Former NFL head coach Jerry Glanville joins Ticats coaching staff

June Jones has added another familiar face to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats staff: former NFL head coach Jerry Glanville.

His role will be on the defensive side of the football.

Glanville’s last coaching job was at the NCAA level as head coach at Portland State University from 2007 to 2009 and the Vikings were 9-24 while he was at the helm. The Perrysburg, Ohio native is best known for his time as an NFL head coach with the Houston Oilers and Atlanta Falcons. He amassed a 63-73 career win-loss record while going 3-4 over four playoff appearances.

Glanville has been on staff with Jones at the University of Hawaii and during his time with the Falcons and Oilers. Jones hired Glanville as his defensive coordinator for two seasons at Hawaii while Glanville brought Jones in as his quarterbacks’ coach in Houston and then offensive coordinator in Atlanta. In 1994, Jones replaced Glanville as the Falcons head coach. At the 2016 East-West Shrine Game Jones and Glanville coached the West team together.

The 76-year-old Glanville attended Ticats training camp as a guest coach in 2017 at the request of former defensive coordinator Jeff Reinebold, another Jones confidant. Reinebold, who was fired just before Jones took over last season, is now the special teams coordinator with the B.C. Lions.

Justin Dunk

Justin Dunk

Justin Dunk was a five-year starter at quarterback for the University of Guelph. He covers the league for Sportsnet and 3DownNation.
Justin Dunk
Justin Dunk
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Justin Dunk was a five-year starter at quarterback for the University of Guelph. He covers the league for Sportsnet and 3DownNation.

60 Comments on Former NFL head coach Jerry Glanville joins Ticats coaching staff

  1. did he get a seniors discount for signing..

    • yea the AARP discount, 76 years old, probably a snowbird, 6 months coaching in Canada and back to Florida for the winter.

    • C. Jones in the Nation of propagations // February 11, 2018 at 3:07 pm //

      Im going to coin “my” phrase and say he has been moderately successful.
      When you interpret the actual meaning. A) He’s just another barely average dude. B) Completely expendable. C) Not worthy of top dollar D) Has become Longer in the tooth and shorter on the talent.

    • He was my teacher and coach at Lima Central Catholic in Lima Ohio. Rock on.

  2. Its either gonna be good or go horribly wrong. Coaches with Zero CFL experience. At least Geritol sales will be up in Hammy.

  3. Johnny Football… now this. What a joke this team is becoming.

    • Cal Gary Shampeders // February 11, 2018 at 2:26 pm //

      The owner is acting like a fantasy football player. NAMES! I want names I recognize!

      As in: “Hey! I’ve heard of Jerry Glanville. Therefore I must hire him.”

      I really hope that’s it, because it makes no sense otherwise.

  4. I fear you are right master47

  5. HC gets to chose his staff – sink or soar – its his team. Fingers Xd. Don’t need another lost season. Let’s see, Team doc leaves, pressure on physiotherapists, Cordinators all changed out, position coaches turned over; hmm anybody know about the status of the equipment manager and staff and the ushers?

  6. Love the comments from the 3DN troll army. Basement social media warriors for sure. Probably never played a down of football in their Cheesie-stained hands lives. This site is a joke with the likes of these idiots around. Good fricking riddance.

  7. Good luck to June Jones and the coaching staff. looking forward to a great season

  8. Here comes the Grits Blitz!

  9. Bob McKnight // February 11, 2018 at 1:04 pm //

    Dick LaBeau is along time Defensive Coordinator in the NFL and he is close or even over 80.
    A football mind never stops. Welcome coach Glanville.

  10. LaBeau just got canned I believe.

  11. Great lets hire him too

  12. I’m sure he could liven up press conferences.

  13. The Will Call window will be busy 2 tickets for Elvis for the Opener…..

  14. The march backwards continues.

  15. New blood, but not young blood. We’ve all heard the old bull/young bull story, but the story involves walking rather than running…. We all know JJ needed a coach whisperer, (Fantuz) to help him understand CFL clock management. You’re right, though; the coach gets to pick his own crew – sink or swim. Glanville has lots of football experience, but not any CFL experience. Most importantly, his exact role hasn’t been spelled out yet. We’ll have to wait and see.

    • What does CFL experience have to do with anything?
      It’s football and tackling, blocking, running, catching is all the same.
      Yes the guy is 76 but that fits in close to the average age of CFL fans……

  16. When u have coached at the top levels of NCAA and NFL, the processes, strategies, planning, management skills would be invaluable. Tigercats have enough young blood to compliment his deep experience. I like what the Tigercats are doing with this team. With or without Manziel, they are moving forward.

