Former Stamps LB Alex Singleton wanted Simoni Lawrence suspended for the season

Alex Singleton returned to Calgary last weekend.

He signed autographs, raised the new Grey Cup banner, and he sat down with the Horsemen Radio podcast to talk about his journey into the NFL and hot CFL topics.

This included, of course, the hit from Simoni Lawrence on Zach Collaros that saw the Riders QB be forced from the game during the first drive of the season.

“I would suspend him for the rest of the year. If you hit someone like that, you shouldn’t play.” Singleton said as part of a long discussion on the issue. “(Collaros) had given up, and you watched the other guys fall by his legs, it wasn’t like (Lawrence) was the only one chasing after him.”

Singleton also isn’t sure about Lawrence’s intentions either. “I’ve never led with my head from seven yards away and not known what I was going to go hit. If I’m doing that, I know I’m going to hurt somebody. It’s the goal.”

The Lawrence apology also rings somewhat hollow says the 2017 Most Outstanding Defensive Player: “It was dirty, he knows it was, he can say whatever he wants.”

He did offer a small out for Lawrence, however.

“I’m sure he really genuinely did think Collaros was going to cut back into him. They are good friends and there are sometimes your friends look at you go “This is my chance to run him over and I’m going to do just that…” and Simoni saw (Collaros) and said “I’m gonna kill him.” He’s gonna put his head down and swing and if he misses, then (Collaros) just runs around him,” Singleton said.

“It was dirty as the Angry Bird,” referencing Kyries Hebert – a player known for a career full of dirty hits.

The Lawrence situation was just one of a number of topics we discussed with Singleton over 90 minutes of occasionally NSFW commercial free podcast goodness that can be found at


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