Redblacks fire off surly press release following Elizondo departure

Offensive coordinator Jaime Elizondo is leaving the Ottawa Redblacks and the team does not appear to be taking it well.

The Redblacks issued a terse, one-sentence, extremely salty release after 3Down’s Justin Dunk broke the news of Elizondo’s departure. Check this out:

The Redblacks are undoubtedly peeved at the timing of Elizondo’s decision, given that training camp is about six weeks away. But, then again, not allowing him to interview for a head coaching job this winter may have just come back to bite them in the ass.

Either way, sending out a bitter one-liner on a guy that helped you win a Grey Cup a couple of years ago is not a particularly good look for a franchise that prides itself in its professionalism and family-friendly vibe. Elizondo deserved better.

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