Johnny Manziel’s agent breaks silence in loudest possible way

Johnny Manziel and his agent Erik Burkhardt have been quiet throughout the process of  getting him to the CFL.

That changed on Monday when he released a statement via NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport:

“Despite much speculation and several comments from the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and CFL, Johnny and I have remained silent and continued to focus on his training and preparation. Due to the tremendous support, Johnny wants to let Hamilton fans know where things stand and that he has been working hard in preparation for his comeback.

As context, the CFL maintains an archaic and restrictive rule, whereby their teams can claim an amateur players’ rights, and essentially hold those rights into perpetuity, without any consideration or compensation for the player. The Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the CFL claimed Johnny’s rights when he was a freshman at Texas A&M, and have continued to hold them for over 6 years.

Johnny and I have done our due diligence on the League and team, which has included visiting Hamilton, meeting with CEO Scott Mitchell, as well as multiple meetings and working out for Coach June Jones. All of these interactions have been very positive and served to reinforce Johnny’s excitement for coming out to play for the Tiger-Cats. Johnny was pleased to have the opportunity to talk ball with Coach Jones, who has publicly shared his belief that Johnny would be a good fit for the team he’s trying to field.

As Hamilton has announced, and per the aforementioned restrictive rule requirements, they sent us a place-holder contract in order to maintain Johnny’s rights and allow us adequate time to negotiate a deal. During our diligence process and at my request, Hamilton also graciously gave me permission to discuss potential trade options with at least one other club. Johnny and I met with those executives in Texas to discuss their organization and thoughts on Johnny’s market and value around the CFL. However, due to Johnny’s strong relationship with Coach Jones and Hamilton executive Kent Austin, we’ve made the decision to deal exclusively with Hamilton and give them until January 31st to work out a fair deal to make him their Quarterback. So that there will not be any ambiguity in regards to financial expectations, and so the public understands how seriously Johnny is considering this move, I will tell you that we believe ‘fair deal’ means on par with what Hamilton has paid their QB in recent years, despite not having much on-field success. If we cannot reach a deal with Hamilton by this date, we will turn our focus to several other professional options readily available to us.”


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  1. So he wants about what $350K?

    • He wants the Collaros deal. I say bye bye.

      • Sea of Dead // January 8, 2018 at 7:38 pm //

        Johnny’s agent is aware that KA gave ‘damaged goods’ Collaros a ridiculous 500K$ contract and figures he can get the same deal for ‘unproven’ JM. Figures he’s dealing with dumb/desperate management in the Hammer and can ask for the moon (Perhaps he is … It worked before. why not again).

        I’d pull the current offer and put the ‘rookie’ contract that Collaros signed when he came into the league with the Argos on the table and see how they like that. And if they keep rejecting the first offer, make JM sit for a season before trading his rights away to another club of their choice before they lose him.

    • Trent Richardson // January 9, 2018 at 3:36 am //

      June Jones has said he’d be the best player to ever play in the CFL. Pay the man like he is then. LOL!

      Johnny Headcase has sunk so low that only an absolutely clueless agent would take him on. Too bad the CFL is sinking to his level by feeding the troll.

  2. ivan Diablo // January 8, 2018 at 6:39 pm //

    sure as hell seems it was about $

  3. It’s not like Vince Young. He’ll want what Collaros made, but Ti-Cats won’t offer that. I agree with the above and it’ll come in around $350 + incentives. Sounds like they’re focused on the return. Can’t wait.

  4. Another team met him in Texas??. That has to be Chris Jones!!

    • doobzacheria // January 8, 2018 at 8:11 pm //

      Why must it be Chris Jones? Because he’s from South Pittsburg, Tennessee? 700 miles away from Johnny?

    • 3rd and 1 // January 12, 2018 at 9:50 am //

      Mr Lover… Have you been watching or listening to the CFL the last Month? Why the hell would Chris Jones be involved? Wake up, pay attention, look, listen before you embarrass yourself again.
      Montreal has no QB. Durant will not be their starter. Montreal had and continue to have ideas of getting Johnny on a trade. Chris Jones helped bring Collaros into the league. Zack is healthy again and Jones has his QB. Or did you miss that trade too.
      Sometime people say crap to start something. While other comments show how uninformed and dumb someone can be. I would suggest your comment is the later

  5. Your name doesn’t mean shit here. First you prove you belong, then you get paid.

  6. so he has already shopped himself around the league, determined there is little interest elsewhere, and would like to deal with us exclusively, on terms defined via twitter. He’ll be great fun in the locker room. Unreal, yet true to form.

