3Down Green Cast: A Special Place in Hell, Cuts and Season Preview

Joel Gasson and John Fraser return for another week to discuss the Riders cuts ahead of the regular season, give some predictions for the 2018 season (John picked the Riders to play who in the Grey Cup?!) and just what their own special place in hell would look like.

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  1. Lol. After clearly not working very hard to seem credible something seems to have lit a fire under our two fraudsters/propagandists/fake-news types to try and at least seem a bit credible. After telling us he didn’t go to games anymore this week Gasson has gone to great lengths to say several times that he was at the game. And they seem to be attempting real football analysis as well, but wait! What did he say? He said he was surprised when he looked at Rob Bagg’s career numbers? Bagg was a 9 year Rider vet and a fan favourite and he wasn’t familiar with his numbers? Ok, so Gasson is admitting that he doesn’t know anything about the history of this team prior to this year, but wait! What was that again? Did he just say that he was surprised that the Riders let Bond go because they are “comically thin at that spot”? The Riders are thin at import OL?? I’m sure Gasson is the one and only guy to make that claim this year. So not only is Gasson not familiar with the Riders before this year, he must have paid zero attention to training camp as well. But then Gasson’s focus was clearly on his agenda and the spin he was trying to sell, so the facts were irrelevant to him. Whatever he learned about camp I’m sure went in one ear and out the other. I’m sure this will come as a complete surprise to Gasson but the guy who beat Bond out of a job is a former 5th round NFL draft pick, and the guy we have on our PR as a backup import OL was a 3 year starter at Duke and an All-ACC player in his senior year, so no, not thin behind Bond.

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