Mexican combine produces six players who ‘would not look out of place in a CFL camp’

The CFL and the Professional American Football League of Mexico (LFA) held their combine in Mexico City on Sunday and the results were… well, here’s TSN Dave Naylor with the assessment.

So, to recap: the CFL and its teams spent literally tens of thousands of dollars to travel to Mexico to find… six guys who “would not look out of place at training camp.” That’s not becoming a CFL all-star, earning a starting job, making the team or even a practice roster — that’s “won’t necessarily embarrass themselves on day one.”

So I guess Brock Sunderland was right when he decided not to go because he didn’t think there’d be enough talented players to justify it.

I’m trying not to be cynical about this. And there are certainly some fans and league-employed pundits on Twitter who believe this is a good thing or, at the very least, can do no harm.

But time and money are valuable commodities in any business and my central opposition to this whole endeavour remains the same: this is a significant investment that has very little upside in the short or long term while the league has a number of pressing issues to deal with. Quite frankly, I would have rather seen CFL commissioner Randy Ambrosie spend the weekend sitting down with the CFLPA to start CBA negotiations than quaffing Coronas and holding court in Mexico City.

Naylor also made this point….

Which is all well and good but why is that even on the radar screen for the CFL? Again, whatever time and energy the CFL is spending to help the Mexican pro game could be better spent strengthening the game at the grassroots level in Canada… which already, by rule, produces half the league’s players.

On the plus side, the Stamps may have found themselves a quarterback if Bo Levi Mitchell departs for the CFL…

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