CFL Free Agents

The Canadian Football League’s free agency period officially opens on February 11, 2020 at noon.

The following players will become free agents should they not re-sign with their respective clubs.


ACKIE Chris N DB Wilfrid Laurier Signed with TOR (02/12/20)
ALFORD Mario A WR West Virginia Extended (01/22/20)
BANNER Bo N DL Central Washington
BARON Woody A DT Virginia Tech
BÉDARD Martin N LS Connecticut
BROWN Ryan A DL Mississippi State Signed with BC (02/11/20)
EVANS Ciante A DB Nebraska Re-Signed with MTL (02/11/20)
FAUBERT-LUSSIER Felix N WR Laval Extended (01/31/20)
FOOTE Fabion N DL McMaster Signed with TOR (02/11/20)
JAMIESON Sean N OL Western University Extended (01/24/20)
JOHNSON Jeremiah A RB Oregon
KNAPTON Gabriel A DL Wyoming
KOZACHUK Paul N LB Toronto
LALAMA  DJ N LB Manitoba Extended (01/27/20)
LEVELS Patrick A DB Baylor Signed with HAM (02/12/20)
LEWIS Eugene A WR Oklahoma Extended (02/04/20)
MATTE Kristian N OL Concordia Extended (01/24/20)
MATTHEWS Chris A WR Kentucky
MOORE Spencer N FB McMaster Extended (01/23/20)
MURRAY Najee A CB Kent State Extended (01/31/20)
NORRIS Elijah A DL Shepherd College
PLESIUS Frederic N LB Laval
POSEY DeVier A WR Ohio State Signed with HAM (02/12/20)
RICE Landon N OL Manitoba Extended (01/23/20)
RYAN Shakeir A WR Northwestern State Released (02/06/20)
Signed with EDM (02/11/20)
STANBACK William A RB Virginia Union Released (01/01/20)
STONE  Ryder N RB Dartmouth
TERMANSEN Dominique N DB UBC Extended (01/27/20)



ARBUCKLE Nick  A QB Georgia State Signed with OTT (01/31/20)
BALTIMORE Sherrod A DB Maine Extended (01/22/20)
BEHAR Nate N WR Carleton
BENSON Mike N LS Acadia Released (01/23/20)
Signed with MTL (01/27/20)
BOLDUC  Jean-Philippe N DB Laval
BOULAY Nicolas N LB Sherbrooke Released (01/23/20)
BOURASSA Louis-Philippe N LS Montreal Extended (12/27/19)
BROWN Kevin A LB Cincinnati Extended (02/11/20)
CIOFFI Anthony A DB Rutgers
COATE Seth A WR St. Francis University Released (01/23/20)
ELLIS Avery A DL Temple Extended (01/20/20)
EVANS Randall A DB Kansas State Extended (02/11/20)
FRANCIS Kevin N DB North Carolina A&T Signed with BC (02/11/20)
GOSSELIN Anthony N FB Sherbrooke Extended (01/22/20)
HARRIS R.J. A WR New Hampshire Extended (02/05/20)
HOLLEY Caleb A WR East Central C.C.
HOWELL Justin N DB Carleton Extended (01/14/20)
JENNINGS Jonathon A QB Saginaw Valley State Released (01/23/20)
KNOX JR. Jeff A LB California U. of PA Released (01/23/20)

Signed with Toronto (02/03/20)

LATTANZIO  Ettore N DL Ottawa
LEONE Richie A K Houston Extended (02/02/20)
MACMILLAN Nolan N OL Iowa Extended (12/17/19)
MADU Mossis A RB Oklahoma Released (01/23/20)
MASON Danny A DE Texas A&M Commerce Extended (01/20/20)
MORRIS Greg N RB New Mexico Military Institute Released (01/23/20)
RANDLE Chris A DB Utah State
RHYMES Dominique A WR Murray State
ROSE Jonathan A DB Nebraska
SCARFONE  Jacob N WR Guelph
TAVAI JR A DE USC Signed with BC (02/11/20)
WAKEFIELD Michael A DL Florida International Extended (01/20/20)
WALKER  Cameron N DL Guelph Released (01/23/20)
WARD Lewis N K Ottawa Extended (02/02/20)
WILLIAMS Avery A LB Temple Extended (01/31/20)
WOODSON Blaine A DL Delaware



