Six predictions for the 2018 Saskatchewan Roughriders

A new season is finally upon us as the Riders are set to open their 2018 season against the Toronto Argonauts at home on Friday night.

It’s become a tradition of sorts of mine since joining 3DownNation a couple of seasons ago to more or less forgo the traditional season preview piece breaking down where the team should be good this year, where they have some question marks and what they will probably struggle at.

Frankly, there’s enough of that in Saskatchewan. We all know what the narratives are surrounding this team as the new season dawns, I don’t need to spend more time talking about the quarterbacks, the offensive line or the Canadian depth. There’s no secrets there.

So here we go.

1. The Riders will host a home playoff game

To be completely honest, I’ve struggled with this one. I went on record in the main 3DownNation predictions piece saying they’ll finish 2nd in the west, so I guess I got to stick with it here.

There’s a whole lot that has to go right this year in order for this one to come true, but they have progressed as a team every year from out of the playoffs to where they are today. So, it feels like a natural next step.

Given the state of their offensive line and Canadian depth, the defence is probably going to have to drag this team there. I think they might be good enough to do it.

2. Willie Jefferson has his best year yet

This just in, freak of nature athlete predicted to be good by pundit, more at a 11.

Yes, hardly the hottest take ever but with Charleston Hughes riding shotgun and Zack Evans in the middle, everything adds up to Jefferson have a monster year. He was basically unstoppable last season with less support beside him. What will he be able to do with fewer double teams? Jefferson is my pick of Most Outstanding Defensive Player.

Could the NFL be in his future again? Wouldn’t be the first guy Hughes has sent to the NFL.

3. We see a fair bit of both quarterbacks

Even though he’s getting paid top dollars and will probably get the opportunity to start, Zach Collaros will have his rough patches this season and ultimately might not be worth what he’s getting paid.

I mused on the latest 3Down Green Cast that perhaps some of the salary we saw go out the door on cutdown day had to do with Chris Jones expecting to use both Collaros and Brandon Bridge a fair bit this year, perhaps leading to a higher payday than expected for Bridge? Maybe. I could also be out to lunch.

Any rough patches might not even be Collaros’ fault if the protection is awful. Bridge could be the better option at times because of his ability to escape.

4. Naaman Roosevelt quietly does his thing

I think I write about Roosevelt in this space every year as I always expect big things from the Buffalo receiver.

Plenty has been made over the last month or so about who’s this team’s best receiver, Roosevelt or Duron Carter. Carter may make more highlight-reel grabs, he may be more athletic, he may do a lot of things well, but Roosevelt is the steady, calming influence that is always there.

The knock on him? Well, he hasn’t been able to stay healthy for the most part. Roosevelt leads the Riders in receiving yards in 2018 if he plays 15-plus games.

5. Duron Carter loudly does his thing

I don’t really know what this season has in store for Carter, we’ve seen a lot of ups and downs throughout his career in the CFL.

I don’t think there’s any question he’ll put up some numbers offensively, but I do wonder about how the defence experiment is going to go. He took a couple of penalties, defensively, that led to touchdowns against Calgary in the pre-season. Carter is known to get flagged now and then on offence and it’s a lot easier to be flagged on the other side of the ball.

The defensive experiment eventually ends.

6. A Canadian steps up

I’m kind of covering my bases here, but for my first prediction to happen, then something dramatic probably has to happen in terms of Canadian content.

Right now, they have seven starters. You can argue how good they all are, but they’re there. Beyond that? Most positions are questionable at best when it comes to backups, while some don’t have any at all. So, the Riders are going to need as many starting quality guys as they can get.

There are four guys who could step and make a difference for this team. Two of them, Devon Bailey and Joshua Stanford, will certainly see time on the playing field after Rob Bagg’s release. Odds are they can match his numbers from last season. If they can do more and handle the extra duties asked of the “Z” receiver, the Riders are in good shape there.

Elsewhere, I’m looking at linebacker Cameron Judge and offensive lineman Dariusz Bladek. If either player can play well enough to force Jones’ hand, then that’s good for the team. Judge would move Sam Eguaveon to the middle and send Sam Hurl to special teams and a backup role. If Bladek performs well in practice and any game action he might get, it could add another Canadian to the offensive line.

Someone will do it, my guess is Bladek is the current clubhouse leader, though Judge will get his time on at least a rotational basis.