  7. JM, if you got other options, go for it. You are only doing this as a stepping stone. Therefore you don’t care about the game, just yourself. You are proving that the ‘cancer’ talkers are right.
    Newsflash Buddy, your Poop Does Stink Too!

  8. I’d let him for on the neg list for the year. He’s done nothing to prove he’s worth it. I’m 100% comfortable with masoli as our QB.

  9. I’d let him rot on the neg list for the year. He’s done nothing to prove he’s worth it. I’m 100% comfortable with masoli as our QB.

    • doobzacheria // January 8, 2018 at 8:19 pm //

      I’d agree, but the problem with this is he takes up a spot on the Cat’s neg list. Seems wasteful if he actually expects to instantly come to the CFL and be the highest paid player, and starting QB without taking a snap in Canada. Let Hamilton’s management do their jobs and determine if there is any opportunity here. Hopefully they should do what’s best for the team.

  10. Build all kinds of incentives and bonuses into his contract. Johnny has to proove himself and can’t just be handed money that ties too much of one salary into too high a hit on the salary cap. If he wants Collaros money then lock him down for four years not two years. Ticats have to make a decision here quickly as this could cost us signing some of our own free agents before they become free agents.

  11. Yea Johnny just wants to play ball. Johnny doesn’t need the money. Yea well that sounds like it was all crap. It is all about money with Manziel, he hasn’t even proved he can excel at the CFL level yet. And he and his agent are now putting another delayed deadline, (JANUARY 31st) to have Ti-Cats offer a “fair” offer, doesn’t sound like he’s changed any, his net worth is supposed to be 4 million in 2017. Hamilton just dumped Collaro’s huge salary drain, and just signed Masoli and Banks, IS there going to be any room in the Ti-Cat cap just to accommodate an unproven commodity? Where Hamilton could sign other key FA’s. Doesn’t sound like Johnny Football and his high regard greedy agent have changed. It could be good for the Ti-Cats and the CFL, but is bit really worth all drama that comes with it?

  12. solara2000 // January 8, 2018 at 7:06 pm //

    No big deal. Just negotiations although his lawyer did introduce an element that I wondered when it would be challenged and that is the ability of a CFL club to effectively sideline a player on its ‘protected list’ from playing football for a year as long as it offers him a ‘place-holder’ contract. I wonder when the ability to ‘protect’ free agents outside of a draft process will be officially challenged (and/or whether it already has been in the 21st century).

  13. BYW if he challenges the Neg List in court it will be struck down as illegal.

  14. Blue Rules // January 8, 2018 at 7:11 pm //

    Good riddance to bad rubbish!!!!!

  15. dangnabbit // January 8, 2018 at 7:18 pm //

    This agent seems like a dirtbag. He begins by publicly attacking the league over the “archaic and restrictive” negotiation list. Then – despite the fact that Manziel isn’t a free agent, and Hamilton’s permission to discuss trade options was essentially a good-faith gesture – he goes on about talking with other teams. “Kiss and tell” at its finest.

    At the end, the agent comes out publicly with an ultimatum for “what Hamilton has paid their QB in recent years.” Collaros was the highest-paid player in the league last year, but this agent pretends such a demand is evidence of Manziel being reasonable and serious. And somehow he thinks it’s his prerogative to set the deadline for the contract to be finalised? Manziel is still on the negotiation list, so if push comes to shove he’ll be unemployed this season as no other team is allowed to sign him.

    For a player whose lack of humility has been a concern for a while now, this isn’t a good way to break the silence.

    • Well said! Might be a “scare tactic” to see if they can get a better offer but if they don’t want to understand what “reasonable and fair” is in the CFL for an unproven player like Johnny (to say nothing of his bad rep and record) then Johnny can sit out for another year. I doubt he gets a better offer elsewhere!

  16. Dundas dude // January 8, 2018 at 7:25 pm //

    Sounds like he wants what Collaros made, which is steep for a guy who has never called a down in the CFL. These are negotiations. Sounds very promising, but we don’t want to pay too much for a guy who will be Masoli’s back up in 2018. TiCat management know what they’re doing, we have to trust them to make the right decisions.

  17. Did the Hamilton management expect anything different from Manziel , look how Austin and his pros have handled everything else , – Happy boy Fantuz

    Manziel = $500,000 . Hey Mike , Manziel isn’t worth it , build on what you got now

  18. Matt Harvey // January 8, 2018 at 7:29 pm //

    Dump this fool now. How dare he demand a proven QB’s money! I’m tired of the Ticats being the laughing stock of the league.Cut ties now! GO Masoli Go!

