PointsBet Ontario Sportsbook welcome information

The expanding sports betting landscape in Ontario is allowing for plenty of big-name sites to operate in Ontario, and that includes the world-renowned PointsBet Sportsbook. You can sign up for PointsBet Sportsbook today and start betting straight away.

Now that commercial sportsbooks are live in Ontario, be sure to sign up with PointsBet and start taking advantage of the site’s exclusive features. There is no PointsBet sign-up code needed, so clicking one of our links is the easiest way to get started!

In this review, we’ll detail everything you need to know about this site so you can help compare it to other online sportsbooks in Canada.

PointsBet Ontario sportsbook deals 2023

You do not need to enter a PointsBet Sportsbook code when you sign up for an Ontario account. You can join PointBet Ontario here and be betting legally in minutes.

Online SportsbookPointsBet Canada
PointsBet Ontario Sign-Up CodeNone – Click here to join
PointsBet Ontario Best FeaturesExtensive betting markets, fast live betting, quality iOS and Android app
Last UpdatedDecember 2023

To get started, you’ll need to create an account. To do so, simply click one of our links or widgets for an immediate redirect to the registration page, which includes all PointsBet welcome information.

PointsBet Sportsbook review and rankings

As PointsBet has expanded its reach into new markets, the product has continued to improve. The result has been favourable reviews from users on both the App Store and Google Play — 4.7 and 4.6 out of 5, respectively. Here’s how we rate PointsBet online sportsbook in a number of key areas:

  • App usability (4.5): The app performance is generally on point. It’s easy to get around and find what you’re looking for.
  • Betting options (4.5): PointsBet may be missing a niche sport or two that you might be able to find elsewhere, but the menu is extensive.
  • Reliability (4.5): The platform performs well without any hitches or hiccups, though customer support is available if you need it.
  • Overall rating (4.5): Across the board, PointsBet does well in all the key areas. The odds are typically on point, and there are several innovative features that we think you’ll enjoy.

PointsBet Sportsbook app and usability

You can access the PointsBet app on both Apple and Android devices. While you can use the sportsbook via a mobile browser, you can also download its app by following these steps:

  • After you’ve created your account, visit PointsBet on your mobile browser.
  • Select where it says “Get the app” on the banner at the top of the page. Alternatively, you can scroll down and select either the Google Play or App Store button.
  • Either option will take you to the appropriate download page for your device, and you can get the app from there.

Once you’ve hit all of those steps, you’ll have access to PointsBet Sportsbook on the go. Browsing the betting odds, managing your account, and placing bets will all be just a click or swipe away whenever you log in.

How does the PointsBet app compare to ProLine+?

The days of limited legal sports betting options are just about over in many provinces. The expansion of single-game wagering is in full swing as we speak. Over in Ontario, ProLine+ offers odds for all of the top leagues and games you can bet on individually.

While ProLine+ gets the job done with a limited number of options, the emergence of sites like PointsBet in some areas will provide bettors with more choices.

CategoryWhich Ontario Sports Betting Site is Better?
Available SportsIf you stick to the basics, ProLine+ is fine, but PointsBet gets the edge here as well with a much larger menu of available sports.
Wager TypesPointsBet. While both sites have the standard wagers, basic props and live betting, PointsBet is more extensive with its props and other options.
User Experience
PointsBet checks in with ratings of 4.7 and 4.6 on the App Store and Google Play, while ProLine+ is at 2.1 and 1.6.

There are several things to consider when signing up for a sportsbook, starting with all of the above information. If one site is limited in its offerings then the choice is pretty simple, isn’t it?

Along with available features, it’s important to review the odds at prospective books to see if they’re in range with the market. A good area to examine is the moneyline odds for top games as there can often be a good deal of variance. Here are some sample NBA games in both American and decimal odds.

Atlanta Hawks @ Washington WizardsHawks: -175 or 1.57
Wizards: +145 or 2.45
Hawks: -180 or 1.56
Wizards: +150 or 2.50
Cleveland Cavaliers @ Philadelphia 76ersCavaliers: +260 or 3.60
76ers: -323 or 1.31
Cavaliers: +250 or 3.50  
76ers: -325 or 1.31
Indiana Pacers @ Detroit PistonsPacers: -164 or 1.61
Pistons: +135 or 2.35
Pacers: -171 or 1.58
Pistons: +140 or 2.40

The books line up quite well here, but we find some differences in listed spreads and totals between the two sites. ProLine+ had a half-point of difference or more in several spots. For a single game, you may find a better price on ProLine+, but on an overall basis, PointsBet will be more consistent.

