Ticats veteran DB Dominique Ellis among cuts (& five other thoughts)

The Ticats announced their cuts Sunday and the most notable name is probably veteran defensive back Dominque Ellis.

A three-year veteran, Ellis played in all 18 games last season and made 13 starts. Coming into training camp, he was thought to be a candidate for the vacant strong-side linebacker position but that spot will be likely be manned by newcomer Will Hill.

Ellis could see it coming, via this tweet from last week…

Other interesting notes:

1. with Alex Green released, Ross Scheuerman will be the back up running back behind C.J. Gable.

2. the release of four American offensive tackles means that, at least for now, there are no back ups behind Xavier Fulton and Jordan Swindle. That’s going to make getting through practice tough, nevermind the risk of injury. I would expect the team to bring in at least one guy, either cuts from other teams or a neg list player…

3. Jalen Saunders looked great early in camp before getting hurt and Damarr Aultman looked good late in camp. Both were added to the practice roster.

4. quarterback Cody Keith was released, meaning the team has Zach Collaros, Jeremiah Masoli, Logan Kilgore and Everett Golson (who’s likely headed to the injured list) on the roster. Wouldn’t surprise me to see them to take a run at Mitch Gale, who was released by Calgary today. He was in Hamilton briefly in 2015 and played with Collaros in Toronto.

5. Kay Okafor has been added to the practice roster and is now listed as an offensive lineman after being drafted as a defensive lineman out of St. FX in the 2017 CFL Draft. Ticats head coach Kent Austin talked about moving him to offence when they drafted him – he’s super athletic but very raw – and that looks to be happening.

Here’s the full list:

INT – DB – V’Angelo Bentley
INT – WR – Devon Breaux
INT – OL – Malcolm Bunche
INT – WR – Gary Chambers
INT – DB – Dominique Ellis
INT – P/K – Anthony Fera
INT – RB – Alex Green
INT – DB – Jabari Gorman
INT – QB – Cody Keith
INT – WR – Jay Lee
INT – DB – Travis Lee
INT – DB – Keith Lewis
INT – DT – Claudell Louis
INT – DE – Tyriq McCord
INT – DE – Ryan Mueller
INT – DB – Cheatham Norrils
INT – OL – Kona Schwenke
INT – DB – Solomon St. Pierre
INT – LB – Matt Wells
INT – OL – Palmer White
INT – OL – Torian White
NAT – LB – Corey Williams
INT – DB – Khalid Wooten

 The following seven players have been added to the practice roster:

INT – WR – Damarr Aultman
INT – OL – Brett Golding
INT – DT – Jason Neill
INT – OL – Kay Okafor
INT – WR – Jalen Saunders
NAT – WR – Jacob Scarfone
NAT – RB – Sean Thomas-Erlington

The following player has been added to the suspended list:
INT – DB – Ethan Davis

Drew Edwards

Drew Edwards

Drew Edwards is into his eighth season covering the CFL and the Ticats for the Hamilton Spectator. He is the founder and editor of 3DownNation.
Drew Edwards
Drew Edwards
About Drew Edwards (1397 Articles)
Drew Edwards is into his eighth season covering the CFL and the Ticats for the Hamilton Spectator. He is the founder and editor of 3DownNation.

21 Comments on Ticats veteran DB Dominique Ellis among cuts (& five other thoughts)

  1. manny oliveira // June 17, 2017 at 10:25 pm //

    I’m sure Austin and staff have plan B for Oline, you just can’t go with no backups, big Pete sure would help now! gotta keep Collaros up right if we hope to make noise this year! Go Cats Go!!

  2. I was a surprised at the number of OL players released given the need for backups to the starters but if they weren’t up to snuff then no sense keeping them. Collaros is being paid well (not complaining here) to be our star QB so keeping him healthy has to be a priority and finding the best OL players to help is essential. Too bad Olsen and Girard decided to call it a career. Most cuts weren’t a surprise though aside from maybe Ellis but if Hill is better, then he’s going to get the nod at SAM. I’m hoping that they’ve found another “Swiss army knife” like Erik Harris!