Joel Gasson

Joel Gasson

Joel Gasson is a Regina-based sports writer, broadcaster and football fanatic.
Joel Gasson
Joel Gasson
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Joel Gasson is a Regina-based sports writer, broadcaster and football fanatic.

86 Comments on Six predictions for the 2018 Saskatchewan Roughriders

  1. Paul Bomber // June 15, 2018 at 1:39 pm //

    QB stable is intriguing! Collaros is obviously better than his last stretch of 0 & 12 and I think Bridge will be starting somewhere at some point. So why do I get the feeling Sask is going to struggle with consistent play from that position? Maybe I just need to see Zach prove he’s got his mojo working again.
    Yeap – – well aware I’m standing in front of my glass house throwing stones.

    • riderontheisland // June 15, 2018 at 2:10 pm //

      Paul, I’m very confident we will have a good season, but I too am unsure who or what combo at QB will lead us there. I expect there will be a combo good or bad with Jones and he likes to keep the D guessing. That is unless Zac fully rebounds, but I am full of excitement and curiosity.
      BTW you must be feeling pretty comfortable after last night. Streveler look lost first play but got much better from there and should be able to win you a couple games while Matt is out.

      • Paul Bomber // June 15, 2018 at 2:18 pm //

        That’s exactly what I thought … by the end of the game, he was getting pretty sneaky, thinking on his feet, surprising situational awareness. So yeah, comfy there. Not so comfy with our pass coverage… scary-bad! Hope they just need some time in the film room.

        • Paul Bomber // June 15, 2018 at 2:20 pm //

          sorry… talking about the Bombers on the wrong article… again… shutting up! :^p

          • All good Paul….it’s football. Threads going to go for a shit anyway now that manyhandles is back, just in time for game day. SURPRISE !!

          • MR. Green // June 15, 2018 at 2:29 pm //

            I found myself cheering for the Bombers. Too bad that had that botched snap on the field goal. The kid played well for being fresh out of college. It suks when you lose a winnable game when everyone predicted Edmonton would destroy them.
            Sure the D may have had a couple break downs, but this is a potent offence.
            I’ll have too cheer for Montreal next week, no choice, however I will pick Winnipeg to win. That will be a big win an get them clloser to Nichols. If Nichols plays last night, Bombers win. Definitely Cup contenders, all they gotta do is make the playoffs.

          • Wait……..there’s hope

        • Your QB has some wheels Paul. Have to say, I was a little concerned that he may get drilled – not what your Bombers need. Good showing regardless

        • riderontheisland // June 15, 2018 at 2:48 pm //

          That 101 yarder to Walker was just a nice throw and catch though. Not much you can do to defend that.
          BTW I was the one that brought up your Bombers so don’t feel bad.

    • No great comment Paul , I think your well tuned into what much of Rider Nation is thinking going into this evenings game. Good luck to your bombers next week in Montreal , hopefully they will grab a win.

  2. I just don’t see a whole lot of success this season with the riders. Poor Canadian depth and a seriously poor choice on C Jones part to put his eggs in Collaros basket. This QB is marginal and will be marginal for the season. Bridge is just a notch above marginal.
    I see the riders in 4th place come play-offs. Good luck!

  3. White Horse // June 15, 2018 at 1:53 pm //

    I feel the Riders will struggle against R Ray and the Argos. My money is on the Argos but I will be interested to observe the Riders D-line, Messam, O-line. Argos have the best coach in the league, oustanding QB and solid O-line and smothering D. Kinda agree with MVP on Riders season.

  4. The Riders D will be a force this season, I think that front four is going to be menacing! And let’s hope the O can be productive. Time will tell!

    Hey Joel, take a page from Slam Dunk’s book and moderate your threads would ya? Makes life for everyone more pleasant. Thanks from All!

  5. Barry Soetoro // June 15, 2018 at 2:04 pm //

    There won’t be any playoff game in Regina, they’ll both be in Alberta. No cross-over this year too.

  6. The o-line has been one of the worst in the league for the past two years. The only stud is Labatte and he’s a year older. With two rookie starters, the o-line will make or break the Riders’ playoff hopes.

