Canadian QB Bridge throws three TDs as Ticats fall 27-19 to Riders

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats committed five costly turnovers while Canadian quarterback Brandon Bridge threw for three touchdowns as the Saskatchewan Roughriders won 27-19 on Friday night.

The Ticats had a late chance to tie the game – they would have need a two-point convert as well – but it fell incomplete as time expired.

“We didn’t read it correctly,” head coach June Jones said afterwards. “We had a stand up touchdown unfortunately but that happens sometimes in the fog of war and we’ll just have to improve and get it done.”

The Ticats offence struggled mightily in the early going as they started the game with five straight two-and-outs and a pair of fumbles as they spotted the Riders a 17-0 lead.

Bridge, starting in place of the injured Kevin Glenn, threw an early touchdown pass, then celebrated with the “money” gesture made popular by Johnny Manziel. The Ticats have Manziel on their exclusive negotiation list and are reportedly talking to the former college star about coming to the CFL.

Masoli got the offence on track mid-way through the second, putting together a six-play drive that included the team’s inaugural first down and opening points. Masoli hit Jalen Saunders from 36 yards out for the major.

After another Saskatchewan field goal, the Ticats got the final points of the half with a late field goal and trailed by 10 after 30 minutes.

Hamilton looked set to close the gap further after a long Demarr Aultman punt return but a Masoli interception by former Ticat Ed Gainey – his CFL-leading seventh – set off a disastrous chain of events for the home side.

Two plays later, Ticats defensive back Demond Washington was ejected for spitting on an opponent – reportedly Riders receiver Namaan Roosevelt – an infraction that came with a whopping 25-yard penalty. On the next play, Roosevelt caught a nice throw from Bridge and scored giving the visitors a 27-10 lead.

“We did some undisciplined things that winners don’t do,” Jones said. “We had a couple of stupid penalties, a couple of turnovers.”

The Ticats declined to make Washington available to media after the game – he was long gone anyway – and Jones said he hadn’t spoken to him.

Sergio Castillo banged through two field goals – including a 50-yarder – to cut the Saskatchewan advantage to 11 early in the fourth.

Masoli had the Ticats in scoring range again but threw another interception to Gainey, losing a challenge for illegal contract, a borderline call that went the Riders way.

Castillo connected from 22 to make it a one score game with just under three minutes to play and the Ticats got the ball to the Saskatchewan 35 before Masoli was stopped on third down as he tried to run to move the chains.

After the defence forced Saskatchewan two-and-out, Hamilton got one final chance. Masoli looked for Brandon Banks in the end zone and got a pass interference call, setting them up at the one-yard line with five seconds to go. Masoli rolled left and looked for Saunders – who had an otherwise spectacular night with 10 catches and 138 yards – but the ball fell incomplete.

The Ticats fall to 2-9 on the season and while they remain in the thick of the race in the terrible East Division, this loss – a home game with plenty of critical mistakes – may prove costly in the end.

Hamilton travels to Vancouver to face a tough B.C. Lions team next Friday.

“We knew we were going to have to steal a couple on the road,” Jones said. “Now we have to steal one more.”

Notes: the Ticats recognized the return of Peter Dyakowski during the Riders second series, showing the offensive lineman on the scoreboard. He played ten years in Hamilton before being released in the off-season… Bridge is the first Canadian to pass for three TDs in a single game and record a win since Greg Vavra in 1984.

Drew Edwards

Drew Edwards

Drew Edwards is into his eighth season covering the CFL and the Ticats for the Hamilton Spectator. He is the founder and editor of 3DownNation.
Drew Edwards
Drew Edwards
About Drew Edwards (1494 Articles)
Drew Edwards is into his eighth season covering the CFL and the Ticats for the Hamilton Spectator. He is the founder and editor of 3DownNation.

75 Comments on Canadian QB Bridge throws three TDs as Ticats fall 27-19 to Riders

  1. white stallion in red // September 15, 2017 at 10:31 pm //

    I love seeing a Canadian QB get a win. At face value it’s awesome

  2. lots of 2 and outs.
    Cats in first half.
    Riders in second half.
    Did the Cats D step up or Rider O crap the bed.
    Good game to watch though.

