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2022 Toronto Argonauts schedule

WeekDateTimeOpponentGame ResultATSOver/Under
Week 1BYE
Week 2Thursday, June 167:30 p.m. ETvs. Montreal (-3.5, -110)W, 20-19L (0-1)Under 49 (0-1)
Week 3Saturday, June 2510 p.m. ET@ BC Lions (+5.5, -110)L, 44-3L (0-2)Under 49.5 (0-2)
Week 4Monday, July 47:30 p.m. ETvs. Winnipeg (+5, -110)L, 23-22W (1-2)Over 42.5 (1-2)
Week 5BYE
Week 6Saturday, July 162 p.m. ETvs. Saskatchewan (+2.5)W, 30-24W (2-2)Over 45.5 (2-2)
Week 7Saturday, July 235 p.m. ET@ Saskatchewan (+6)W, 31-21 (3-2)W (3-2)Over 47 (3-2)
Week 8Sunday, July 317 p.m. ETvs. Ottawa (-5.5)L, 23-13L (3-3)Under 47.5 (3-3)
Week 9Saturday, August 67 p.m. ETvs. Hamilton (-2)W, 34-20W (4-3)Over 45.5 (4-3)
Week 10Friday, August 127:30 p.m. ET@ Hamilton (+2.5)L, 34-27L (4-4)Over 46.5 (5-3)
Week 11Saturday, August 207 p.m. ETvs. Calgary (+2.5)L, 22-19L (4-5)Under 49.5 (5-4)
Week 12Friday, August 267:30 p.m. ETvs. Hamilton (-2.5)W, 37-20W (5-5)Over 48.6 (6-4)
Week 13Monday, September 51 p.m. ET@ Hamilton (+1.5)W, 28-8W (6-5)Under 49.5 (6-5)
Week 14Saturday, September 102 p.m. ET@ Ottawa (-1.5)W, 24-19W (7-5)Under 47.5 (6-6)
Week 15BYE
Week 16Saturday, September 247 p.m. ET@ Ottawa (-2.5)W, 45-15W (8-5)Under 46.5 (6-7)
Week 17Saturday, October 17 p.m. ET@ Calgary
Week 18Saturday, October 84 p.m. ETvs. BC Lions
Week 19Saturday, October 157 p.m. ET@ Edmonton
Week 20Saturday, October 224 p.m. ET@ Montreal
Week 21Saturday, October 292 p.m. ETvs. Montreal

Toronto Argonauts team facts

  • Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Stadium: BMO Field (2016-present; capacity: 27,456)
  • Year Founded: 1873
  • Grey Cup Titles: 17 (1914, 1921, 1933, 1937, 1938, 1945, 1946, 1947, 1950, 1952, 1983, 1991, 1996, 1997, 2004, 2012, 2017)

Toronto Argonauts history

The Argonauts have the distinction of being the oldest existing professional sports team in North America that is still using its original team name. The franchise was originally founded in 1873, initially playing a version of modified English rugby and participating in its official game against the Hamilton club on October 18 of that year.

Despite having endured a 31-year championship drought from 1953-1983, the Argonauts have won the Grey Cup a record 17 times and have qualified for the CFL’s title game on a total of 23 occasions. The 73.9 winning percentage equates to the highest in league history. Toronto also holds the longest active Grey Cup winning streak at six appearances.

The low point of the franchise came in a 2-14 season back in 1981, but the following season marked the start of a comeback under the coach what would become the franchise’s winningest, Bob O’Billovich.

The Argos also made headlines in 1991 when they signed Raghib “Rocket” Ismail immediately following his storied college career at Notre Dame to what was then the richest contract in North American pro football history – four years, $18.2 million.

The speedster paid immediate dividends by helping Toronto to the Grey Cup championship following his first season, securing MVP honors for the game in the process.

Two other Argonauts alumni who enjoyed NFL success were Doug Flutie and Ricky Williams. Flutie resurrected what appeared to be a largely moribund pro football career in Canada, and his last two CFL seasons came in Toronto, where he threw for 11,225 yards and 76 touchdowns while rushing for another 1,298 yards and 14 additional scores.

Toronto Argonauts all-time leaders

With such a rich and extensive history, the Argonauts have had a considerable number of individual standouts. For a closer look at the all-time franchise leaders in a variety of categories, check out the list below:

  • Games Played: Don Moen (222, 1982-1994)
  • Total Touchdowns: Dick Shatto (91, 1954-1965)
  • Receiving Touchdowns: Derek Mitchell (74, 2001-2012)
  • Rushing Touchdowns: Dick Shatto (39, 1954-1965)
  • Passing Yards: Ricky Ray (20,205; 2012-2018)
  • Passing Touchdowns: Ricky Ray (114; 2012-2018)
  • Rushing Yards: Dick Shatto (6,958; 1954-1965)
  • Receptions: Michael Clemons (682; 1989-2000)
  • Receiving Yards: Derrell Mitchell (9,047; 1997-2003, 2007)
  • Interceptions: Reggie Pleasant (47; 1986-1994)
  • Tackles: Mike O’Shea (822; 1996-1999; 2001-2008)
  • Sacks: Rodney Harding (92; 1985-1994)
  • Field Goals: Lance Chomyc (337; 1985-1993)
  • Coaching Victories: Bob O’Billovich (80; 1982-1989, 1995)