If you are sticking to the basic sports and the conventional bets, then ProLine+ is fine for you. But joining PointsBet still has several advantages. For the time being, bettors who are looking for a larger menu and innovative features will likely want to take their business to PointsBet Ontario Sportsbook.

PointsBet Sportsbook betting menu

There’s a truly massive sports betting menu to gain access to if you sign up for PointsBet, both in the sports leagues offered and the number of betting markets. The following options are among the most popular leagues:

The above list only scratches the surface, as PointsBet has everything from the Super Bowl to the most recent events for lesser-appreciated sports like darts or cricket. Beloved Canadian sports like curling are also included among the options in a major way.

CFL betting at PointsBet Sportsbook Canada

The increasing availability of legal and safe sports betting options across Canada could translate into even more interest in the CFL. When the league is in season, the odds for the main bets will likely appear prominently at PointsBet sports betting.

  • Moneylines: Just pick the side that you think will win the game.
  • Spreads: Bet the favourite giving points or the underdog getting points. Favourites must win by more than the point spread, while underdogs can lose by less than the spread,
  • Totals: Choose over/under on the total number of points in a game.

All three of the above are popular bets, but there are plenty of other ways to get in on the action at PointsBet.

  • Props: Bet on various team and game circumstances, as well as on a whole slew of individual player stats.
  • Parlays: Place multi-leg wagers for several games or from the same game on one betting slip.
  • Alternate lines: Variations on the main spread and total with adjusted odds.
  • Live: Wager in real time after the game begins.
  • Futures: Take a long-term view and bet on the winner of the next Grey Cup and more.

While that’s more than enough to choose from, remember that the site also has its “name a bet” feature where you can mix things up even further. PointsBet is an excellent option for betting on the CFL.

PointsBet’s best features and areas in need of improvement

PointsBet brings an array of positives to the table, but there are also some areas that it could improve. We’ll start with the positives:

  • Large betting menu: If you want a myriad of betting options, then you’ve come tot eh right place. PointsBet doesn’t skimp on the sports. You can find nearly anything here, just like the other big-name sites.
  • Name a bet: Bettors can even name a specific bet that doesn’t currently exist, and PointsBet will offer odds on it if feasible.

Here are a few areas that could use some extra attention, however:

  • No PointsBetting: An innovative feature that lets you increase the potential reward but also the risk for a bet. You can win or lose more money based on how right or wrong your bet was. Not available in Ontario currently, but perhaps at a later date.

How to deposit and cash out at PointsBet

When managing your funds at PointsBet, the cashier section is easy to find and even easier to work with, and that’s a plus. It’ll list all available options and walk you through deposits or withdrawals as you follow the prompts. In the majority of legal markets in which PointsBet operates, the following methods are available:

  • Online bank transfers
  • ACH e-check
  • Credit and debit cards
  • PayPal
  • Interac

Deposits are instant and will appear in your account balance in addition to a confirmation email arriving at the address you used to register.

Withdrawals will take a bit more time, though PayPal and an online bank transfer are probably the quickest ways to receive funds. Processing usually takes just 24 to 48 hours, and then funds can make their way to your bank account.

If you choose PayPal, the minimum deposit is $5, while all other methods require at least $10. If you plan to use PayPal to withdraw, you must use it to deposit, which should be no issue.

For the other methods, allow for up to five days to receive any money in your account after withdrawing from PointsBet.

PointsBet’s entry into the Canadian sports betting market

After achieving success across the United States, PointsBet was one of the very first operators to receive a license to operate in Ontario. Since that time, it has gone to great lengths to build a brand that feels authentic to Canadians.

“The opportunity to customize our product for the Canadian sports fan is something that we are taking extraordinarily seriously,” PointsBet Canada Chief Commercial Officer Nic Sulsky recently told 3DownNation. “And the partnerships we’ve struck so far speak to that focus. It’s about building that authentically Canadian brand,” Sulsky pointed out. 

PointsBet has also been busy setting up strategic partnerships to establish a foothold in the country, including with Curling Canada, the NHL Alumni Association, and the Trailer Park Boys. In addition, the company has built an executive team that’s exclusively focused on Canada and the needs of its ever-growing landscape.