Edmonton Football Team aiming for new logo and name by 2021 CFL season

Photo courtesy: Edmonton Football Team

Edmonton Football Team president Chris Presson has a set timeline for when he wants the franchise to present its new name and logo.

“We’re looking for something in the early spring next year. We have one shot to get it right and we are going to do that,” Presson told 630 CHED’s Morley Scott.

The Edmonton Football Team board of directors made the decision to discontinue the use of the word “Eskimo” in the team’s name in July and are in the process of selecting a new moniker. Presson has ruled out perhaps the most popular potential new name “Empire” for the franchise.


“It certainly is a massive undertaking and when you get into it, you understand the depths of everything that you must go through,” Presson said.

“It’s a major turnover in merchandise, all the signage throughout the stadium and signage throughout the city and the offices. It is a massive undertaking, to put it mildly.”

Since adopting the name over 100 years ago, the franchise and its predecessor organizations have celebrated the hardiness and spirit of those who live in the north. The team’s values of community, integrity, respect and inclusion will not change with this decision.

The team has undertaken a comprehensive engagement process on a new name. That process will include research and engagement with season seat holders, casual ticket purchasers and partners. In the meantime, the franchise is going by either the EE Football Team and Edmonton Football Team.