Jason Maas loses his damn mind, draws penalty

Edmonton Eskimos head coach Jason Maas had a meltdown on the sidelines just before halftime of his team’s game against the Calgary Stampeders.

Maas had challenged pass interference late in the half but when referee Dave Foxcroft announced the commands centre’s ruling – no PI – Maas flipped out.

He slammed his headset to the field, then scooped what appeared to be a broken bit from the aforementioned headset, headed back to his team’s bench and threw that too. He then stood on the sidelines looking upset.

Edmonton’s bench was flagged for an objectionable conduct penalty, which is not reviewable.

The Eskimos trail 12-9 at halftime are down one headset.


Drew Edwards

Drew Edwards

Drew Edwards is into his eighth season covering the CFL and the Ticats for the Hamilton Spectator. He is the founder and editor of 3DownNation.
Drew Edwards
Drew Edwards
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Drew Edwards is into his eighth season covering the CFL and the Ticats for the Hamilton Spectator. He is the founder and editor of 3DownNation.

53 Comments on Jason Maas loses his damn mind, draws penalty

  1. Funny. Makes me miss Kent Austin on the sidelines.

  2. white stallion in red // September 9, 2017 at 10:47 pm //

    I feel for him. That wasn’t about the call it was about his overall frustration. He should be winning

    • Winning what? Look at who they’ve beat? And how. This team is all smoke-and-mirrors. Honestly, this is a 4-7 team. 5-6 at best. Without Reilly, 3-8. Loving it.

    • Really? He’s a HC and as such a role model in the league.
      This commisioner will not stand for this, he is going to get fined. He should go hang out with his hot headed friend Ed Hervey on the unemployment line.

    • No…Mass needs to grow up….my children on their worst days didn’t behave nearly this badly….

      He’s an embarrassment to the team and the league.

      The CFL wants families to come to their games and they have adults carrying on this way???!!!!

      • I’m sure you also remember the way he treated Ticat fans when he played in Hamilton, some things never change I guess?

    • White Horse // September 10, 2017 at 11:52 am //

      I know this is a tongue-in-cheek response from you Horsie but Maas is an idiot and the Esks are the most penalized team in the league and their head coach is just another example.

    • Hey at least he didn’t give his own fans the finger like he did when he was our QB Maas sucks! Here’s your finger back that upset my then-8-year-old!
      Looks good on you!

  3. Poor Jason.He behaved as a 2 or 3 year old.Maas should have had his meds from the Eskimo Trainer. He should have been tossed.

  4. That is childish. He is supposed to be the leader on that bench and set the example. How can he whine about the players taking dead ball fouls and hurting themselves when he does that kind of crap? Bit of a hypocrite maybe? Poor leadership at the best. Glad I am not an Eskimo fan.. I’d be embarrassed. Took a penalty AND down a headset that could cause communication problems later in a close game.

    • greenrider89 // September 10, 2017 at 12:59 am //

      Fully agree, Dave. Absolutely childish like a little kid having a meltdown at Walmart. After babyish actions that Jason Maas carried out last year by actually lying about malfunctions with a live headset for TSN viewers against Montreal, then passing the headset to his assistants the following game because of his stubborn actions, I have absolutely no respect for a coach that behaves like a two-year old on the sidelines. We have one fellow above who actually felt sorry for him. I guess it doesn’t really surprise me, but I have absolutely no respect for a coach that embarrasses an organization with tantrums, lies, and being deceitful. Others (as above) talk about the actions of Chris Jones, but here is another CFL coach that doesn’t garner nearly as much attention, but certainly ranks up there with his childish tantrums. If I have two words for Jason Maas, it would be to GROW UP!!!

  5. Just saying // September 9, 2017 at 11:00 pm //

    Jason moss haha, you just gotta laugh.

  6. JoeSchmuck27 // September 9, 2017 at 11:30 pm //

    He should have taken a Snickers.

  7. Yea Jason Maas everything was great when E.E. went 6-0.E.E. have a stacked lineup of talented receivers, sorry a actually DB tried preventing one of your receivers catching a pass, the nerve of them. It’s your fault you made a decision to use your 1 challenge so early, on a really insignificant play at that juncture in the game. To display such an immature, childish, outburst on national T.V. as a coach, who’s suppose to in.Still discipline and be an example for his players. You’ll receive more then the 10 yard penaly, probably a justifiable fine from the League too. You just made yourself look like a complete A-hole. Emotions and frustrations are all a part of the game, but a coach is supposed to be above that kind of behaviour IMHO.

