CFL players overwhelmingly reject most recent financial proposal for shortened 2020 season

Photo courtesy: CFLPA

The Canadian Football League’s players have voted overwhelmingly against the latest financial proposal from the league.

The CFL offered the union pro-rated base salaries of 33 percent for a six-game season. The union membership was surveyed by the CFL Players’ Association, and according to sources over 85 percent of players voted no to the financial aspect.

Committing to self-isolation and quarantine for up to 15 weeks (105 days) was part of the stipulations laid out in the same proposal from the league office. For American players on base salaries, they would take home less than $10,000 USD for approximately three months work. That’s just the compensation component.

Health and safety is top of mind for players travelling and potentially playing amid the COVID-19 pandemic. There would be testing before the players arrive in Winnipeg and immediately afterwards to secure the bubble. However, following the initial rounds, testing would only be done on day six, 13 and for players displaying symptoms, even with most health officials informing the public the coronavirus can spread if people are asymptomatic.

NFL players who could earn millions want coronavirus testing everyday. CFL players making thousands of dollars want to ensure their risk of contracting the virus is mitigated by increased testing.

The financial and medical aspects are the two critical factors for any sort of season to happen in 2020 as the CFL’s self-imposed deadline draws near.

Justin Dunk is a football insider, sports reporter and anchor.