Alouettes QB Vernon Adams Jr. would choose CFL over XFL

Photo courtesy: Scott Grant/

One of the CFL’s harshest critics for its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, has jumped to the league’s defence.

That follows news that mega-star actor and former Calgary Stampeder Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson had purchased the bankrupt XFL.

“I’m tell y’all right now.. I’m not leaving the CFL to go play in the XFL,” Montreal Alouettes QB Vernon Adams Jr. wrote on Twitter. “Although the Rock seems more trustworthy, CFL has been around for 100 years and XFL has failed twice. I love the CFL & it’s some real competition up North!”

Adams Jr. had previously been vocal in his criticism for the league, bemoaning commissioner Randy Ambrosie’s lack of hard deadlines and insisting that players should be paid regardless if games are played or not. Despite his issues with management, Adams Jr. appears content to stand pat while other aggrieved players have suggested leaving for the reincarnated league once it begins.

“Been around for 100 years bro and they have no money to help they players out during a pandemic,” Stampeder Ivan McLennan responded. “I love the CFL too bro but at the end of the day we Americans. If XFL gonna treat American Players right I’m with it VA!”

“I think they do have it. But they don’t want to take a huge L, so they have to make a business decision,” Adams pointed out. “Is it right? No. But the same thing happens in the NCAA too , but I hear you bro Forreal. I also didn’t think competition was all that in the XFL.”

On that point, McLennan had to agree.

“True! CFL fasure seemed like better comp , but overall bro I think a Second league in America will just be good for ball in general!,” he responded. “Also we Americans is what make the CFL game pop bro, if us CFL Americans had played in the XFL shit probably could beat a NFL team lol.”

While Adams has been delivering Uber Eats to make money during the pandemic, two former XFL players with CFL ties were quick to point out that Adams Jr.’s recent three-year $1.5 million contract extension made him ill-suited to speak for others.

“Of course not you just got paid lol,” new Ottawa receiver Jalen Saunders replied.

Adams Jr. was quick to respond that “every dog has his day” but former DC Defender and CFL free agent Derek Dennis was quick to point out what others felt.

“Not every dog gets the day you got brother,” Dennis quipped.

With tensions high between players and the league, the support of an outspoken star was the type of positivity that CFL fans had not seen for many months. No doubt Adams Jr. will continue to fight for what he thinks is right, but it is reassuring to know that he still feels the CFL is the league for him.