    • You could be right Bill, but everyone gets their chance at some point in their careers. Have some patience and just enjoy! It’s only week 1 🙂

  7. Ugh

  8. MR. Green // June 15, 2018 at 2:23 pm //

    I think Collaros will be fine. Watched some highlights last night of him last season. He made many great throws. I just feel Austin’s bullish coaching style affected the whole team.
    I hope Joel is correct on Carter not playing D anymore. He’s more effective on offence and this would mean we’re getting quality play from an actual DB.
    I predict the O-line will be fine now that the fat has been trimmed.
    As well I don’t see 2nd place to host a playoff game……….. I see first place!

    • Well, it’s going to be trial by fire for our O against a very good Toronto D. Also, we need to put pressure on Ray, and keep Wilder in check or we could be playing catch up.

    • riderontheisland // June 15, 2018 at 4:07 pm //

      Mr. Green, I have no doubt in my mind he is still a good QB. Not sure he will ever get back to where he was, but he has improved our team.

  9. Huff's Neighbor // June 15, 2018 at 2:30 pm //

    Every year there is a team that surprises everyone and I say it’s the 2018 Riders. Perhaps Collaros isn’t what he used to be, but I say he is still better the Glenn and we have BB who can take over and get wins, as he did last year. The Rider’s D is as good as any other on paper, and we’ll see tonight how they gel as a unit. If they do, they can be the scariest D unit in the league.

  10. Ridersrule // June 15, 2018 at 2:39 pm //

    I think the riders are solid enough to compete this year but it’s going to come down to how are QB’s play . I realize that’s the same on any team but with collaros we are in a wait and see mode , collaros of old we could compete for first but if he doesn’t return to that form it will be a long frustrating year.

  11. Bill deHoog // June 15, 2018 at 2:55 pm //

    Well I think second is going to be a stretch as both Esks and Stamps very strong. Tossup between Bombers and Riders for 3rd. Although I think BC will be better and could move up to make it a 3 team scramble.Zak is a good qb, but has developed happy feet. He had a career year in Hamilton (watched him live there) which he won’t be able to duplicate. With all the Western teams fighting each other, a crossover to the East may not be available. Should be interesting in both divisions…good luck to all

    • Bill – this is where I struggle. You’ve seen Zach play, and watched during a very good year. You’ve witnessed good and bad.

      I’ve never really paid attention to how he’s played, and BANG – here he is. Hard to know what to expect as the only game he played wasn’t televised.

      It’s on our O Line tonight, to give him time to operate, and open holes for the run.

      What I do know – is 7 p.m. can’t come fast enough, and the beer will be cold !!

      • As I’ve explained numerous times, Zach Collaros is a legit franchise QB.

        What more do you need to know?

  12. C Stephen Cassin // June 15, 2018 at 3:08 pm //

    Sask. will miss the playoffs completely this year and finish in 8th spot. Bank on it.

    • ^ everyone just ignore this guy above.There’s no hope with trolls. Just resist the urge to sling mud and this site will improve!

    • Haters gonna hate.

      • You got that right Yup! Looks like the weather should be good in the QC tnite, good football weather. Since got stuck with Rod Black last night, I assume it’s gonna be Suitor playing the part tnite.

        • Here’s hoping. They were saying the “weather” may be hanging around the prairies all weekend. Hope it doesn’t show tonight

    • Huff's Neighbor // June 15, 2018 at 3:57 pm //

      Haters gona hate and claim they’re not but really they are.

    • riderontheisland // June 15, 2018 at 4:10 pm //

      I love when people say bank on it because you know their predictions are a joke and far fetched. Only people who don’t have anything to say and back their comments fall back on that. Oh wait this fits that exactly.

  13. Lol! Gasson, once again, is so incompetent he can’t even pretend to be a legitimate journalist. Where to start? Let’s start with the fact that the Riders will be starting EIGHT Canadians, not seven. The depth chart came out yesterday, and it wasn’t a surprise. I’m going to bet that Gasson doesn’t even know that teams put out a depth chart the day before the games. Why else would he make his grand claim here that the Riders only have SEVEN Canadian starters the day after the Riders put out their depth chart with EIGHT? Lol!

    In terms of the game day roster, which can be seen above, we have solid backups everywhere except behind Messam, but Messam is out EIGHTH starter so he doesn’t need a backup. On the extended roster I’d like to see another OL in town, but that depends on JSJ’s status. He’s currently on the 6 game list but if he’s more like two or three games away we’re probably ok as is.