  3. Masoli sure had an off night and was simply not good enough – 6 years in the league yet for much of the game he looked like it was only his 2nd start like Bridge. It does not look like we will ever know if Collaros could do better with the improved offensive line.

    The offensive line played well and the defence largely played well but with some miscues. I am hoping that Baines displaces Mike Jones.

    A very strange play call at the end of the game when only one yard was needed.

    • not an off night when you look at his body of work as a Ticat — he’s erratic….plays lights out, then is very mediocre, then horrible..

    • Sea of Dead // September 16, 2017 at 9:54 am //

      Looks like the June Jones ‘honeymoon’ is over in Catland based on the way the team played last night. Time for another new coach? Probably. Time for a revamped management team and some talented players? Absolutely. Really can’t understand how the fans continue to pay good money and sit through another season of non-entertainment.

      Cats need to rid themselves of repeat offender ‘Can’t take a hit’ Mike Jones (but probably won’t due to the number of Cdns injured) and an undisciplined, mediocre Demond Washington who should have been subjected to a CFL sample last night (If he wasn’t on something, then he’s simply too unstable for team play).

  4. Wtf was that last 2 play calls…run the ball ?? Release Jones tomorrow (Mike Jones) and other than that exiting ball . Back to reality boys !!!

  5. Well that was UGLY. Second game in a row we switched D coverage in the second half. Sh*thouse luck to get the W tonight. The O line was sloppy, sloppy, sloppy. Play like that against the Calgary D we are going to run out of QB’s in the first quarter.

    On another note…..I like to see what June Jones has brought to Hamilton. Seems like a cool character that the teams responds well to. Good game Hamilton

  6. Hey, was that Pete Carroll I saw standing on the TC sidelines helping Jones call that final doomed play? STUPID!!

  7. white stallion in red // September 15, 2017 at 10:48 pm //

    Well I’ll say this. If Jones has learned to coach the opponents receivers to commit high school jr level fumbles and an opposing team player to spit at your bench then fill points. Other than that sask played horrible.
    Labatte was forced back in and now injured worse. Good luck next week!.Enjoy the extra rest!

    • Ya know what donkey…..I pull no punches and said my team looked like crap. I give the opposing team a general compliment on their coach and you turn that around too. Your friggin donkeys aren’t all that this year and when it comes to chickensh*t players you have a full house. I already said we won’t win if we play like this and your pompous ass just keeps hacking and yapping as always. Give your 24/7 negativity a damp rest and worry about BC tomorrow.

    • Don’t count your chickens yet stallion. Riders play better at home and will likely have Glenn in next week… and we blew out the team that Calgary barely beat the last 2 games.

      • white stallion in red // September 16, 2017 at 7:57 am //

        Playing at home? What’s that matter? It’s not like we didn’t beat you regularly in the old Mosaic

      • white stallion in red // September 16, 2017 at 7:58 am //

        Barely beat the last 2 games?? I suggest you go review that again. We won rather easily on labor day

  8. Wow… what a nail biter that was, which shouldn’t have been. Thank god for our defense (which still left big holes in zone coverage), because the offense went to turtle mode in the second half. Here’s hoping Glenn and the rest of the injured from tonight can play next week vs the Stamps.

  9. Damarr Aultman has to get back to where he was in the Cat receiver corps.Banks played with heart but the cats need that physical strength back in the offensive lineup.Aultman is one tough dude.

  10. the story tonight is the play call at the one with five seconds left. that was ridiculous. pound it the **** in there!
    and what does that say about jones’ confidence in his o-line in getting the job done.

  11. Dan Bombers // September 15, 2017 at 11:10 pm //

    Big win for the riders wonder if Demond Washington still has a job next week

  12. Was it just me or was there a second on the clock when the ball hit the ground on the last play? I noticed the bench didn’t move for a long time thinking the same thing. Could command not review that? Not an excuse cause we lost, just curious though.