  19. Who are you people. He is an agent trying to get Johnny the best deal. That is what negotiations are all about. We don’t have any say in those negotiations. You can spout off all you want it is the Hamilton football club that is now on the clock.

    Let’s take an American college player selected by an nfl team. What has he proved to be worthy of the mega dollars that are set in the NFL. They select and pay on potential and talent. It should be the same here.

    Let’s see what Hamilton does. Again they are on the clock.

    • Sea of Dead // January 8, 2018 at 8:01 pm //

      Based on your reasoning: No NFL offers for a few years now = low potential and virtually no regard for JM’s talent, so the Cats should get him relatively cheap, nes pas? The clock is apparently back in Johnny’s corner once again. Better take the offer before your ‘best before date’ kicks in, Johnny!

  20. League should limit the time a team can HOLD HOSTAGE a player on a neg list to say the time the season ends to say the start of mini camps that leads into the main training camp. If they can’t do a deal in that time span let the guy go or trade his rights with the acquiring team still on the same schedule to sign him. Gotta understand his agent is paid to get the MAX for his client. I do agree that a contract at 250K with incentives to maybe double it depending on him starting and racking up tip top #s and wins would be fair. Collaros type money no way until we see the proof in the podding per say.

  21. Harry Bradshaw // January 8, 2018 at 7:47 pm //

    Ok so offer him $350k and tell him he can have another $100k IF the ‘Cats make the playoffs and another $100k IF they WIN they Grey Cup. They’re called incentives boy if you want the doh ray me you gotta EARN it. If that ain’t agreeable then feel free to peddle your talents elsewhere. Is NFL Europe still in operation? Or the Arena League? Sitting there and whining about a rule that’s been on the books since Christ wore puttees isn’t going to change a thing.

  22. Manziels agent based on the offer which was not satisfactory has told everyone their position. It was a good move by his agent otherwise Hamilton could delay and never come to agreement for a full year. I would want that if I was Manziel. So the deadline speeds things up for everyone including all you negative people. Remember Hamilton can say no and and everyone moves

  23. Doug Penner // January 8, 2018 at 8:01 pm //

    Hey done. Dude. Are you high? Hamilton staff knows what they’re doing? That remains to be seen. This is turning into another Fiasco. Walk away. Just walk away

  24. Doug Penner // January 8, 2018 at 8:02 pm //

    Sp.Dundas Dude

  25. So do you still want this fooking twot in the CFL?

  26. No way the Cat’s offer him anywhere near 350k. Masoli is the QB and Manziel would have to prove himself. He’s probably been offered 150k or so ….he’ll definitely be traded or he won’t be playing this year.

  27. Billinburlington // January 8, 2018 at 8:22 pm //

    First, the Cats did some negotiating with Manziel through the press by suggesting he would be the greatest QB ever. Now Manziel’s agent is negotiating through the press by asking for $$$$ equal to what the greatest QB in history would get. The Ticats have officially done themselves in.

    Ticats – Dump this loser ASAP, tuck your tale between your legs and slink away in embarrassment. Beyond Time to move on. Nothing to rubber neck at amidst this sad accident scene.

  28. Tiger Chick // January 8, 2018 at 8:33 pm //

    Surprise surprise. Let the guy go ASAP and lets move on with our year. Its clear that Manziel thinks he is better than he is, doesn’t know the CFL for Jack. I could go on but my comments would be moderated. This whole deal infuriates me. No neg list, no chance with the ticats, trade him, give him away do what you need to do.


  29. Collaros mentored under Ricky Ray for 2-3 years….carrying a clipboard….then went to Hamilton, THEN got a bigger cheque….I’m from the US and work in entertainment….clearly JM and agent are dumb ass, arrogant Americans….and you can bet the Wettenhals in Montreal are happy to pay the 500 k ….JM’s agent is mad he can’t jump to Montreal

  30. Well, negotiations are negotiations but the gap here is hundreds of thousands of dollars….that is unless the cats operate under a higher salary cap then every other team in the league. He wants Collaros type money while the Cats can offer $150,000 at best if they want to sign enough good players to field a team. So barring a miracle, Manziel won’t be in black and gold this year. The cats will make a reasonable offer and move forward with their free agent needs, knowing that they own JMs rights forever…..or at least until he and his agent threaten to take the neg list thing to court…….CFL won’t want to go there and the cats will be quietly pursuaded to trade his rights, which by the way will likely yield a ver handsome return. Everyone will be happy! In the meantime, this is a big distraction the cats don’t need……not to mention that Jeremiah will be wat Hong all this very closely. Good luck!

