Esks criticized for handling of Bowman release

The Edmonton Eskimos are taking some heat for the way they parted ways with receiver Adarius Bowman.

The team included his release as a one-line addendum to a press release announcing the re-signing of fellow American receiver Vidal Hazelton.

Bowman cracked the 1,000-yard plateau three times over his six CFL campaigns with Edmonton and won a Grey Cup with the team in 2015. Bowman lived in the city of Edmonton year-round and became heavily involved in the community, including his autism awareness campaign

Meanwhile, Edmonton general manager Brock Sunderland explained the move thusly.

Bowman hits the open market just days before the league’s free agency period is set to begin and he’ll be highly sought after given his track record.


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  1. Peter North // February 5, 2018 at 3:57 pm //

    Allison Currie is good looking.

  2. Yes, the EE used to have the most class of any CFL team. This is actually inexcusable. Cut him, OK but make sure he is given s degree of honour let alone dignity… He, as much as Reilly made the offense in 2015 actually Grey Cup worthy…

  3. Steve Borsa // February 5, 2018 at 4:10 pm //

    Thrown under the bus. Went from hero to zero. Esks have more class . Almost embarrassing to Adrian. CFL acting as bush league lately as no more bonuses paid. Just adios. Yep hard times.

    • Cal Gary Shampeders // February 5, 2018 at 7:15 pm //

      You clearly don’t understand why those bonuses are due at this time of the year. If you play well enough, the team will pay the bonus and keep you. If you don’t, they won’t. Bowman’s production fell off a cliff last year and he’s getting older. Got it?

      The CFL is not acting Bush league. The Ti-Cats and Eskimos are.

      • I’ve been trying to explain this on dozens of facebook posts all day. There are a lot of people out there that don’t seem to understand how these contracts work. Nice to see at least one more that does. 🙂

        • The problem is that the league calls these payments as a bonus. This is not a bonus It is a salary Advance….

  4. Blue rules // February 5, 2018 at 4:32 pm //

    Bowman’s chance to get even, sign with another Western division team. Optimize your games against EE. Pick Bombers.

    • You might have to ditch Dressler to do it, but Dressler’s best year was barely 1200 yards and Bowman has been over 1300 in 3 of the last 4 years, including almost 1800 yards two years ago, so it would probably be worth it.

      • If you are comparing Bowman and Dressler,or anybody you have to look at how many times each were targeted.

  5. I have to say, Sunderland has not impressed me since he took over as the Esks GM.

  6. Dislike twitter articles. Whatever happened to journalism? It’s lazy.

    • Totally agree with you. Also for anyone in the know the only one not tired to Jason Gregor’s show is Dereky Taylor. They tend to jump on his ship when it suits them. My guess is Gregor is upset because Bowman was one of the only Eskimos who would do his show. Kind of like how he defends Taylor Hall and always brings up the trade.

      This article should have never made the website

  7. A major PR blunder to be sure … Shame Esks

  8. Rider fan // February 5, 2018 at 5:28 pm //

    New way of doing busines just announce it on line don’t have to talk face to face. Easily done this way the chicken way. Most of the teams are doing it now.

  9. No real easy way to cut a guy. The GM of a team is probably the MOST UNPOPULAR position with a pro sports organization. He has to find em, sign em, encourage and develop them and when the players performance does not justify their compensation either get them to take a pay cut or simply cut them when needed. This cycle of events has always been there and always will be there. Hopefully it is done with courtesy and respect to the player involved.

  10. Not quite as bad as cutting a guy via text message like the Argos did to Ricky Foley. Hope AB has a monster year where ever he signs.

  11. The Esks have ripped the core leadership from 2015 out … only Mike Reilly remains … who will lead this team with him? #Esks_Without_Leadership

  12. Edward Leslie // February 5, 2018 at 7:10 pm //

    I agree with Sunderland about cutting Bowman because the team needs to get younger, and Bowman was too expensive. Chris Jones made that deal with him. They previously released Marcus Howard, Phillip Hunt and Cauchy Muamba.
    Next up: Simeon Rottier, Calvin McCarty, Cory Watson and Marcel Young.
    They’ll keep a handful of veterans only: Reilly, Glenn, Sewell, Chick, Sorensen, O’donnell and Whyte.
    I agree that A.B. deserved more than a one line send off below the Hazelton announcement though. Bad form by the Eskimos organization IMO.

    • Ed Hervey signed Bowman to the contract for 2017 and 2018 on January 31, 2017. FYI even if Jones was still in Edmonton at the time of the contract extension, he was a coach in Edmonton not GM. Maybe get your facts straight before dissing Jones!!

  13. These roster bonuses signed by teams when they end like this have the appearance of being signed by the teams in bad faith. I don’t have the stats on these but it seems lots never get paid due to results like this one.

    • I;m just going to copy this from Cal Gary Shampeders,
      You clearly don’t understand why those bonuses are due at this time of the year. If you play well enough, the team will pay the bonus and keep you. If you don’t, they won’t. Bowman’s production fell off a cliff last year and he’s getting older. Got it?

  14. Colour me green // February 5, 2018 at 7:46 pm //

    If this was Jones people would be all over him.
    There is a certain way to release someone who has done a lot for an organization. One line is not the way. Even if they broke up on bad terms.

  15. Alex Droho // February 5, 2018 at 7:50 pm //

    Not sure why players even sign a contract containing this type of bonus clause. After the season Bowman had; how much credibility can a player put into actually receiving his money.

  16. I’m sure the Esks tried to renegotiate Bowman’s contract, but the two sides apparently couldn’t reach an agreement. Sunderland cites age and dollars as issues and Bowman has both of them in spades. Still, it’s unfortunate all his release rates is a footnote.

  17. Tinhead 296 // February 5, 2018 at 11:33 pm //

    I guess that’s why they call them the evil empire.

  18. The bonus is arranged at this time so teams don’t hang on to them unless they have an honest intent to keep them for the season.
    If they are going to get cut, the best time is right before free agency so they get a head start.

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