Redblacks QB Trevor Harris added to six-game injured list

The Ottawa Redblacks will add quarterback Trevor Harris to the six-game injury list after he suffered a right shoulder sprain over the weekend.

General manager Marcel Desjardins says it’s too early to say when Harris might be able to return, but he doesn’t think he’ll miss the rest of the season.

Harris suffered a second-degree sprain in a 26-22 loss to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats on Saturday night. He took a big hit from Ticats defensive lineman Davon Coleman that forced him from the game.

Harris entered the game against Hamilton leading the CFL in passing yards (3,531), (435) attempts, (309) completions and 22 touchdown passes. He also topped the league with seven fumbles before Week 12 action.

The Redblacks plan to give veteran pivot Drew Tate the start this Sunday in Montreal.

It will be his first start in three years.

Ottawa leads the East Division standings with a 4-7-1 record.



12 Comments on Redblacks QB Trevor Harris added to six-game injured list

  1. In one crtical game against this same Ottawa team we lost our backup, Jeff Mathews because of a dirty hit late in the game. We played the eastern final in Ottawa with our third string quarterback and almost beat their starter.

    For the past few years, the RB’s have benefitted from the other teams in the east not having healthy starters, or in Montreal’s case none at all.

    Now, they don’t have theirs!!

    Karma can be a wonderful thing.

    • If you see Harris’ injury as payback…you need your head examined.

      • What does this have to do with Harris’s injury?
        I don’t get it.
        Harris was injured in a hard take down. It happens and you hate to see it.
        But that’s why teams have backups, the are expected to perform.
        At least you don’t hear Ottawa fans crying like Ticat fans in 2015/16 “Zach would have been the MOP” or “if Zach was playing we would’ve taken 1st” “wait til Zach comes back”
        Give it a rest

        • i loved it what a hit,he will be lucky to come back at all this year ,Coleman the quarterback destroyer just smokin everyone put in front of him ,sounds like your the crybaby so quit making crap up cause you lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • You’re the same fool who tried to blame Austin for EVERY SINGLE THING that went wrong with the Tiger cats…

        I don’t expect you to have ANY kind of perspective.

        You might try to get your head straightened.

    • Selective memory. Burris was injured in game *ONE* last year. Harris was hurt also, leading Brock Jensen to play all but one drive in Saskatchewan. Harris came back prematurely from his injury and had to be sat down longer.

      The difference is that instead of whining about it, Ottawa pulled it together when it mattered and won a championship. You, meanwhile, are still making excuses for 2015.

      • It was easy for Ottawa to pull it together when you have two starters in your lineup…most other teams in the east then didn’t even have one….

  2. Bill deHoog // September 12, 2017 at 12:46 pm //

    Not much sympathy there. No mention that injury could of been avoided but Coleman slammed Harris to the turf. Could of easily let up after the hit and not drive him into the ground. Did the same with Jennings…is there a pattern developing?

    • Red&White Forever // September 12, 2017 at 1:05 pm //

      No offense intended, but it bugs me when people say that. There is no “letting up” in football. Especially for a back up, or someone trying to make the team. If he lets up, he loses his job. It’s too bad about Harris getting hurt, but that’s football. Next man up time. This is why Ottawa got Tate in the offseason, hopefully the same issues he had in Calgary don’t dig him in Ottawa. Good QB, but injury issues and inconsistent play cost him his starter job as a Stampeder.

    • yeah its called football,how do you think Colloras was hurt with a concussion he was literally picked off the ground and slammed ,so if ya want to give it ya better be able to take it ,Colemans hits were clean so take your fake news some where else

    • Yeah…players get hurt playing Hamilton..we are all too aware of this….

      And what if Coleman let up and Harris got away from him…he`d get chewed by his coaches on the sidelines after the play…too many of those and he`d be benched or released…

  3. It’s a tradeoff. Coleman wraps up really well on his tackles, which has both positive and negative implications for player safety. On the one hand, it means the tackled player hits the ground with less speed since the momentum is spread across two players, unlike the “knock him over” approach where all the momentum is transferred to the player on the receiving end. On the other hand, it means that, especially when the tackler is on top, that there’s more weight involved – here Harris’s shoulder got crushed beneath the combined weight of Harris and Coleman.

    Analogously, would you rather get in a crashed into by a dump truck going 80 km/h or a racing motorcycle going 300 km/h?

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