    • Agree with you AP. Maas was one of the coaches forever going on “fishing expeditions” before the change to the challenge rule and has probably instructed his players to try to draw DPI especially near the end zone. It looked like good defensive play to me. In fact it was the RECEIVER who had his arm wrapped around the defender if I remember correctly from what I saw of the replay (missed much of the drama) so if anything OPI should have been called! Maas used his challenge unwisely and then acted like a spoiled child when the CC didn’t see it his way. Totally foolish behaviour all around.

  8. I expect the league will fine him, and he may get to chat a little with Ambrosie about anger-management and professionalism.

  9. Embarrassing.

  10. BleedzGreen // September 10, 2017 at 12:49 am //

    VERY mature.

  11. I do like this guy (as a Stamps fan!) and I really sided with him during the live-mic controversy last year. The first time, I just liked that he was treating football as competition rather than entertainment, which was an attitude I felt was lacking last season. The second time, I thought it was creative to wear the headset, abiding by the letter of the CFL’s law, while subverting it in spirit by letting somebody else do all the playcalling.

    This tantrum? Funny to watch (and thanks for the ten yards, Mr. Maas!), but doesn’t inspire the same respect.

  12. Wonder if he stuck his tongue out like that every time he threw a pass ?

  13. I agree Mr. Nabbit. I sided with him too on the headset issue. I know you have to follow league rules but that was a stupid rule. I fail to see how it adds to the entertainment of the game.
    But today was different. It was just a childish outburst. I really wanted the eskimos to win today to keep first more attainable but that was just embarrassing. Need thought of it but it probably will result in a league fine, as it should. I only watched the 4th Q of the game so cannot comment on the call but that is irrelevant anyway. He needs to show more composure.

    • The call was absolutely correct. The receiver just hogtied the defender trying to draw a flag. Nonsense play. Over-the-top reaction. Should have been ejected because at the time a 10 yard penalty was meaningless.

    • It was a no call Dave – if anything it was O PI. Only thing that may happened was interference earlier in the play ?

      • George Porge // September 10, 2017 at 3:26 pm //

        Perhaps one of the changes we should make to the challenge rules is that the replay official can look for infractions against the challenging team, and if found, can levy that penalty on the play as an alternative (with the side-result that it returns the challenge to the challenging team as well). So in this case, Edmonton would have been called for OPI (better explaining the result of the challenge), but Maas would have kept his challenge flag and his timeout for a future review.

  14. Cfl refs blow // September 10, 2017 at 1:44 am //

    Anyone who thinks the Esks didnt get jobbed by the refs this game either didn’t watch it or doesn’t know the game of football and it’s rules.

    • My team has been jobbed not only by the people impersonating refs, but even by the video replay clowns.

      Yet, it does his team no good by throwing headsets and fuming like a child denied a new toy.

      Did all his added drama change the call??

  15. Total embarrassing for him & his team !!! Go stand in the corner

  16. Maas always was a suck-hole, even as a (low rate) player.

  17. Brought back memories of Bobby Knighy throwing that chair. Ever really liked Jason Maas and lost whatever respect I might’ve had for him. Had to admit I did laugh out loud when he was having his meltdown but would not have wanted my grandkids to see such an embarrassing display. Oh yeah, and if anything, that could’ve been O pass interference. Hope Mike Reilly doesn’t have a concussion…the man is a leader and a warrior and I love to watch him play. Bo peep? Not even in the same class.

  18. Gord Bolstad // September 10, 2017 at 11:34 am //

    An aggressive man in a position of power losing his cool. This is exactly what the CFL is trying to prevent with their gender based violence campaign. How many of those cheerleaders or women in the stands have had to cower in fear while their Mom’s boyfriend smashes their cellphone on the floor because they wouldn’t stop texting, or witness their father throwing his dinner against the wall because he “had a bad day at work”? They must have felt sick watching this violent display at what is supposed be just an entertaining game. I hope Len Rhodes, considering his own history, stands up to this bully and suspends him as coach of our Eskimos.

    • Totally agree Gord. If you are THE Gord Bolstad, I know you lol. We worked together in the late 70s.
      Think BC Lion fan.

      • Gord Bolstad // September 10, 2017 at 9:34 pm //

        BC Dave! Sure I remember you. We had that funny job with the flex time and you ate French Onion soup every day. You were a good friend.

        • Wish there was a way to send a private message lol. We’ll have to think of something. I might just post my e-mail for you and the rest of the world so we ca catch up sometime.
          I was on the BC Lion fan club site once and saw comments from a guy who sounded like a real passionate fan like me. He responded and today we are good friends. Met him only once lol. We planned to go to a Grey Cup. Can’t remember the year but we figured for SURE we’d be in the game. Well we lost to the Eskimos. They played Montreal in that OT thriller. Danny Macicio’s first year. Anyway, we still keep in touch. Would be nice to see you again Thanks for the kind words. I feel the same way. Too bad we lost touch. Hope all is well. In the meantime, you will see me here checking out my Lions for sure !!! Since 1967, I have been a Lions fan for 50 years now !!!

