New Era takes over but CFL uniforms will remain the same in 2019

New Era takes over as the official CFL apparel supplier in 2019, but the uniforms will remain unchanged until 2020.

There will be a New Era patch put on the current kits but New Era will use the same manufacturer as adidas. The last time helmet, jersey and pant combinations were drastically altered was in 2016: the B.C. Lions went modern and the Bombers retro.

The agreement between New Era and the CFL – believed to be a pact for more than four years – is longer than the adidas relationship that lasted three seasons. That can be beneficial for both sides as the working relationship should become stronger over time.

For the CFL, after many were wondering where the league could turn next when adidas and the league parted ways, New Era is a forward-thinking find; it was the first headwear company to be partnered with the NFL, NBA and MLB concurrently. It’s a big league brand known well around the world.

The natural progression for the company would be to expand the apparel possibilities and the CFL provides the opportunity for New Era to develop, expand and grow.

Justin Dunk is a football insider, sports reporter and anchor.