    Gasson’s 4 Canadians make no sense, surprise surprise. Standford and Bailey will cover the 5th receiver spot, and given that we have 3 potential 1,000 yard receivers and two more very promising newcomers, those two aren’t going to see very many balls at all. We already know that Judge is going to be playing a lot of downs on defence. Jones has said that there will always be one Canadian LB and that we’ll be using both Judge and Hurl to fill that spot. If Bladek started that would be great, but he would be our 9th Canadian starter. That would give us tonnes of depth and flexibility, but 8 starters gives us that as well. Still, nice to have in case we have a rash of injuries. He started last year and looked good so he’s essentially ready to go if we need him. Nice to have good depth!

  14. Sask is ready to break out, but being a ticat fan, can zack stay healthy.

  15. It’s hard to predict where the Riders are at right now, because we didn’t see much of Collaros or Bridge in the pre-season, and we didn’t see any of Hughes or Jefferson. These are key pieces. Are they going to be rusty? Are they going to come out flying? Only a few hours before we find out!

  16. I was thinking the same thing RFD. I.e. how much effort does this guy put into writing anything accurate? And is there no one at 3D who proof reads anything? LOL. Where do I sign up to write for these guys. Haha. I’m surprised Joel didn’t take Jones’ take on Zach starting on the D Line to heart!

  17. #4’s & 5 are a given. They shouldn’t count. Cross em out and come up w 2 more.

  18. Will Jefferson had EIGHT (8) sacks last year. I had a good laugh at the proclamation that he was “basically unstoppable”.

    Obviously Jefferson was stopped because he never got to the QB – – nor did anyone else for Regina.

    • Huff's Neighbor // June 15, 2018 at 5:02 pm //

      Ah IQ of much less than 51, soon you will be sitting on the bench with Mrs Red and her closet of fantasy toys and variety of names as you just can’t help yourself but be a hater. Must be a very sad no friend world you live in, despite being in the biggest a-hole of town in Canada. So, though we feel very sorry for your plight and obvious low self esteem, we can’t wait to kick your butt and bounce the blue boat all over Mosaic. All in about 4 hours.

      • riderontheisland // June 15, 2018 at 5:11 pm //

        Ya he’s the special kid in class. He reminds me of SNL Weekend update when Eric Trump comes on and says stupid random things that don’t make any sense. Besides that way his stupidity doesn’t bother me and I just laugh.

    • MR. Green // June 15, 2018 at 5:26 pm //

      Gotta disagree Area51. I know it’s your opinion. He’s not Cam Wake, however lead the league in QB pressures by a mile affecting throws. Teams game planned heavy on Willie. He wasn’t always double teamed, triple teamed as well. Riders only rushed 3 often. I feel they will blitz more this year.
      8 sacks is not great, not bad. You could see Willie comming often, especially with focus on him. With Hughes, can’t focus on his side. If he has a monster year, Hughes is the reason I’m or vice versa. That’s my opinion.

    • MR. Green // June 15, 2018 at 5:26 pm //

      Gotta disagree Area51. I know it’s your opinion. He’s not Cam Wake, however lead the league in QB pressures by a mile affecting throws. Teams game planned heavy on Willie. He wasn’t always double teamed, triple teamed as well. Riders only rushed 3 often. I feel they will blitz more this year.
      8 sacks is not great, not bad. You could see Willie comming often, especially with focus on him. With Hughes, can’t focus on his side. If he has a monster year, Hughes is the reason I’m or vice versa. That’s my opinion.

      • NathanM // June 15, 2018 at 6:02 pm //

        MR Green, I hear rumours the riders were looking to see if Dexter Manley is still in game shape in case Willie does not play up to his hype.

        It will be interesting to see how Willie performs knowing there is that kind of pressure behind him.

        Nice to see the Riders have a plan B

      • QB “pressures” are a totally subjective stat.

        Was it a designed roll out with Jefferson trailing behind in pursuit? Or did the QB stand in the pocket and get the throw off with Jefferson getting there a step too late?

        You can consider both of them to be “pressures” but in reality, neither is as effective as a sack. Not even close.

        A sack results in a loss of down and a loss of yardage 100% of the time. A “pressure” does not result in an incomplete pass or an INT 100% of the time.

        “Pressures” are the equivalent of a participation ribbon for pass rushers. If you can’t manage to sack the QB don’t try to sugarcoat it by celebrating how you almost got there.

