CFLPA executive responds to 3Down report on ratio changes


CFLPA executive director Brian Ramsay has issued a response to 3Down’s report that the league and the union are considering a reduction in the number of Canadian starters.

Currently, seven of the 24 starters on offence and defence must be nationals but Justin Dunk reported Saturday morning that both the CFL and CFLPA are in favour of reducing the number of national starters to five after the issue was raised during recent labour negotiations in Toronto.

Ramsay says nothing has been agreed to between the union and the league on the issue.

Of course, Dunk didn’t report that the league and the union had agreed to anything. The headline of the article says “could” and the piece says that a final decision hasn’t been made. What Ramsay doesn’t refute – and the focus of Dunk’s piece – is that the CFL and the CFLPA are both in favour of reducing the number of Canadian starters.

A couple of players chimed in as well.

Knucklehead reporter! Of course, if Bowman really thinks that Dunk – a guy with a reputation for breaking news and knowing stuff – is motivated by mentions and reTweets, he really hasn’t been paying attention.

The piece has generated plenty of response on Twitter and we’re sure to have a few pieces on 3Down on the issue. Things are finally starting to get interesting.


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