  13. I am not an evil spambot // September 15, 2017 at 11:16 pm //

    Time to get rid of the divisions and just rank ’em 1-9? The schedule is nearly balanced now, so you could leave it alone and the rivals could still play each other three times. Tradition isn’t a good reason to stick with something that has stopped working.

  14. The final play should have been a Masoli sneak straight ahead. He’s big enough to power himself into the end zone. If not him, then pound it in with C.J. Gable. Terrible call. As for Demond Washington, I’d don’t like his chances of staying with the team after sticking a dagger in it with his lack of discipline.

  15. Does anybody on here know what happened to Thigpen ? Looked very good, heard nothing about an injury yet he was out of pads in a hoodie

  16. white stallion in red // September 15, 2017 at 11:37 pm //

    Looks like injuries are hitting the riders now too. Canadian depth is tested now

  17. How are fans supposed to continue supporting (i.e. buy tickets) a team when, after 5 turnovers and only one TD, they miraculously still have a chance to tie the game on the last play, AND THE COACH CALLS A PASSING PLAY ON THE ONE YARD LINE!

    • And don’t forget the reason why they were on the one yard line…an actually penalty called in their favour at a critical time of a game…how many times have you seen that during the Austin era? And they still BLOW it!

    • Eddy Rayner // September 16, 2017 at 12:01 pm //

      Not saying you are wrong (hindsight is 20/20), but Saunders WAS open and, behind him, Jones looked open. (side note … don’t think they threw the ball back to Jones after his fumble). Also – with a pass, if it was a quick hitter, MIGHT have had a shot for one more play. Running play would certainly have killed the clock. Just a different perspective …

  18. Tough loss especially for the D because the O was certainly not good enough except in brief spurts – more so in the second half. Masoli did NOT look good much of the time. WAY too many turnovers and unnecessary penalties too although I think Roosevelt might have been playing in such a way to ensure that Washington continued to draw IC flags. I do think that’s why he might have been upset – not sure that the spitting was intentional either. Chris Jones himself said that if other teams were going to instruct their receivers to initiate contact that he’d have to get his receivers to do the same. I think that’s what might have been happening but lack of replays on those penalties can’t confirm my suspicions. Regardless the turnovers hurt the team more. I would like to have seen if Collaros might have had a bit more success late in the game. On to BC where Ticats are at a decided disadvantage with an 11 p.m. (eastern) start time that NO eastern team should have to endure!

    • “not sure that the spitting was intentional either” – I’m not sure I understand what you meant by this ?

      • white stallion in red // September 16, 2017 at 8:04 am //

        Well maybe he fake spit. Like how the riders fake injuries 😉

        • Or like you have fake intelligence

        • Or like bomo has a fake personality….

        • Pro athletes (hockey, football, baseball) all seem to have a lot more spit that the rest of the general population – I made it through the entire game without spitting on my living room floor or even out the window but every time the camera zeroes in on one of these guys they are horking a loogie.

    • Lancaster/Reed // September 16, 2017 at 12:45 am //

      Masoli was moving the ball pretty well late in the game, so im not sure why you would want to throw collaros in there. And im not sure you can ” accidently ” spit on someone in that situation.

  19. What’s clear is that the Cats will not defeat a western team this season.At times they may play well.

  20. I’ll always take an UGLY win! That was too close for comfort but the Riders pulled it out! Hopefully not all of the 9 injuries sustained by the Riders tonight are serious! Time for a little test and then get ready for Bovine and the boys.. GO RIDERS!

  21. footballnut // September 16, 2017 at 12:08 am //

    $%#& its about time… make a celebrity out of a player for christs sake Saskatchewan! The guy was invited to the nfl combine- not many were coming out of college – he’s legit! The cfl needs canadian stars and canadians need to be given opportunities!

  22. That game was just plain gross to watch. The offense went to sleep in the second half, the defender was suspect, the coverage teams were iffy. Gonna have to pull up their socks for Cowgary. Not to take anything away from Bridge but how valuable does Kevin Glenn look right now. A win is still a win.

    • justforkicks // September 16, 2017 at 12:35 am //

      Ya I think KG might have got a few more 1st downs in the last quarter just by virtue of experience but experience is what Bridge needs so badly to really step it up. I hope KG is in next week but also hope Bridge has benefit of some lopsided Rider starts so he can play more.

