Alouettes had no choice but to remove Kavis Reed

Alouettes president Patrick Boivin was clear about the decision to fire Kavis Reed as general manager: there was no other choice.

“It’s just based on things that were brought to my attention over the course of the last couple weeks, it made it such that we had to act upon it now. We came across some information and simply decided that this was the time to make the move. I’m not going to add anymore to it,” Boivin said.

Reed was hired in December 2016 – after the Als let Jim Popp go – at the same time Boivin was named to his current position. Montreal compiled a 10-30 record during the two-plus seasons Reed called the shots, the worst record among any franchise in the league over that span. But the ultimate call to oust Reed was not based on the Als performance during game days over his tenor.

“A number of things were brought to my attention over the course of the last number of weeks that made it such that we had to make this decision immediate right now. It’d be inappropriate to start getting into specifics,” Boivin said.

“We made a decision that we did not have a choice but to make. The league was involved in the decision the same way any other owner would’ve been involved in the decision, but ultimately this was my decision from the start.”

The CFL officially purchased the Alouettes from the Wetenhall’s in late May. The league and Wetenhall family had been working for several months to identify and assess potential new owners and that process is ongoing with Randy Ambrosie leading the way.

“I can’t comment on the actual sale. They’re in an exclusive process right now. Things are progressing well. A completion on a sale would allow football operations to change face and be settled for years to come,” Boivin said.

“The reality is if new ownership does come in, I might be out of a job. We have to focus on what we can do with this team partly with new ownership, mostly for our fans.”

Assistant GM Joe Mack in a collaborative effort with head coach Khari Jones as well as director of football operations Patrick Donovan will share the day-to-day management duties for the Alouettes.

Mack has been a GM in the CFL before overseeing the Winnipeg Blue Bombers for three-plus seasons from 2010 to partway through 2013. He complied a 21-39 record while in Manitoba. The 65-year-old was hired by Reed joining the Alouettes in January 2017. Most of the time Mack will be in Montreal, although he’s not looking at obtaining the full-time position.

“He asked me if I could maybe help bridge it at this point. Obviously, I had a little bit of experience at this,” Mack said.

There is a preexisting relationship between Jones and Mack. The pair will discuss the roster and make moves accordingly. But the most impactful move was made by Boivin. With Reed out, let’s see if the Alouettes drama ends or adds chapters.