLEY, Jeffrey, national, DL – re-signed
FORD, Qudarius, international, DB – re-signed
GABRIEL, Jermaine, national, DB – re-signed
GINGRAS-GAGNON, Simon, national, FB – re-signed
HOLMES, Tyler, national, OL – re-signed
JORDAN, Akeem, international, LB – re-signed
KANNEH, Abdul, international, DB – re-signed
KOLANKOWSKI, Chris, national, OL – re-signed
MEDEIROS, Zackary, national, K – re-signed
ONYEKA, Nakas, national, LB – re-signed
PLUMMER, Terrance, international, LB – re-signed
REINHART, Jake, national, LB – re-signed
SACKEY, DJ, national, OL – re-signed
WALKER, Cameron, national, DL – re-signed
WEBSTER, Matt, national, DB – re-signed
WOODS, Bear, international, LB – re-signed
WOODSON, Robert, national, DB – re-signed

Pending free agents
BALL, Marcus, international, LB
BISHOP, Ken, international, DL
BUTLER, Victor, international, DL
CAMPBELL, William, international, OL
CARTER, Duron, international, REC
DEBOSE, Andre, international, REC – retired
HUNTER, Kendall, international, RB – retired
KNOX, JR. Jeff, international, LB
NARKAJ, Samuel, national, OL – retired
NGELEKA, Johnathan, national, DB – retired
PRUKOP, Dakota, international, QB
RAY, Ricky, international, QB
TUGGLE, Justin, I, DL, Kansas State
VAN, Travon, I, RB, Montana
VENABLE, Winston, international, LB – retired
WHITE, Myles, international, REC
WYNN, Dylan, international, DL
YELL, Ronnie, international, DB


BANKS, Brandon, international, REC – re-signed
BREAUX, Delvin, international, DB – re-signed
BROOKS, Cariel, international, DB – re-signed
CHAMBERS, Shamawd, national, REC – re-signed
CRAWFORD, Aaron, national, LS – re-signed
DALY, Michael, national, DB – re-signed
GREEN, Alex, international, RB – re-signed
LAWRENCE, Simoni, international, LB – re-signed
LEONARD, Richard, international, DB – re-signed
PALMER, Kelvin, international, OL – re-signed
SAUNDERS, Jalen, international, REC – re-signed
THOMAS-ERLINGTON, Sean, national, RB – re-signed
VAUGHN, Justin, national, DL – re-signed
WHITLOCK, Nikita, international, RB – re-signed

Pending free agents
COOPER, Mariel, international, DB
DAVIS, Terrell, national, LB
DEAN, Larry, international, LB
FAUBERT-LUSSIER ,Felix, national, REC
FILER, Mike, national, OL
HAJRULLAHU, Lirim, national, K
HUGHES, Geoff, national, LB – retired
JOHNSON, Josh, international, DB
JONES, Mike, national, REC
MATHEWS, Ryker, international, OL – released to sign NFL contract
MCDANIEL, Marquay, international, WR
MONIZ, Bryant, international, QB
NEILL, Jason, international, DL
RICE, Landon, national, OL
SINKFIELD, Terrell, international, REC
STEPHEN, Courtney, national, DB
TIMMIS, Mercer, national, RB
TOLIVER, Terrence, international, REC
TRACY, Adrian, international, DL
UNAMBA, Don, international, DB
UREN, Matt, national, REC – retired
WHITE, John, international, RB
WILLIAMS, Chris, international, REC


ALEXANDER, Brandon, international, DB – re-signed
BIGHILL, Adam, international, LB – re-signed
BRIGGS, Jesse, national, LB – re-signed
BRYANT, Stanley, international, OL – re-signed
COUTURE, Michael, national, OL – re-signed
GAUTHIER, Shayne, national, LB – re-signed
HARDRICK, Jermarcus, international, OL – re-signed
HECHT, Jeff, national, DB – re-signed
JEFFCOAT, Jackson, international, DL – re-signed
MEDLOCK, Justin, international, K – re-signed
MILES, Thomas, national, LB – re-signed
MILLER, Mike, national, FB – re-signed
REMPEL, Chad, national, LS – re-signed
RUSH, John, national, LB – re-signed
THOMAS, Jake, national, DL – re-signed
WILSON, Kyrie, international, LB – re-signed