ANTIGHA Oluwatobi A DL Presbyterian College
AWE Micah A LB Texas Tech
BELTRE Frank A DE Towson University
BETHEL-THOMPSON Mcleod A QB Sacramento State Extended (02/04/20)
BISHOP Freddie III A DE Western Michigan
BOMBEN Ryan N OL Guelph Released (02/03/20)
BURKS Brandon A RB Troy Released (02/03/20)
Signed with EDM (02/11/20)
CAMPBELL Jamal N OL York Extended (02/03/20)
CHARETTE Alex N WR Guelph Released (02/03/20)
Signed with EDM (02/11/20)
COLEMAN Davon A DL Arizona State
EDWARDS Armanti A WR Appalachian State
FOGG Kevin A DB Liberty Released (02/07/20)
FORD Qudarius A DB South Alabama Signed with HAM (02/11/20)
FRANKLIN James A QB Missouri Released (02/07/20)
Signed with SSK (02/11/20)
GABRIEL Jermaine N DB Bishop’s
GREEN S.J. A WR South Florida Released (02/07/20)
HERDMAN-REED Justin N LB Simon Fraser Signed with HAM (02/11/20)
HOLMES Tyler N OL Tulsa Released (02/07/20)
JOSEPH Roubbens A OL Buffalo Extended (12/12/19)
KANNEH Abdul A DB New Mexico Highlands Signed with OTT (02/11/20)
LAING Cleyon N DL Iowa State Signed with OTT (02/11/20)
MCEWEN Sean N OL Calgary Released (02/07/20)
Signed with CGY (02/08/20)
MEDEIROS Zackary N K Western University Released (02/07/20)
MINCY Jonathon A DB Auburn Released (02/07/20)
Signed with EDM (02/11/20)
NOEL Llevi N WR Toronto Extended (02/10/20)
PFEFFER Ronnie N K Wilfrid Laurier Signed with CGY (02/11/20)
PRUKOP Dakota A QB Oregon Released (02/07/20)
Signed with CGY (02/11/20)
RAINEY Chris A RB Florida Released (02/07/20)
Signed with BC (02/11/20)
RALPH  Jimmy N WR Alberta Released (02/07/20)
RICHARDSON Shaquille A DB Arizona Extended (01/13/20)
SMITH Rodney A WR Florida State
STRIKER Eric A LB Oklahoma
WALKER Derel A WR Texas A&M
WASHINGTON Trumaine A DB Louisville Released (02/07/20)
Signed with EDM (02/11/20)
WILD Ian A LB Mercyhurst College
WOODS Bear A LB Troy Extended (12/04/19)
WORTHY Chandler A WR Troy Extended (12/02/19)



ADDISON Bralon A WR Oregon Released (01/02/20)
ADELEKE  Tunde N DB Carleton Extended (01/17/20)
BUREN  Justin N WR Simon Fraser
COOMBS Anthony N RB Manitoba Signed with OTT (02/11/20)
DALY Michael N DB McMaster Extended (12/30/19)
DAVIS Ja’Gared A DL Southern Methodist Extended (02/10/20)
FILER Mike N OL Mount Allison Extended (01/31/20)
HOWSARE Julian A DE Clarion Extended (01/14/20)
JONES Brian N WR Acadia Re-signed (02/11/20)
JONES Mike N WR Southern
LANGA  Jay N DB Saint Mary’s
LAURENT Ted N DL Mississippi Extended (01/09/20)
LEONARD Richard A DB Florida International Signed with CGY (02/11/20)
MARSHALL Cameron A RB Arizona State
MASOLI Jeremiah A QB Mississippi Extended (12/31/19)
MATHEWS Ryker A OL Brigham Young Signed with BC (02/11/20)
MCGOUGH  Connor N DL Calgary Signed with CGY (02/11/20)
MURRAY Rico A LB Kent State Extended (02/03/20)
NEWTON Curtis N LB Guelph Extended (01/15/19)
OKAFOR  Kay N OL St. Francis Xavier Extended (01/21/20)
ROLLE Jumal A DB Catawba Extended (01/31/20)
SHORTILL  Nicholas N LB McMaster Signed with TOR (02/11/20)
SUTTON Tyrell A RB Northwestern
TASKER Luke A WR Cornell
TRACY Adrian A DL William & Mary
TUGGLE Justin A LB Kansas State Signed with EDM (02/11/20)
WATFORD David A QB Hampton Extended (01/29/20)
WESTERMAN Jamaal N DL Rutgers
WILLIAMS Frankie A DB Purdue Extended (02/09/20)
WYNN Dylan A DL Oregon State Extended (02/11/20)


