CFL return to play committee sets Friday, July 31 as drop-dead date for proceeding with 2020 season: report

The Canadian Football League has set yet another deadline.

Originally the CFL’s self-imposed timeline was Thursday, July 23, it was bumped to Friday, July 24, and once again has been reset.

Sportsnet’s Arash Madani reportsKey note from conversations: CFL governors/owners have told the league’s return to play committee that Friday is the drop-dead date on proceeding with a 2020 season. Which would be significant, except that every “deadline” the CFL has set has been meaningless and pushed forward.

The main belief from many in CFL circles is that the league is leaking falsehoods of a new CBA being close – and to play in 2020 – hoping that gets the federal government to sign off on the $42.5 million bailout. Which has quickly changed from the “up to” $150 million figure

Have had a number of conversations with a bunch of CFL football operations folks over the last couple of days. Asked them about a return on Sept. 14. The response, without fail, something to the effect of: “news to me.”

If the CFL was serious about being up and running in the next few weeks, surely the teams that furloughed equipment + medical staffs would have brought them back by now. They’d need to know so many details of where players are with everything. Has it happened? Of course not.

Winnipeg has tentatively been chosen as the hub city even though there is no definitive word from the Canadian government regarding potential financial aid or an agreement on a COVID-19 collective bargaining agreement with the CFL Players’ Association.

It’s clear the two sides remain far apart with the 2020 schedule on the line.

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