Pending free agents
CHUNGH, Sukh, national, OL
CORNEY, Trent, national, DL – retired
DEMSKI, Nic, national, REC
DRESSLER, Weston, international, REC
DURANT, Darian, international, QB – retired
FOGG, Kevin, internartional, DB
GOOSSEN, Matthias, national, OL – retired
LAFRANCE, Kienan, national, RB
LANKFORD, Ryan, international, REC
LEGGETT, Maurice, international, DB – released
LOFFLER, Taylor, national, DB
MORGAN, Brendan, national, DB
NEVIS, Drake, international, DL
OKPALAUGO, Tristan, international, DL
PLESIUS, Frederic, national, LB
RENAUD, Frank, national, LB
SANTOS-KNOX, Jovan, international, LB
TURNER, Bryant, international, DL – retired
WILD, Ian, international, LB – released


EDEM, Mike, national, DB – re-signed
EVANS, Zach, national, DL – re-signed
HENRY, Makenna, national, DL – re-signed
HURL, Sam, national, LB – re-signed
LAVOIE, Patrick, national, FB – re-signed
PURIFOY, Louchiez, international, DB – re-signed

Pending free agents
ANTIGHA, Oluwatobi, international, DL
BAGG, Rob, national, REC
BAILEY, Devon, national, REC
BRIDGE, Brandon, national, QB
BROOKS, Mic’hael, international, DL
BROUILLETTE, Marc-Olivier, national, DB – retired
COLLAROS, Zach, international, QB
EGUAVOEN, Samuel, international, LB – released to sign NFL contract
FRANCIS, Kevin, national, DB
HOLLEY, Caleb, international, REC
JEFFERSON, Willie, international, DL
JOHNSON, Cory, international, DL
JOHNSON, Jovon, international, DB
JONES, Brian, national, REC
MARSHALL, Cameron, international, RB
ROOSEVELT, Naaman, international, REC
SHAW, Kenny, international, REC – released and signed by Edmonton
ST. JOHN, Josiah, national, OL
STEELE, Eddie, national, DL
TATE, Drew, international, QB – retired (QB coach with B.C. Lions)


BERGMAN, Shane, national, OL – re-signed
BRESCACIN, Juwan, national, REC – re-signed
ERDOS, Bradley, national, OL – re-signed
GREENWOOD, Cory, national, LB – re-signed
JONES, Riley, national, LB – re-signed
JORDEN, Kamar, international, REC – re-signed
MCMANIS, Wynton, international, LB – re-signed
MILANOVIC-LITRE, Ante, national, RB – re-signed
MRABURE, Ese, national, DL – re-signed
SMITH, Brandon, international, DB – re-signed
TURNER, Junior, national, DL – re-signed
WALL, Jamar, international, CB – re-sign
WILLIAMS, Terry, international, RB – re-signed
WILLIAMS, Ucambre, international, OL – re-signed

Pending free agents
ADELEKE, Tunde, national, DB
BUTLER, Mario, international, DB – retired
DANIELS, DaVaris, international, REC
DAVIS, Emanuel, international, DB
DAVIS, Ja’Gared, international, LB
DURANT, Lemar, national, REC
EVANS, Ciante, international, DB
FEDERKEIL, Daniel, national, OL – retired
GRANT, Bakari, international, REC
HARRIS, Maleki, international, LB
JOHNSON, Micah, international, DL
LAW, Cordarro, international, DL
LEVELS, Patrick, international, DB
LEWIS, Nikolas, international, REC – retired (RB coach with B.C. Lions)
MATTHEWS, Chris, international, REC – released to pursue NFL options
MAYO, Deron, international, LB – retired
MICHEL, Marken, international, REC – released to sign NFL contract
MITCHELL, Bo Levi, international, QB
RICHARDS, Randy, international, OL
ROGERS, Eric, international, REC
SINGLETON, Alex, national, LB – released to sign NFL contract
SMITH, Quinn, national, OL
STOUDERMIRE, Troy, international, CB
THIBAULT, Adam, national, DB
THURMAN, Jameer, international, LB – released to sign NFL contract
VAUGHTERS, James, international, DL – released to sign NFL contract
WILSON, Spencer, national, OL


