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Montreal Alouettes schedule

WeekDateTimeOpponentGame ResultATSOver/Under
Week 1Thursday, June 99 p.m. ET@ Calgary (+3.5, -110)L, 30-27W (1-0)Over 48 (1-0)
Week 2Thursday, June 167:30 p.m. ET@ Toronto (+3.5, -110)L, 20-19W (2-0)Under 49 (1-1)
Week 3Thursday, June 237:30 p.m. ETvs. Saskatchewan (+3.5, -110)W, 37-13W (3-0)Over 44.5 (2-1)
Week 4Saturday, July 27 p.m. ET@ Saskatchewan (+4.5, -110)L, 41-20)L (3-1)Over 46 (3-1)
Week 5BYE
Week 6Thursday, July 147:30 p.m. ETvs. Edmonton (-9)L, 32-31 (1-4)W (4-1)Over 49 (4-1)
Week 7Thursday, July 217 p.m. ET@ Ottawa (-3)W, 40-33W (5-1)Over 48 (5-1)
Week 8Thursday, July 287:30 p.m. ET@ Hamilton (+3)L, 24-17L (5-2)Under 49 (5-2)
Week 9Thursday, August 47:30 p.m. ETvs. Winnipeg (+5.5)L, 35-20L (5-3)Over 47.5 (6-2)
Week 10Thursday, August 118:30 p.m. ET@ Winnipeg (+12)W, 20-17W (5-4)Under 49 (6-3)
Week 11Saturday, August 204 p.m. ETvs. Hamilton (-2.5)W, 29-28L (5-5)Over 48.5 (7-3)
Week 12BYE
Week 13Friday, September 27:30 p.m. ETvs. Ottawa (-5)L, 38-24L (5-6)Over 49 (7-4)
Week 14Friday, September 97:30 p.m. ETvs. BC Lions (+3)W, 31-10W (6-6)Under 53.5 (7-5)
Week 15BYE
Week 16Friday, September 237:30 p.m. ETvs. Hamilton (-2.5)W, 23-16W (7-6)Under 52.5 (7-6)
Week 17Saturday, October 14 p.m. ET@ Edmonton
Week 18Monday, October 101 p.m. ETvs. Ottawa
Week 19Friday, October 147 p.m. ET@ Ottawa
Week 20Saturday, October 224 p.m. ETvs. Toronto
Week 21Saturday, October 292 p.m. ET@ Toronto

Montreal Alouettes team facts

  • Location:Montreal, Quebec
  • Stadium: Molson Memorial Stadium (1946-67, 1972, 1988-present; capacity: 23,420)
  • Year Founded: 1946
  • Grey Cup Titles : 7 (1946, 1970, 1974, 1977, 2002, 2009, 2010)

Montreal Alouettes history

Canadian football in the city of Montreal has a long and slightly tumultuous history that dates back to the 1850s and includes dominance as well as periods of great struggle. There are multiple Grey Cup titles along with the franchise folding on multiple occasions and even a name change sprinkled in. All of this makes Montreal one of the more interesting CFL franchises when it comes to history.

The Alouettes were founded in 1946 and achieved some early success with a Grey Cup victory in 1949. Montreal reached three more Grey Cup finals from 1954-56, albeit without a win, and then joined the newly-formed Canadian Football League after its commencement in 1958.

The 1960s were a down period of the franchise as the team failed to surpass the .500 mark in any season during the decade, and actually had a losing record in all seasons but one (1966). This was followed by an incredibly dominant period in the 1970s, which featured nine playoff appearances in 10 seasons and four Grey Cup appearances, with three victories (1970, 1974, 1977).

Unfortunately, the team was forced to fold following the 1981 season and after being sold, was named the Montreal Concordes through the 1985 campaign. The Alouettes name returned in 1986, but the team folded once again after the 1987 preseason.

Nine years later, the American city of Baltimore was awarded a CFL franchise in an attempt to expand the league into the United States. The Stallions actually had some success, winning two division titles and the Grey Cup, but the team was forced to relocate and this brought about the third and current installment of the Alouettes.

The Montreal Alouettes as we know and love them today were revived in 1996 and have since been one of the most successful franchises in the sport. Montreal won the Grey Cups in 2002 and then went back-to-back in 2009 and 2010, the first of which was a record-breaking season in many ways.

In total the team has won seven championships, six of those coming after the formation of the CFL. Most recently, Montreal has reached the postseason in each of the past two seasons and remains a threat in the east.

Montreal Alouettes all-time leaders

Throughout the Alouettes’ long and storied history, there have been several CFL greats to put on the uniform. But the most dominant period for this team outside of the 1970s is the early part of the new millennium.

From 1999 to 2012, Montreal won the division 10 times including a pair of three-peats. This coincided with the tenures of franchise legends in QB Anthony Calvillo and WR Ben Cahoon, with RB Mike Pringle contributing to the start of the run and the 2002 Grey Cup title.

The point is, it comes as no surprise that many of the offensive records for this team are from those three men. For a closer look at the all-time Montreal franchise leaders in a variety of categories, check out the list below:

  • Games Played: Anthony Calvillo (269; 1998-2013)
  • Total Touchdowns: Mike Pringle (79; 1996-2002)
  • Passing Yards: Anthony Calvillo (398; 1998-2013)
  • Passing Touchdowns: Anthony Calvillo (269; 1998-2013)
  • Rushing Yards: Mike Pringle (9,649; 1996-2002)
  • Rushing Touchdowns: Mike Pringle (74; 1996-2002)
  • Receptions: Ben Cahoon (1,017; 1998-2010)
  • Receiving Yards: Ben Cahoon (13,301; 1998-2010)
  • Receiving Touchdowns: Ben Cahoon (65; 1998-2010)
  • Interceptions: Dickie Harris (38; 1972-82)
  • Tackles (since 1987): Chip Cox (979; 2006-18)
  • Sacks (since 1981): John bowman (134; 2006-19)
  • Field Goals: Don Sweet (312; 1972-84)
  • Coaching Victories: Peahead Walker (59; 1952-69), Marc Trestman (59; 2008-2012)