    • For some reason our O co-ordinator’s play calling in the 2nd half changes & not for the better. Look at the last 3 games (including this 1). Not great O. It appears that when we have a lead in the 1st half they change the plays to be a ‘prevent’ O. They need to stop that!

  23. Sergio Castillo has been money this year. I have been pleasantly surprised.

  24. The Riders were fortunate to win the game.

    Glenn – out
    Labatte – out
    Carter – out

    Those are key players on offence. Now of course it’s key to realize that you need to win with the guys you have available so kudos to them for gutting it out. Hamilton is improved but still a long ways to go. Though in the East that hill is not as big as it would be if it were the West.

    Hoping that the Riders starters can get healed up in the week leading up to the game against the Stamps.

  25. BleedzGreen // September 16, 2017 at 3:52 am //

    Coach Jones summed up the game as follows: “We won the football game, it was a tough tough game, playing with the back-up quarterback, and 9 guys injured. We won the game, on the road, on a short week. So we’re a good football team.”

    He’ll get no argument from me.

  26. Dundas dude // September 16, 2017 at 4:44 am //

    A frustrating loss, but this happens to struggling teams.. Despite all the turnovers, still a couple chances in the last three minutes to pull this out. With all due respect to the Riders, I’m not sure a five hundred team under their back up QB, is a big test…don’t see the Riders winning many more games this year….this was an opportunity that got away. A lot of positives, though, to build on. Would be nice to see Fantuz back and some of the quality Canadians.

  27. Dundas dude // September 16, 2017 at 4:53 am //

    Um, reading all the Riders posts about injuries…this is football, all teams have lots of injuries at this point. Notwithstanding last night’s frustrating loss, the TiCats probably still have a chance to pull this season out. Go Cats!

  28. Marc Antony // September 16, 2017 at 5:41 am //

    I really don’t get it. We’re on the one yard line. We have a 230 lb quarterback who can bully a yard on a draw nine out of ten times. A two point conversion and the game is tied. The coach calls a shotgun formation and a 15 yard pass into the end zone which is predictably teeming with defenders having seen the shotgun. Naturally, it doesn’t work and we lose the game. It’s tough enough to get a win at this point without throwing a game away like that. I really don’t get it…

  29. Next up we roll Cowtown

  30. You need to win the game to brighten your playoff hopes . Your quarterback is not playing well and you don’t switch it up and being in Collaros. Makes no sense to me unless you are protecting Collaros from injury as you are about to trade him. To me , not bringing Collaros into this game is a signal that the Ticats are in fact in the process of making a big move. In addition , last play of the game on the one yard line and Gable has been running like a beast and you do not give him the ball or call a Masoli bootleg? Poor play selection cost Ticats this game.

    • And if the big move is bring in Johnny Football (will be a bust) and move Collaros (will be all world with proper football coach and surrounding talent)…then we’re in for more of the Ticat Circus courtesy of Scott Mitchell and Kent Austin.

      • If Masoli is not a top class starter after 6 years then…..

        • Mark. I wouldn’t lay this one at Masoli’s feet. I thought that he played pretty well. Take away the Mike Jones fumble and I think we win this game. Sorry but Mike needs to be cut. Castillo is awesome. Thanks Austin. Banks as receiver is working … 138 yards for Saunders because you can’t cover both … thanks Coach Jones. Defence is credible. We have moved from embarrassing spectacle to frustrating loss. I guess that is progress.

  31. I thought Canadians aren’t supposed to be arrogant and taunt a guy struggling with alcoholism. Not that Canada has a drinking problem or anything. The former mayor of Toronto was addicted to Yoga. He must have learned how to taunt at the Univ. If South Alabama.

    • On the bright side of The Bridge this is what I Have Been Talking About With Respect To Ratios. The QB position is in effect exempt from ratios. So like Canadians trying to get into the NBA, they go to where the best training is. Bridge played at Division 1 South Alabama in Mobile. Sunbelt conference. Bridge learned well and will be a !long term starter. This is what things would look like with no ratios. It would force everyone along the lines to upgrade. Training and skill level would increase. Can attendance up. It would look more like the NH! Where a non Hockey nation USA now supplies 25% if players on merit only.