ADJEI, Natey, national, REC – re-signed
BOATENG, Kwaku, national, DL – re-signed
ELLIOTT, Kevin, international, REC – re-signed
HIGHTOWER, Forrest, international, DB – re-signed
JONES, Korey, international, LB – re-signed
KELLY, Colin, international, OL – re-signed
KING, Ryan, national, LS – re-signed
MCCARTY, Calvin, national, FB – re-signed
O’NEILL, Hugh, national, P – re-signed
REED, Taylor, international, LB – re-signed
SMITH, Blair, national, LB – re-signed
STAFFORD, Kenny, international, REC – re-signed
SMITH, Tevaun, national, REC – signed

Pending free agents
BEHAR, Nathaniel, national, REC
BOND, Travis, international, OL
CERESNA, Jake, international, DL – released to sign NFL contract
CHICK, John, international, DL – retired
COEHOORN, Nathan, national, REC – retired
CRINER, Juron, international, REC
DUPUIS, Alexandre, national, FB
EDWARDS, Chris, international, DB
GASCON-NADON, Arnaud, national, DL
GIGUERE, Samuel, national, REC
GLENN, Kevin, international, QB
GRYMES, Aaron, international, DB
HAZELTON, Vidal, international, REC
JACKSON, Anthony, international, DB – retired
JACKSON Martese, international, RB
JONES, Andrew, national, OL – retired
KOHLERT, Rory, national, REC – retired
LOCHARD, Pascal, national, RB
MASTAN, Mercy, international, DB- released to sign NFL contract
MITCHELL, Bryant, international, REC – released to sign NFL contract
NORMAND, Christophe, national, FB
REILLY, Mike, international, QB
SMITH, Jamill, international, REC
SORENSEN, Justin, national, OL
THOMPSON, Brandyn, international, DB
WALKER, Derel, international, REC
WILLIAMS, D’haquille, international, REC – released to sign NFL contract
WOODMAN, Josh, national, DB


BARNETT, Mitchell, national, LB – re-signed
BURNHAM, Bryan, international, REC – re-signed
FIGUEROA, Joel, international, OL – re-signed
LEE, TJ, international, DB – re-signed
MOORE, Wayne, national, RB – re-signed
STEWARD, Hunter, national, OL – re-signed
WILLIS, Odell, international, DL – re-signed

Pending free agents
ARCENEAUX, Emmanuel, international, REC
AWE, Micah, international, LB
COLLINS, Ricky, international, REC
DAVIS, DyShawn, international, LB
DAVIS, Tyler, international, REC
FAJARDO, Cody, international, QB
FORDE, Maxx, national, DL
FOSTER, Otha, international, DB
GREAVES, Christopher, national, OL
HUSBAND, Cody, national, OL
IANNUZZI, Marco, national, REC – retired
JENNINGS, Jonathon, international, QB
JOHNSON, Jeremiah, international, RB
JOHNSON, Shaquille, national, REC
LEMON, Shawn, international, DL
LOKOMBO, Bo, national, LB
LONG, Ty, international, K – released to sign NFL contract
LULAY, Travis, international, QB
MCLENNAN, Ivan, international, DL
OLAFIOYE, Jovan, international, OL
OMARA, Ron, national, LB
ORANGE, Anthony, international, DB
PARKER, Anthony, national, REC
PETERS, Garry, international, DB
POSEY, DeVier, international, REC
RAINEY, Chris, international, RB
ROSE, Winston, international, DB
RUTLEY, Brandon, international, RB
SUTTON, Tyrell, international, RB
THOMPSON, Anthony, national, DB
WATSON, Cory, national, REC