Former Ticats DC Jeff Reinebold says he’s ‘headed home’

It doesn’t look as if Jeff Reinebold will be staying with the Ticats.

The team replaced the defensive coordinator with linebackers coach Phillip Lolley on Monday but CEO Scott Mitchell indicated that the team had offered Reinebold another position within the organization.

But an Instagram post from Reinebold Monday night indicates the 59-year-old is headed back to Hawaii, where he spends part of the off-season.

Reinebold had been with vice president of football operations and head coach Kent Austin since he arrived in Hamilton before the 2013 season.

Drew Edwards

Drew Edwards

Drew Edwards is into his eighth season covering the CFL and the Ticats for the Hamilton Spectator. He is the founder and editor of 3DownNation.
Drew Edwards
Drew Edwards
About Drew Edwards (1397 Articles)
Drew Edwards is into his eighth season covering the CFL and the Ticats for the Hamilton Spectator. He is the founder and editor of 3DownNation.

34 Comments on Former Ticats DC Jeff Reinebold says he’s ‘headed home’

  1. Is there any other business that eats ’em up and spits the out like football? Broken knees and broken hearts. Hope that he gets in some quality surfing and lands on his feet.

    • All sports are like this. When a team is on a losing streak, it’s always the fault of the coaches and never the players. The office needs to look to the field itself and not just those on the sidelines. If the players aren’t producing, it’s not always the fault of the coaches.

  2. Hey Reinhold – why not stay in Hamilton , face the music and witness what you built in a defence during the off season

    CFL – should build in their teams contracts (a loss of pay for – no creditably)

  3. Beth Dalley // August 8, 2017 at 9:23 am //

    Jeff is a nice guy but i wish him well

  4. Sea of Dead // August 8, 2017 at 10:00 am //

    And so it is now complete … The former OC,DCs,and STC have all left Austin to sit in the mess of his own making. As it should be.

    All we need now is for Caretaker Bob to punt Mitchell and have his replacement rid us of the Austin ‘bluff’ forever .

    • Only Condell left for reasons that might be related to working with Austin. Reinbold appears to have been let go and Steinauer left for opportunity.

      • Sea of Dead // August 8, 2017 at 7:24 pm //

        Sure they did. Keep believing that bud and that Austin is going to bring the Cats glory, just another slow start.

  5. IMAN ICE HORSIE // August 8, 2017 at 10:33 am //

    I love Waikiki beach!

    • Prefer Maui or Kona on the Big Island.

      Too bad, I didn’t think he was the problem. I would’ve fired the offensive co-ordinator first

  6. Some Tuesday morning post-coffee thoughts about the Tiger-Cats after the weekend shake-up:
    June Jones and Phillip Lolley are both in their 60’s and close to the end of their football careers. That doesn’t mean they can’t do their jobs well. But it sure doesn’t auger well for the future of this team. It needs more smart new young coaches like Orlondo. Dennis McPhee looks promising. Stefan Ptaszek is still an unknown like Grant,Fields, Stanley and Markuson. Why didn’t Austin promote from within for his Assistant HC job? Are they all unqualified? Any good manager needs to make sure new talent with potential is developed for the future. So here we are again. For the umpteenth time the Tiger-Cats are re-building and trying desperately now to salvage this 0-6 season. These Band-Aids that are being applied by Austin might help us limp into 3rd place in the East at best.But then what happens? Will Austin still be running everything again next season? And the season after that?
    It was wrong to have given Austin so much control of the team. The danger signs have been around since last season. 17 losses since last July. Waiting for some miracle to happen by Grey Cup time is futile. Mitchell needs to step in and plan for the future starting now.

    • The flip side is they promoted from within for DC.

      It wouldn’t surprise me if this was done this way to have outside eyes looking at everything.

  7. Just like any phase of the team the defense is failing for various reasons. Players not playing to potential or are not good enough, the defensive system is not right based on the amount of points being given up or the coaching is inadequate. If the current trend continues it could be any of those situations. Last 12 games of the season will tell the story. Hey send my paycheck to Hawaii and day of the week. Jeff deserves the R&R.

  8. Let’s wait and see how it all plays out before kicking Austin to the curb.

    The biggest thing plaguing his assessment of talent, I think, is his loyalty. He allows it to cloud his football IQ.

    And secondly, much like the Habs’ Bergevin, KA has the player’s character as the number one look-for, and thus some really talented players get released and/or never offered a contact. I get why both men appear to do this, however, I’d like to see a few more “problem child” players signed as individual challenges for each of the team’s coaches.

    Just my take…

  9. While It’s sad to see Mr. Rienebold leave, I can understand why he left us. Our defense was horrible under his tutelage, but one cannot make a gold brick out of a lump of lead. How much say did he have in building this defence? If Austin’s my way or the highway approach to the offense, who is to say if the same thing didn’t happen on the other side of the ball. Reinebold was a pretty damn good special teams man, it’s a shame, in hindsight they didn’t leave him in charge of special teams instead of setting him up to fail on defense.

  10. Talked about this with Some others weeks, ago, Jeff would be the First to go.If the slide continued. Don’t ask me why.

    • Conan the Librarian // August 8, 2017 at 1:01 pm //

      Maybe because the 6 opposition QBs we’ve played against so far this year have put up career numbers against this d? Plus, our best defensive players, eg Lawrence, Chick, Laurent, Stephen have been invisible. Sheesh, it’s really not a mystery!