  31. “…several other professional options readily available to us.”

    Wait until Vince McMahon brings back the Memphis Maniax. You are MADE for that league.

  32. Let the negotiations unfold. Hope they did t pay too much for mazoli. And left money to negotiate with manziel’s agent.

  33. I presume Hamilton would not want Manziel in Montreal as they would pay the money. This is why agent is pushing the envelope. When June Jones comes out with J Masoli will be the best quarterback to play in cfl then you can pay him top dollar until then he should not be making more than 250.

  34. And if the Hamilton makes a deal at significant money you think Manziel is sitting on the bench. They would only do that deal knowing he will based on his talent and capabilities pick up cfl game in spring training

  35. the agents statement is fair and reasonable. The CFL has been around since 1958 and has been passed up by the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, and lately MLS. The neg list and the ratio are archaic and restrctive. The other five leagues are successfull and dont do these things. The CFL needs to look itself in the mirror if it wants to be successfull like the other 5 leagues and become a modern leagye like the other 5.

    • You can’t compare the CFL to those other league, apples and Oranges. You are comparing the CFL a league in Canada to ones mostly or solely in the USA. There are as many or more people living in California (39mil) as the entire population of Canada (35mil). Take into account corporate sponsorship in those leagues and the fact those leagues spend more on toilet paper than the CFL cap is. Like expressed in other articles if the neg list didn’t exist that would open up bidding wars on player which could end the league entirely.

      • ok Garney let me add in the English Premier League in England whose 50 M or so is only a bit larger than Canada. Only 30% English players. Top Football league of any code, highest salarys, biggest TV contract, richest vpclub (Man U), most watchec league worldwide. Rather small country compared to USA, China, Russia, India

  36. Doug Flutie came to the bc lions or in 1990 and signed a two year deal worth 350,000 per season. So he was in the same position as Johnny Manziel. The dollars flutie received translate over 500,000 in today’s dollars plus. Doug Flutie was Good in college and so was Manziel. So all the negative chat about paying someone top dollar when they haven’t even played in cfl goes out the window as flutie based on potenti talent was signed. No difference for Manziel. Manziel is more exciting than flutie. So all the crap about he didn’t even play up Here in the Cfl is ridiculous.

    • good info john. need to find that inflation calculator. Flutie also could not go back to the NFL as he crossed picket lines. Fluties First few years at Patriots were not much better than Manziel at Browns.

    • Flutie did not bring baggage with him. He was respected.

  37. It’s surprising Manziel wants a CFL Superstar QB salary “despite not having much on-field success?”

    What do we know so far? The Ticats allowed Manziel to talk trade and negotiate a salary with “at least one other CFL team”. Subsequently Manziel’s agent decided to grant the Ticats exclusive negotiating rights until Jan. 31st.

    Obviously the contract offered Manziel from the “other” CFL team wasn’t in the superstar category either or they’d be trying to negotiate a trade right now.

    He and his agent will soon realize they won’t be offered over $200k in the first season and he’ll have to beat out other QB’s who’ve played in the league for years for the opportunity to play.

    If I was Johnny I’d request the biggest signing bonus possible, because that’s all the money he’ll ever see in the CFL.

  38. found a site that put a 1.35 increase from 2000 to present. That puts fluties deal at 475 k and that was in 1990 … so yea Manziel is asking for Flutie money with a similar resume.

    • ivan Diablo // January 8, 2018 at 11:22 pm //

      but fluties wasn’t a partyer and boozer and druggie

    • dangnabbit // January 9, 2018 at 1:32 am //

      And Rocket Ismail made 4.5 million a season – but both he and Flutie were exempt from the salary cap as “marquee players”. That loophole no longer exists since the renegotiation of 2007, so examples from before that date don’t make for a good comparison.

  39. They’re just negotiations people, please don’t read too much into them. The Agents comments and supposed talks with other teams should not reflect a thing on Johnny. He just wants to play ball. The Agents job is to try getting him the best contract possible, because in the end, he wants that 5% he makes on the deal to be a payday for him too.

    As far as his play goes, he was one of the few exciting elements on a very bad Browns team, and was great in college. He has been away from the game for some time, but he should excel in June Jones offense.

    • ivan Diablo // January 9, 2018 at 3:26 am //

      negotiations are one thing
      pissing off ownership is entirely something else

      i understand he is working hard for his commission

    • Last 6 Browns games he was a decent NFL QB. the off field antics got him canned

  40. Tie the can to this loser and his arrogant agent.
    We don’t need the sideshow.Get what you can for his rights, and let the wind blow him away.

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