Duron Carter going to CFL Week, even if he isn’t (officially) invited

The most notable omission from the list of players the league has invited to CFL Week is Duron Carter.

But it turns out he is going after all.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders receiver was named Newsmaker of the Year by the CFL itself but now that he’s making headlines for all the wrong reasons, Carter has been banished from the public line up. Carter is facing two counts of marijuana possession but has not been suspended by either the CFL or the Riders at this point, a sign he’ll play in 2018.

According to Carter, he’ll be in the Manitoba capital – he’s likely doing the TSN promo shoots – but he isn’t being made available to the rest of the assembled media and won’t be a part of any of the public and fan events.

One of the CFL’s most intriguing personalities, Carter brings a certain level of entertainment to almost every situation. It’s too bad that will be (mostly) missing from CFL Week.