    • The O-line has been a weak point for the past couple of years. Austin still hasn’t gotten to protecting his QB. This may be a long season.

  3. Only 8 sleeps to go for Ti-Cats game 1 in Toronto!

  4. No player who is released ever thinks he’s been given a fair shake. It’s always politics or some kind of conspiracy, rather than coaches believing another player is better and deserves the spot more. Our secondary was, after all, pretty weak last year.

    • S McBride (TFMCB ) // June 18, 2017 at 7:20 am //

      True and Ellis has been released two years in a row now by 2 different teams. That should send a message and make him think.

    • Pussycats // June 18, 2017 at 11:01 am //

      Ellis was bitter after his release by the Als and projected the same a few days ago prior to his release by the Cats. I was surprised that he started as many games as he did in 2016 considering his slow foot speed and propensity for missed tackles… but then again, the Cat DB pool was extremely weak last season.

  5. There is certainly a plan in mind – Austin always seems to have a plan in mind like the guy on the A-team but Austin’s don’t always work out as well.

  6. i would like to see ticats pick up a canadian offensive lineman from another team’s cuts. or in trade. everton williams has had two seasons plus to develop and it hasn’t happened. check out who blew the block that got quarterback matt johnson injured (and likely his career ended) in ottawa. he got rag-dolled by lattanzio.
    imagine if it had been zach? or jeremiah?
    time to go another way …

  7. Ellis hasn’t made a big play on defence since he got here. Will Hill is the reinvent of Lamar McGriggs. He will become a fan favourite quickly. I see the Cats bringing in Terrence Campbell for the backup tackle spot – been here before and knows the playbook.

  8. Jeremy Lewis is out there too for OT.

  9. Jovon Johnson got released by Montreal. If he has anything left in the tank, he’d be a good pick-up if there any questions in the secondary.

  10. I stopped playing competitive sports in little league, so I have never been fired, demoted or cut. I can’t imagine how much it stings. So tough for these players to retain their composure while having their hearts broken in the full public glare. Most demonstrate tremendous grace and maturity … I don’t think that any of us should be quick to judge those that don’t. For some it will be the end of the line – the end of a life long dream. I hope that they take pride in the knowledge that they made it to the show – and that is more than the rest of us can say.

  11. neil kennington // June 18, 2017 at 12:46 pm //

    Do you think there will be any interest in bringing in Drew Willy as the 3rd string QB?

    • Gawd, I hope not!!! There would be some other cuts around the league at quarterback such as Brian Bennett or Mitchell Gale (not Vince Young) that would be a lot more attractive.

  12. neil kennington // June 18, 2017 at 12:47 pm //

    Do you think there will be any interest in bringing in Drew Willy as 3rd string QB?

    • I can’t imagine why and Gale has already done a stint here so I have my doubts that he’d be invited back either (as suggested in another article).

      • I believe Gale was released because Austin wanted to bring in Jeff Mathews – that ship has sailed and he needs a 3rd string quarterback – would think he would be a stop-gap measure until Golson is healthy.

        • Don’t think so. As I recall, Austin brought in Gale very late in 2015 after Collaros had torn his ACL and Matthews sustained a concussion in the first game against Ottawa at THF. He needed a third string QB behind Masoli who took over the starting role and Harris (now in Montreal). Gale was only here for the final regular season game and the 2 playoff games. Matthews was around the team almost a full season before Gale made an appearance.

  13. i think the riders my pickup ellis he is better than some of the guys they have now

  14. Tiger man // June 19, 2017 at 10:55 am //

    Sometimes it’s not what you do on the field as much as what the coaching staff and GM decide off the field, and like the fans who second guess these moves, the players are not privy to all the conversations and motivations spoken about in the offices.

    Ellis and Anthony Allen, as veterans, should realize this.

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