UPDATED: Bombers broadcaster calls out Dave Dickenson for “effing Canadian” comment

Dave Dickenson said a bad word on TV and now he’s taking a rap from Knuckles.

The Calgary Stampeders head coach has raised the ire of legendary Winnipeg Blue Bombers play-by-play man Bob Irving – nickname “Knuckles” – after Dickenson appeared to refer to Bombers’ head coach Mike O’Shea as a “fucking Canadian” during a rant about the officiating in Sunday’s West Final.

Dickenson’s words, which were picked up by a TSN camera and broadcast during the game, are tough to decipher but there’s little question that the words “O’Shea” and “fucking Canadian” are in there.

This isn’t the first time Dickenson has been caught by TSN mics saying something of questionable taste. During one of the Live Mic broadcasts in August, he was heard taunting Saskatchewan Roughrider kicker Brett Lauther before a field goal try. And of course, there was that time Riders’ coach Chris Jones told him to “win with class.”

Dickenson spent his post-game press conference comparing his team to Tiger Woods saying “I think they enjoy seeing us fail.” If he’s going to insult the country that produces the overwhelming number of CFL fans (not to mention half the players) then that’s hardly surprising.

We’ve reached out to the CFL to see if they’re looking into this. But surely some effing Canadian reporter will ask Dickenson about it at Grey Cup.


Dickenson has aplogized for his comment and we now have a more fulsome explanation as to what he said and why:

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