    • Hard to find positive replies here! @Byron seems logical to me. And it says his role is on the defensive side: how does that say coordinator? Therefore he can help regardless
      Some say to other bloggers you have probably never played a down. And your point? Those that have make stupid comments also. Plus this is for football fans opinions. Otherwise instead of a math question to post I’d be a football question!

  17. Blue rules // February 11, 2018 at 2:22 pm //

    NOOOOOOOOO. please don’t go Joe, great & tall, weak & small, you are the leader of us all, hail king idiot Joe!

  18. Guys who attain the level of head coach in the NFL usually have the ability to be successful in the CFL as well. June Jones is off to a good start, and everyone is aware of Trestman. Mike Riley and Marv Levy are 2 guys who started CFL and went on to HC in NFL. Even though Forrest Gregg didn’t have a great year with the 1979 Argos, the team wanted him to stay, he just asked to be released to coach the Bengals.

    Position coaches are a different story, because then you get into Bart Andrus and the like.

  19. Bill Polian is the greatest mind in football and he started as GM of the Blu Bombers still with Atlanta of NFL. Sure he must be getting up in years but his career has been so successful over the years. Found Bud Grant right off the bat both in CFL and NFL Hof .

  20. Very very few NFL coaches have been successful in the CFL (Trestman is the only recent exception). Game is different from down south. At 76 does he have the ability or attitude to adapt? Also, he never had real success in the NFL. I hope Jones knows what he is doing. Good luck Hamilton!

    • YIKES…I wonder about this one. There is a lot of defensive schemes that only work in CFL. It will take him a year just to understand the extra man rule. This looks to me as a help out my buddy deal, at the expense of the Ti-cats…..GO RIDERS GO

      • well knowing your a redneck yes it will take you a year to figure out something tht simple but where people are educated such as Ontario maybe a day sorry to burst your bubble …..yahooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Did any of you “Yaa Yaa ” guys read this part???
    “Glanville’s last coaching job was at the NCAA level as head coach at Portland State University from 2007 to 2009 and the Vikings were 9-24 while he was at the helm. The Perrysburg, Ohio native is best known for his time as an NFL head coach with the Houston Oilers and Atlanta Falcons. He amassed a 63-73 career win-loss record while going 3-4 over four playoff appearances. You know the first number in the win-loss parts are the wins. Which means he has an awful record for games win/loss. JUST SAYING…

    • Sea of Dead // February 11, 2018 at 7:22 pm //

      With that record of futility, he definitely fits right into the Mitchell/Austin master plan which at some point will likely be a classic case study of how NOT to build a winner. Let’s hope that Glanville decides to check into a retirement home this spring rather than report for training camp. And this had to happen just when I was actually having a bit of hope for a turnaround season …

  22. Paul Smith // February 11, 2018 at 3:56 pm //

    Their was always a pair of tickets left at Will Call for Elvis Presley when Glanville coached the Oilers. And Elvis has been dead for years and the seats were never used. I’m not convinced this is a sound move.

  23. Paul Smith // February 11, 2018 at 4:02 pm //

    Glanville was a bit of a sideshow when he coached in the NFL. I guess Jones owes him.

  24. Paul Smith // February 11, 2018 at 4:04 pm //

    Hey Dustin, you mentioned Jones has added another familiar name to his Coaching Staff.

    Who is this other “familiar” Coach you speak of?

    • TigersCoach // February 11, 2018 at 6:16 pm //

      Dan Morrison. June Jones brought him in not long after taking over as HC last season to help with the O and more specifically the QBs. They’ve worked together for quite a few years.

  25. Jacob Wang // February 11, 2018 at 4:13 pm //

    If the Tiger-Cats beat Toronto & Ottawa the same season, will he come up with an Ontario championship trophy

  26. The Scott Mitchell Freak show just keeps rolling on , 18 years and counting at this rate the Browns will win the Super Bowl way before the Cats in another Grey Cup !!!!! Keep buying those Tickets Suckers OOPS I actually meant fans.

  27. Having so much Fun for got the W in WIN.

  28. Solar – There’s been NO indication that all the coordinators have changed – fans only know that Ptaszek left for UBC. The coaching staff has yet to be completely announced and all this article indicates is that Glanville will be coaching on defence – possibly as a position coach. I can’t imagine that Jones would replace DC Lolley who had the defense playing at a high level after taking over.

