And now Ricky Foley and Duron Carter are going at it on Twitter over the ratio

After a weekend that featured plenty of reaction from players on the possibility of the number of Canadian starters going from seven to five, former CFL defensive end Ricky Foley and receiver Duron Carter have taken things to a whole other level.

Foley, known for his outspoken nature during a 12-year CFL career that ended in 2017, got things started with an early morning tweet that drew a reaction from several current players including T.J. Heath, Bryan Burnham and Anthony Orange. But it was Carter – who now holds Foley’s title belt as the most polarizing CFL presence on Twitter – who fired back with both barrels.

It led to both men exchanging barbs that were as much personal as they were professional: Carter professing not to know who Foley was (likely true, but that’s more about Carter than Foley) to Foley cracking wise about Duron’s previous legal troubles (marijuana is now OK, by the way.)

Again, the most important take away from this admittedly entertaining exchange is that the players seem perfectly happy to rip into each other instead of uniting against the CFL – the entity that actually controls the purse strings and sets the working conditions. Maybe at some point it will dawn on both these guys – and the rest of the CFLPA membership – to concentrate their efforts on fighting the league instead of, you know, each other.