  32. Ticats have a history of making rookie QBs look all world. Its frustrating here with the lousy football we’ve endured for so many years (yes, with a few good ones sprinkled in)..

    • I totally agree with all your comments Ticat Mike.
      This team will win some games this season but only if the Ticat defence shuts down the other teams offence. You’ll have trouble winning games if you’re unable to score more than 20 points a game and give up turnovers.

      I have to give credit to the Riders for an excellent performance but they exposed what everyone knows is that the Ticats have a weak receiving corp with a streaky QB in Masoli and a mediocre return game.

  33. white stallion in red // September 16, 2017 at 8:10 am //

    The way Jones celebrated afterwards suggests he was happy to get a win anyway he can. If that was Dickensen he would have been pissed and said so in post game. Considering how upset everyone was over so many picking Ham to win this I would think the standard would be higher for riderfans. Backup QB? So what Calgary went to the cup with a backup QB.

  34. I second that

  35. This donkey dreams sh*t up. Jones looked pissed at the end of the game. Donkey translation – Jones “celebrated” ?? Chickenson doesn’t get mad – he gets whiney…..somebody get him a snickers bar.

  36. So let me get this straight. 2 wins under his belt not withstanding, but the Ticats replace one fool for HC for another equal if not bigger fool for HC? What June Jones did there was unforgiveable. Then he’s talking about having to win one more on the road than expected? Is this guy senile? How are the Cats supposed to win any of those games on the road with no receivers other than Tasker and maybe Banks, and a run game with no O-line? And of playing at home how is this team going to draw flies to the next game with how this coach has humiliated them on a National stage? You got a defensive backfield that were getting picked apart all night down the middle and still couldn’t make an adjustment. This is a bad football team. This is a really bad football team. This is the kind of football team that always finds some way to keep it close but then let you down in the end. This is not an abberation but a pattern with the Ticats. I need to see Kent Austin and his influence completely removed from this team. He has ruined team for many years to come and I won’t be patronizing THF until Mitchell or Bob Young makes the decision to buy him out. This team is bad for my health. This was the most painful night’s sleep that I had in years. Right now the Ticats are the league joke. They’re a laughingstock and they’re full marks for the distinction. That was embarrassing.

  37. Ronnie Football // September 16, 2017 at 10:46 am //

    Can’t wait for Johnny Football to sign tomorrow. I may actually try seeking my selling tickets and come to the stadium.

  38. The loss does increase the chance of Johnny Football here, but that’s a lotta money standing on the sidelines; thought we might see him in the 2nd half.

    Two things bother me though;

    (1) If this is the Run & Shoot, and I don’t know if anyone has actually said that, but Masoli’s game on Friday may be showing the flaws in the system with a QB like him. In the Run & Shoot, the receivers don’t run set routes, but look for openings in coverage, so it puts a lot of pressure on the QB to anticipate correctly what the receiver’s going to do. Both picks were so far off, that it looked like someone ran the wrong route, but there is no “wrong” route in the Run & Shoot, so it must have been a bad read.

    (2) WTF. (that’s Where The F****) is the hurry up offence? 2nd to last drive took way too long. No huddle-free plays, so the only way to stop the clock is out of bounds, incomplete, or time out, and you sure don’t want the last two! Austin showed some of the same tendencies. Teams like Ottawa routinely run no huddle plays all game. Let’s get with the times, Ticats!

  39. This team really needs to be broken down and re built. STarting with Scott Mitchell all the way down to the coaching staff. This is pathetic football – coaching, scouting, player development. Its not the players fault. We have some good ones. Just not put in a position to win. Tired of this BS and tuning out both from THF and watching on tv. Where the hell is the Mike McCarthy type of guys — one phone call away from bringing in real talent? What were they doing after the last off season? Its a mess. We need a proven experienced CFL executive with a winning track record to build this team from top to bottom.

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