More than a hot dog: Argos unveil new menu at BMO Field

It looks like the CFL food fight is on again for another season.

MLSE, the parent company of the Toronto Argonauts (and TFC of the MLS) showed off some new food items that will be available at BMO Field this season.

The new additions include a footlong buffalo blue cheese corn dog, Nashville hot chicken sandwich, jerk chicken poutine, braised beef poutine, classic Chicago dog, a vegan burger, braised beef grilled cheese and chili cheese tots.

As teams continue to compete with watching games at home or at the bar, one thing many teams have been trying to do is up their food game.

CFL teams have been no different. Last season alone we saw offerings like the Walby Burger in Winnipeg, a huge ice cream sandwich in Ottawa, ribs in Hamilton and lobster rolls in Atlantic Canada.

New food offering won’t single-handedly pack the park for the Argos, but it certainly won’t hurt.

Now, pass the napkins.

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