Liberal leader Justin Trudeau crosses paths with Alouettes at Calgary airport, admits to being a ‘fanboy’ of the team

Photo courtesy: Adam Scotti

While campaigning across Canada, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau crossed paths with the Montreal Alouettes at the Calgary airport.

Trudeau was heading out for a western swing and the Als were travelling to play the Stampeders on Friday night in Week 3 of the 2021 CFL schedule.

The birds greeted Trudeau with a chant on the tarmac: “Justin! Justin! Justin!” Trudeau touched elbows with a bunch of the team members and addressed the team.

“Everyone knows I’m a big Montreal fan, my Als — I love you guys. I have been with you always. I know there’s been a few challenging moments, but also so much heart,” Trudeau said.

“You play with such strength and make us so proud all the time, I’m really, really excited to be able to meet you. I feel like a total fanboy right now. I have been an Als fan for a long time.”

Photo courtesy: Adam Scotti

General manager Danny Maciocia responded: “Let’s see if we can do this right.” As Maciocia handed Trudeau an Alouettes hat which he immediately put on. That drew a cheer from the group.

Trudeau posed for a picture and returned to running for office. He’s trying to remain undefeated as the Alouettes are focused on doing the same in Cowtown. The 49-year-old Trudeau is seeking his third consecutive term as Prime Minister.

Justin Dunk is a football insider, sports reporter and anchor.