          • BleedzGreen // September 11, 2017 at 2:26 am //

            Dave: Maybe contact Drew Edwards and ask if he’ll act as a go between – see above ‘About Us’ link for Drew’s email address. Pretty sure Drew can access Gord Bolstad’s email addy from his ‘Comment’ form.

            Just a thought.

          • Thanks Buddy, I’ll try that and ask him to feel free to forward my e-mail address to Gord.

  19. Paul Bomber // September 10, 2017 at 12:26 pm //

    Mass is a rage-a-holic. He’s also delusional, assuming he is bigger than the league itself. Worst of all, he hurts his team and the league by making his antics the headline. Personally, I have little use for the miked up stuff, but I would have tossed his ass out the door LAST year.

  20. Not too often Rider and Bomber fans agree on anything. However on this ridiculous, childish, embarrassing out burst from what is suppose to be a HC and leader of the team. I agree that Jason Mass thinks he is something he is not. After yesterday’s outburst of wild man violence he should be completely ashamed of his actions.
    Ed Hervey and Jason Mass got along well. They both feel they are bigger than those who hire them as well as those who cover and support the league.
    If Jason isn’t fined this week by the League. As well as Jason giving the fans of Edmonton a formal apology. Then there is something really wrong in today’s society.
    There are Women and Children that are afraid of the actions of men just like Jason. All Proffessional leagues are against violence of any kind. Then you have a HC make a raging spectacle of himself on National television.
    There can only be one reaction from the league. Fine him and fine him good!

    • And what if the headset pieces had hit someone, either on the sidelines or in the stands?

      No excuse for this behaviour. Anger happens, but physical expression of it must be controlled, and if not consequences are due.

  21. If the league does not fine or suspend him, I hope the Esks have the class that I think they have and do it internally. I’m guessing it won’t hurt the team. Might even help.

  22. I don’t give a crap whether Maas throws a tantrum or not. What is surprising is that he got angry because replay officials were not fooled by a bad acting job? When you are justifiably wronged, that is one thing. Over that??? You just come off looking an idiot.

  23. pantsonfire // September 10, 2017 at 5:20 pm //

    Really?? A league fine for what – violence against a headset? Go ahead & put a lock on your TV set so your children can’t see a man toss a headset around. Perhaps they shouldn’t be watching football at all. Two men were carted off on stretchers that game because of violent collisions between big men tossing each other around. That isn’t “wild man violence”? Do you allow them to watch hockey where men poke each other with big sticks? Seriously, a fine for showing some emotion & throwing around a headset. He got a penalty for objectionable conduct, as required, & may get fined for some statements he made which is the league’s prerogative. $1,000 & a 50 yard penalty & banish him for a game for headset slamming. Happy??

  24. Ed from Edmonton // September 10, 2017 at 6:01 pm //

    Mass have proven many times since he took over his current job that he is not mature enough to be a good head coach. he consistently makes poor decisions under pressure on the sideline. He emotional reaction to what was a likely unsuccessful challenge ripples through the team, and not in a good way. Having said all that I don’t see throwing the head set into the ground as being all that outrageous and wouldn’t think any supplementary discipline is on order.

  25. Reminds me of the exasperated comment the Boxer Roberto Duran once meekly made as his face was being turned into Jello Pudding…”NO MAAS…NO MAAS!!”
    His meltdown reminds me the Fukishima Nuclear Facility in Japan.Still going on, burrowing it’s way to the centre of the Earth uncontained and unfettered. Two different genres, however. One is a Horror Show, the other a tragedy…but only if you’re a fan of the Evil Empire. And those Eskimo Jerseys…are those supposed to be pitchforks or tuning forks?
    Let’s think of them as Ditch Forks, cause that’s where the Eskies will wind up this year…left for dead in the ditch!

    • Paul Bomber // September 11, 2017 at 10:11 am //

      Congrats! The committee has met and you have won comment of the month honours! (“No Mass”… WAY too funny)

  26. He maybe fined for the headsets – but what the league will find far more egregious is his comments attacking the concussion protocol. That will cost he and the organization, as it should.

  27. Just curious but have the Esks won a game since Ambrosie took away the coaches’ ability to go on ridiculous fishing expeditions with their multiple challenges?

  28. A headset? I had no idea. I thought it was a medical apparatus designed to reign in Jaason’s flappin’ ears.

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