        • MR. Green // June 15, 2018 at 7:07 pm //

          That’s a good point. Close doesn’t count. However I feel his presence was a factor and pressure do help. As a team we were not good at getting sacks. Also gotta look at our plays called, many with only rushing 3. Tough to beat double teams. He had a young inexperienced line around him. Without Willie, we would have set a record for fewest sacks. I feel his presence helped out others, who still could not get consistent pressure.
          That was all last season. He has more experience around him and I bet he is in double digits sacks this season. You can’t deny his talent and potential or that he is a very good player. Enjoy the game.

    • Yesterday you said the SkyDome was awesome. Hahaha you lose all credibility right there. SkyDome is a complete dump and always has been a joke of MLB let alone CFL. But hey “my friend” I’m just here to “educate” you. I live in Queen’s Quay and have for years, you’re from a farm Don Foley and your brother was a scrub his entire career. Rumour has it, well, I won’t even say lest I get banned, but you know which rumours I speak of with Sticky Ricky.

  19. I just call it as I see it, my friends.

    Regina had the second worst sack total in the league last year and their “leader” had a grand total of EIGHT (8) sacks.

    No idea how anyone could be thrilled about such feeble production – – but if Rider Fan is happy with it, then I’m happy for Rider Fan.

    • Huff's Neighbor // June 15, 2018 at 5:44 pm //

      Just curious. Are you saying my friends because if you do that, you feel you have some? Reason I ask is because it appears you don’t have any here. And because you’re here a lot, you probably don’t have any there either. Your tag line is old and boring and how you see it is through blue colored hater’s optics. So really, how you see it is so far from reality it’s blurry and unrecognizable.

    • True Green // June 16, 2018 at 7:57 pm //

      Which team are you referring to that plays for Regina? Would that be the Rams? Maybe the Thunder?

  20. dangnabbit // June 15, 2018 at 5:28 pm //

    I don’t believe the Riders will end up second in the West, because that would mean they end up ahead of three other teams in their division – and I can’t identify three teams I’d expect to be worse that the Riders. I can see Saskatchewan picking off the Lions, if their struggles at the end of last season continue. I can see Saskatchewan picking off the Bombers if Nichols’s injury really hurt the team. But for both of those to occur *and* Saskatchewan to pick off Calgary or Edmonton? I wouldn’t predict that.

  21. Equine Excellence // June 15, 2018 at 6:13 pm //

    Let’s hope for a great game. The first Friday Night Football game of the year

  22. Facts are facts, my friends.

    Last year Regina had five games with only ONE (1) sack and six games with ZERO (0) sacks.

    That’s an embarrassingly soft defence.

    • And some people choose to live in the past while others optimisticly, look forward to the future.

      If you don’t think that our D isn’t going to kick some a*s this year, you are off your rocker. Not enough players to double team Hughes, Jefferson and Evans.

      • Rider Fan also promised the defence was going to dominate in 2017, and we saw how that turned out.

        It’s difficult to take a team seriously when it’s got a bunch of receivers and a CIS basketball player trying to play defence.

        • Again…Argo nut. Again, you’re living in the past, but if that floats your boat, sail on !!

          Just remember when you use “Rider Fan” We truly have fans, fans that come from all over to cheer for our Riders.

          Toronto…..well, I’m sure most “fans” there, think the Grey Cup is a new frappuccino at Starbucks, and wouldn’t leave the patio to cross the street to attend a game. If I lived there I would be miserable too.

          • The annual pre season proclamations of Rider Fan are like the boy who cried wolf.

            Instead of looking at the team objectively and making a realistic assessment, it’s always the same laughable rhetoric.

            As for the “fans” in Toronto, I’m the first to acknowledge that is a terrible sports city. No idea what that has to do with this topic, however.

          • Fans….Fans. your reference to “Rider Fan” hope that spelled it out.

            Cheers to a good game 51

  23. CalgaryDan // June 15, 2018 at 7:07 pm //

    Sask will be fighting for last place with the Lions this year. They have no QB, Collaros is not the player he once was. They have the worst OLine in the league.

