Who CFL teams selected in the Mexican draft

The Canadian Football League held the Mexican draft on Monday.

It was streamed on Facebook.

Edmonton selected first overall in the three-round draft, which took place after Sunday’s combine in Mexico City.

Round one
First overall pick, Edmonton Eskimos, REC, Diego Jair Viamontes
Second overall pick, Ottawa Redblacks, K, Jose Carlos Maltos
Third overall pick, Montreal Alouettes, K, Enrique Gerardo Yenny
Fourth overall pick, Toronto Argos, DL, Uriel Martinez
Fifth overall pick, Hamilton Tiger-Cats, REC, Jose Humberto Noriega
Sixth overall pick, Saskatchewan Roughriders, OL, Rene Francisco Brassea
Seventh overall pick, B.C. Lions, DL, Octavio Noe Gonzalez
Eighth overall pick, Winnipeg Blue Bombers, DB, Sergio Schiaffino
Ninth overall pick, Calgary Stampeders, REC, Andres Saigado

Round two
10th overall pick, Edmonton Eskimos, LB, Daniel Carrete
11th overall pick, Ottawa Redblacks, REC, Guillermo Alberto Villalobos
12th overall pick, Montreal Alouettes, OL, Diego Rojas
13th overall pick, Toronto Argos, DL, Jose David Casarrubias
14th overall pick, Hamilton Tiger-Cats, RB, Omar Alejandro Cojolum
15th overall pick, Saskatchewan Roughriders, REC, Carlos Sebastian Olvera
16th overall pick, B.C. Lions, REC, Fernando Richarte
17th overall pick, Winnipeg Blue Bombers, DB, Manuel Eduardo Hernandez
18th overall pick, Calgary Stampeders, K, Oscar Hugo Silva

Round three
19th overall pick, Edmonton Eskimos, DB, Jose Alfonsin
20th overall pick, Ottawa Redblacks, DL, Maximimiliano Soto
21st overall pick, Montreal Alouettes, DB, Juan Manuel Marquez
22nd overall pick, Toronto Argos, DB, Christian Alejandro Hernandez
23rd overall pick, Hamilton Tiger-Cats, LB, Oscar Enrique Olivares
24th overall pick, Saskatchewan Roughriders, DB Francisco Javier Garcia.
25th overall pick, B.C. Lions, REC, Gerardo Alvarez
26th overall pick, Winnipeg Blue Bombers, K, Gabriel Amavizca
27th overall pick, Calgary Stampeders, DL, Guillermo Calderon

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