The CFL community reacts to unveiling of Edmonton Elks name & logo

Photo courtesy: Morley Scott

The Edmonton Football Team unveiled its new name on Tuesday and will now be known as the Edmonton Elks. The club announced its decision to discontinue using the name ‘Eskimo’ on July 17, 2020, a moniker that dated back to 1910.

An Angus Reid poll conducted in August 2020 indicated that 57 percent of Canadians felt that Edmonton made the right decision to change its name. This percentage dipped among the CFL fans who were polled (47 percent) and for residents of Alberta (42 percent).

The findings also correlated strongly to political affiliation. Of those polled, only 28 percent who voted Conservative in the most recent federal election felt as though changing the name was the right decision compared to 79 percent of Liberal voters and 83 percent of NDP voters.

There was plenty of engagement on social media regarding Tuesday’s announcement and we’ve collected a sampling of the reaction below.

Radio play-by-play man Morley Scott snapped some great photos of the team’s new helmets and merchandise.

Look at the size of this logo!

Lots of people seemed very happy with the new name, logo, and brand.

Some fans weren’t so keen on elements of the new brand.

Don’t panic, linguistic aficionados — ‘Elks’ is considered an acceptable pluralization of ‘Elk.’

Also, this is a really good point…

This comment made us laugh out loud.

As did this one.

Yes, Elks merchandise is currently for sale. Edmonton’s old website,, is still up, but new gear can be purchased at

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