Duron Carter takes Riders fans to the movies in Toronto

Duron Carter organized a Riders movie get together in Toronto before the East Final.

Carter treated fans to ‘Justice League’ at 55 Bloor Street West, and picked up the tab.

“I might have to go take out a loan” Carter joked. “Hopefully it’s full, that’s what Rider Nation is supposed to be about.”

The Riders Most Outstanding Player just didn’t want to go alone.

“Nobody wants to go to a movie by themselves, that seems kind of lonely so I might as well have all the people that want to be with me in the movie with me,” Carter said.

He put out a poll to see what time would suit the green and white faithful best.

There is one rule to follow.

If he could choose one of the Justice League characters to be Carter went off the board.

“I would be the guy that you don’t see, I’m the guy on the intercom, the communications guy, safe in the ship, away from everybody just telling them where the enemies are, I’m not part of the fighting,” Carter explained.

“I want to stay safe and chill, I want to do the celebrating with the justice league, the justice league party I’m definitely there.”

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