  11. Doug Penner // August 8, 2017 at 12:06 pm //

    I agree with your comments Nanaman.
    It’s hard to fault a man for his propensity to be loyal to colleagues and players. It’s hard to fault a man for his propensity to fill his team roster with players whose overwhelming #1 attribute is that they have good character (and we’ll hopefully develop their talent).
    But in Kent Austin’s case, you can. It’s been the fly in the ointment…the elephant in the room…no one wants to call him on it, but it’s showing up now in the results on the field, and he seems dumbfounded by why they can’t win. Compound this with Hamilton having one of the nicest-guy owners you’ll ever meet, who’d rather tell a joke to cheer people up than get mad with a 59 point deficit loss…a locker room who may be being reinforced with the idea, hey we are all quality men of character IN here so why can’t we get the job done OUT there??
    Sometimes Character alone over Ability is just not gonna do it for ya…Dont get me wrong, I personally value a person’s character with high regard, and these guys reflect that in their community involvement (Chick, Tracey, Tasker, Collaros,the list goes on), but you’ve GOT to find the talent (Coaches & Players) as well to keep up with everbody else in this league.
    2 years ago, IT WAS OVER BY THE 2ND QUARTER!!! We dominated teams and we fans got used to it. ‍♂️
    Now it’s over by the 2nd quarter toward the WRONG END OF THE SCALE!!!
    Kent, Scott, and Bob…
    You need to make decisions that will make this a winning football franchise. Those decisions won’t always be “feel-good” decisions. But they still need to be made. And it’s OKAY to make them. Besides that, it’s no one else’s responsibility to make them. Its your job to make them. The fans want to win.

  12. Amicus

    3 time champ – I think so !

  13. Bring back obey to rebuild this team he was on his way when Austin took over and everything has went for a shit since …good luck Mr rienebold you were destined to fail under Austin!

    • Conan the Librarian // August 8, 2017 at 1:04 pm //

      Yeah, except Obie never got us to a Grey Cup. Austin got us there twice in a row.

  14. Wow…
    I like Reinbold… He seemed like a real good person. But he wasn’t getting it done as DC. And unless I wanted to see the team give up points like it was a b-ball game, he had to be released. Making Ray, Lulay, Glenn et al. into first rate NFLers was the biggest issue facing the team.

    I’m guessing he thought he was ready to be DC and willingly gave up the role as Special Teams Coach, and if so, he had to get his players to perform.
    And if felt the job was too big, he should’ve not accepted the position.

    Wish him only the best moving forward…

  15. Solara2000 // August 8, 2017 at 1:07 pm //

    Glad to see JR continuing to do it his way. An authentic guy. Believe he will land on his feet.
    Ton of experience, knowledge and contacts.
    Best wishes.

  16. Since Jeff R left his Special Teams role, the Cats have looked anything but Special.

    Give him that role and get the Cats rolling again there.

    He’s a good coach and I doubt it’s his fault the D is not doing its job when the O sucks and they can’t get a breather.

  17. The defense has not been good but neither has the offense. Yet Collaros gets leeway because the O-line is suspect. Maybe the defense is bad because the offense is so crappy and they’re on the field all the time. No utilizing a running game to eat up time and give the D a chance to breathe. A QB under duress that doesn’t have the legs to escape nor the arm to get rid of quickly & accurately. If Kent is not confident in Masoli’s abilities, time to get another backup. Continuing to play and pay this so-called starter is akin to trying to lose to get the top draft pick. But Linden Gaydosh sure was a bust… this team needs much more than a change of DC… the sooner the better.

  18. OttawaHamiCatsFan // August 8, 2017 at 2:48 pm //

    I wish Jeff Reinbold all the best. Unfortunately did not work out as dc but he was one of the best special teams coordinators. The issues of the defence are not solely to do with Jeff Reinbold as I feel that the talent recruitment for the cats has been failing for a few seasons now. The GM and the scouting department needs a serious look at because I believe that while the team has talent that they are only the ninth most talented team in the league. That is not on the coaches but on Tillman, scouting, and Kent Austin.

  19. Mahalo Mr. Reinbold..all the best.

  20. It’s a shame that when a team doesn’t come together and collect wins, the coach is always the one to blame. Maybe tptb should be looking to the players and how they gel. I’m sure the coaches push for everything they can get from a player. If the player isn’t producing, maybe they should be the one going.

  21. Way to go Kent….fire the dc. This team has suffered for several years with a high school offensive line and a marginal defence. No effective off season changes. And the head coach takes no blame!! Fans are tired Kent.

  22. I’m with Nanaman.
    Really gonna miss you Jeff.
    You were a really special special teams coach.
    And great to have on staff
    Been to Hawaii and it’s perfect for what you are looking for.

  23. CFLs Best since 1990 // August 8, 2017 at 7:39 pm //

    As a Stamps fan, I enjoyed the 60-1 blowout, and the subsequent near comeback the Cats had against Edmonton. If the last-play ball that hit that receiver’s hands in the end zone stayed with him, Cats upset the unbeaten Esks.

    All that being said… Cats’ secondary looked like they had no clue. Esk receivers were wide open, and thats when they were rushing 3! That Hamilton secondary was atrocious; they didn’t know where tthey were supposed to be. JR may be a cool guy with special teams skills, but as the DC, he fully deserved his walking papers. I have no trouble predicting the Ti-Cats will be more competitive going forward.

  24. This is the worst D in years. JR appears to struggle mightily with game planning to his team’s strengths. Just awful. Several university and even some high school DC’s could have done the job that JR did. Again, he seems like a quality man but the job he did was god awful and he deserves to be fired, it is pro football after all. The Ti Cats talent is not that far behind. They will win a few this season.

  25. onemoredork // August 11, 2017 at 6:27 am //

    Good move. Take the money and hit the beach.

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