    • Get back to me when mevi goes down CalgaryDone

    • MR. Green // June 15, 2018 at 7:17 pm //

      Dan- They did a good job in quarter one in protection and run blocking ( against Calgary) The ones who messed up terribly are gone. However our depth sucks.
      Will you be stoked to see Collaros have a very good year? I won’t. Seems Austin blamed Collaros for everything, yelling at him after every series. That’s uncomftorable for anyone and tough to play for. I hope Jones gives him every game for the first 5 weeks to give him a real opportunity. I have less faith in Bridge.
      I guess we will see. No one knows for sure and answers begin tonight.

  24. Don Foley just upset how his brother was basically booted from the league. So now he comes on here and trashes everything. Have another cheeseburger Don!

  25. Biggest problem for Regina isn’t the OLine, it’s definitely not Collaros – – it’s the complete lack of NI talent.

    It’d be bad enough if the Raiders had seven quality NI starters and nothing behind them, but even the starters are mediocre.

    You can’t be serious with Mak Henry starting on defence. Or Josh Stanford starting on offence. That’s terrible.

    • Who are you talking to Area51? I see your name and skip over your usual bullshit. You never offer anything of value and just complain like a little kid who’s just not happy with something. Is this like your day job? If so, get another one man.

    • MR. Green // June 15, 2018 at 7:48 pm //

      What’s wrong with Stanford at 23 years old? Not like he is 28 and not had a chance. It takes most Canadian receiver 3-4 years to become a factor. Is he a major let down for you?
      Bladek and Judge are legit. Edem is good. Labatte, an all-star. Clarke is good.
      Also Henry is underrated. As well he had a great camp, came in with more finess. Last year he bull rushed and clogged the line.
      Evans and Steele are very good. Messam is still a good player.
      I agree, our Canadian O line depth is very weak. You are wrong without starters. They are deserving md capable. No one has ever disagreed with depth. Francis and Bartlett, both injured can play.
      Gotta go. Enjoy the game everyone. Go Riders!

      • Josh Stanford is an 8th round pick, my friend. There’s a reason he didn’t go earlier in the draft. Because he can’t play.

        Remember the last time Regina tried to trot out a late round pick? Brandon Tennant was a 7th rounder and I explained in detail how useless he was.

        As with Stanford, nobody wanted to believe Tennant was absolutely terrible. Until he was mercifully dumped onto the scrap heap.

        • Fail. That’s not why he dropped in the draft. He was always considered a top athlete.

    • Soooo much fail here. We currently are starting *8* Canadians, and we were starting 9 for a bit in this game when Bladek came in for Harrison. Good depth everywhere except perhaps OL, but not bad there either if JSJ isn’t out for long. Still, it wouldn’t surprise me if we brought some extra depth in there as well.

  26. Russell // June 15, 2018 at 9:15 pm //

    I wish Collaros the very best. But he has lost every game since returning from injury (12 straight), and until he wins a few I will have no confidence in him.

  27. His kicker isn’t helping him by missing chip shot FGs.

    Evidently that’s why Lauther hasn’t played since 2014.

    • MR. Green // June 15, 2018 at 10:26 pm //

      Halftime boys! Highes a beast. Like I said, even Area51 is a Collaros fan. The guy makes good points.

  28. Rider4 life // June 15, 2018 at 10:26 pm //

    Hey area Hughes is lighting up the defense 3 sacks tonight lol 14 -4 first half Saskatchewan lmao not Regina. Messam digging for a 100 yrs as well. Sack defense dominating the Toronto offense.

  29. MR. Green // June 15, 2018 at 10:34 pm //

    We rock! Riders dominate

  30. Rider4life // June 15, 2018 at 11:03 pm //

    Yep defense is holding Toronto now 10 punts. Holley doing great messam Hughes doing great along with moncrieth . Hey area 51 lol 17-5 3rd quarter

  31. Woooo! Lauther definately delivered! Thanks for your incorrect assessment Area51, you can go to bed now. Cry in your pillow to numb your pain!

    • You know, I question how well A51 can even see–since he obviously didn’t notice the word “Saskatchewan” appearing on the front of each green jersey on the field…

  32. Ridersrule // June 18, 2018 at 2:59 pm //

    It’s funny to read the comments about how the riders have no O line , poor Canadian talent , lousy d line , poor field goal kicker . Area 51 seems to pride himself on all his predictions yet he doesn’t show up when he was wrong on all accounts . Acually if you look at the game most of what he predicted were how the Argos looked. But of course in his usual knee jerk emotional reaction he called Tressman an overrated coach and blamed it all on him.

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