  29. I’ve never loved the Ticats more then I have in the past 6 months… team has a great onfield product, management and coaching seem aligned, and most of our FA’s, at least the ones we really want, have re-signed. That tells me more then anything 😉

  30. Get Dean and Tasker signed!!!

  31. Why do guys cry when a new coach is hired that has no CFL experience ,pretty much every CFL coach had no experience at one time or another all our coaches come from down south football is football with a good coach it makes no difference

  32. Lennywasout // February 11, 2018 at 7:24 pm //

    After 41 years of paying for seasons tickets , I thought is just about seen it all with this club. This mKes absolutely no sense to me. June Jones trying to hire Briles was a shit show. Now he hires another buddy who has won nothing I’d his long and unsuccessful career as a coach. What is wrong with this organization?

    • June Jones has not won a pile of championships but he provided a near miracle last year so we might as well run with his judgement – I suspect that Glanville all not likely be much more than a consultant anyways.

  33. If the Cats happen to lose the first five games then a rested and refreshed Kent Austin takes over the team to achieve a playoff position.

  34. Looking at the last 8 games of the season I believe in Jones vision for what this team can be and what is needed. What the hell. It’s better than the alternative.

  35. “The 76-year-old Glanville attended Ticats training camp….”

    76 is the new 66

    now we just need Johnny Douche-Bag to come up so he can sell his jerseys and knock the fk out of another girl

    maybe reconsider Briles?

    reminds me of the Gliebermans in Ottawa encouraging female fans to go topless

  36. When is nap time?

  37. Ok so the new guy is older, and how old is Wally (68) in BC. So he hasn’t coached in the CFL so what the Cats should just do what every team does and recycle guys throughout the league? There is no mention of him being anything more than a consultant. So all you so called fans and season ticket holders that want to jump ship before free agency has even started please go ahead. Getting pretty sick of all you so called experts bashing the teams and the league. Go cheer for some other league, the NFL is perfect for you they never hire criminals or old coaches. Stop bringing up Briles, again the man was never charged with or sued for any crimes, clean out your own closets! If any of you had half the football smarts you think you had maybe you should apply for a job rather than posting shit on this forum.

  38. What’s the fuss? He’s there to be a consultant, so what? With that bend and break TC D of the past few years they can use all kinds of “consulting”. Oh, where to begin? How about the continuous choking they perform by allowing an opposition QB to freely march down the field for the winning points when the game is on the line? How about the lack of a key stop on a 2nd or 3rd down conversion? Or their inability to tackle? Or make a game changing play (with some apologies to Leonard)? Or just covering the damn receiver tight enough instead of keeping their distance like he has the Bubonic Plague (only to get burned on the deep ball)? Maybe he can “consult” them to stop taking stupid penalties at critical points of a game? Just saying he can’t hurt.

  39. The LA Rams D coordinator, Wade Phillips, is 70 years old . The Rams are building one of the best young defences in the league . Age is just a number! Good luck to Jerry and the Cats . Thank you. Thank you very much !

  40. Joe Kapp and Angela Mosca are available as well. Perhaps a halftime show?

  41. Interesting hire by JJ. He has been in camp before so now Glanville gets to coach the REAL DEAL. I think he tried to get the HC job with the Renegades way back when. Glad he finally made it to the CFL. His experience will only help the team in the long run.

  42. you gotta be kiddin me!!!!!

  43. Despite the lengthy tenure of all the recent Ticats coaching hires, I think the all-round lack of CFL experience is going to come back and bite them. So now we get Granville who has zero playing/coaching time in the CFL and a losing record wherever he plied in America. The Cats would do better hiring Granville Liggins… with his 11 years of all-star CFL playing experience, he couldn’t be any worse than this latest sad hire. And Liggins was a good-natured bundle of enthusiasm, energy, skill and football smarts; as he had done in university, he made the defensive line his home and distinguished himself with a freewheeling style, quickness and cat-like agility. Granny sounds like the perfect defensive coach for the Cats.

  44. Some people are just dum. Bill Poĺiian was not the gm in Winnipeg.

    • I thought the same thing – he was a player personnel guy for one year in I think 1982 – Bud Grant was long gone by then.

    • I wonder if Jim Finks is being confused with Bill Polian ? Finks played for and eventually became GM of the Stamps . He later moved on to the Vikings where he hired Bud Grant as his head coach . Finks also lead the Bears and later the Saints . He was also president of the Chicago Cubs baseball club . He was truly a Renaissance Man .

  45. Dundas dude // February 14, 2018 at 9:23 pm //

    I wonder if 2 guys that have held head coaching positions in the NFL might know a bit more about football than some of the posters here with their erudite observations composed with cheetos dusted fingers in the privacy of their mothers’ basements. Have you guys ever heard of Gandalf? …he was over 3,000 years old and sure helped Frodo and Bilbo!

    This is great news. Go Cats!

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