ADAMS Darvin A WR Auburn Extended (02/09/20)
AUGUSTINE Johnny N RB Guelph Extended (12/27/19)
BRYANT Stanley A OL East Carolina Extended (01/20/20)
COLLAROS Zach A QB Cincinnati Extended (01/27/19)
COUTURE Michael N OL Simon Fraser Extended (02/10/20)
FENNER Chandler A DB Holy Cross
HARDRICK Jermarcus A OL Nebraska Extended (12/14/19)
HECHT Jeff N DB Saint Mary’s
JEFFERSON Willie A DL Stephen F. Austin State Extended (02/10/20)
JONES Derek N DB Simon Fraser Signed with BC (02/11/20)
JONES Korey A LB Wyoming Signed with EDM (02/11/20)
MASTON Mercy A DB Boise State Extended (12/09/19)
MILES Thomas N LB Manitoba Re-Signed (02/11/20)
NELSON Charles A WR Oregon Extended (01/23/20)
NEUFELD Patrick N OL Saskatchewan Extended (12/10/19)
NEVIS Drake A DL Louisiana State Signed with TOR (02/12/20)
NICHOLS, Matt A QB Eastern Washington Released (01/28/20)
Signed with TOR (02/07/20)
ROH Craig A DE Michigan Signed with TOR (02/11/20)
ROSE Winston A DB New Mexico State Released (12/27/19)
SAYLES Marcus A DB West Georgia Released (01/01/20)
STREVELER Chris A QB South Dakota Released (02/03/20)
TAYLOR Nicholas A DB Florida International Extended (01/20/20)
THOMAS Jake N DL Acadia Extended (01/31/20)
WOLITARSKY Drew N WR Minnesota Extended (12/15/19)


ARCENEAUX Emmanuel A WR Alcorn State
AWACHIE  Albert N WR Toronto Extended (01/31/20)
BARTLETT  Brandyn N LB Tusculum College
BLADEK  Dariusz N OL Bethune-Cookman Signed with TOR (02/11/20)
BLAKE Philip N OL Baylor Signed with TOR (02/11/20)
BOUKA Elie N DB Calgary Extended (12/18/19)
CLARK Dan N OL Regina Jrs. Extended (12/27/19)
COFIELD Takoby A OL Duke Extended (02/02/20)
COLEMAN Thaddeus A OL Mississippi Valley State
DAVIS DyShawn A LB Syracuse
EDWARDS Lavar A DL Louisiana State
ELIMIMIAN Solomon A LB Hawaii Extended (02/11/20)
EVANS Shaquelle A WR UCLA Extended (02/07/20)
GAGNE Alexandre N LB Sherbrooke Signed with MTL (02/12/20)
GAINEY Ed A DB Appalachian State Extended (02/06/20)
GETER Chad A LB Gardner-Webb Extended (12/26/19)
HENRY Makana N DL Burlington Jrs. Extended (11/29/19)
HURL Sam N LB Calgary
HUS  Jorgen N LS Regina Extended (01/14/20)
JOHNSON Micah A DL Kentucky Signed with BC (02/11/20)
JUDGE Cameron N LB UCLA Extended (02/02/20)
LAFRANCE  Kienan N RB Manitoba Extended (12/16/19)
LEONARD A.C. A DL Tennessee State Extended (01/22/20)
MARSHALL Nick A DB Auburn Extended (01/08/20)
MONCRIEF Derrick A LB Oklahoma State Released (01/08/20)
RADFORD Denzel N DB Calgary Signed with TOR (02/12/20)
REAVES Jordan N DB Brandon University Re-signed (02/11/20)
ROOSEVELT Naaman A WR Buffalo
RYAN Jonathan N P Regina Extended (02/05/20)
THIGPEN Marcus A RB Indiana Released (02/05/20)
Signed with TOR (02/10/20)
WATSON Cory N WR Concordia
ZVER  Jeremy N OL Regina


AMOS DaShaun A DB East Carolina Released (01/15/20)
BALL Marcus A LB Memphis
BEGELTON Reggie A WR Lamar Released (01/02/20)
BERGER Adam N DB Simon Fraser
BRESCACIN Juwan N WR Northern Illinois Signed with TOR (02/11/20)
CASHER Chris A DL Faulkner University Signed with BC (02/11/20)
COZART Montell A QB Boise State Re-signed (02/11/20)
DENNIS Derek A OL Temple
GREENWOOD Cory N LB Concordia
HARTLEY Austen N WR Calgary
JACKSON Don A RB Nevada Signed with HAM (02/11/20)
KASITATI Nila A OL Oklahoma Extended (01/22/20)
LAW Cordarro A DL Southern Mississippi Extended (12/12/19)
LAWRENCE  Justin N OL Alberta Extended (12/05/19)
MCLENNAN Ivan A DL Washington State
MILANOVIC-LITRE Ante N LB Simon Fraser Extended (12/09/19)
MORRIS Romar A RB North Carolina
MRABURE Ese N DL Wilfrid Laurier
ORIMOLADE Folarin A DL Dartmouth Extended (12/13/19)
ROSE Mike A DL North Carolina State Extended (01/21/20)
STEPHEN Courtney N DB Northern Illinois Signed with HAM (02/11/20)
TURNER Junior N DL Bishop’s
WALL Jamar A CB Texas Tech Extended (12/06/19)
WESTERMAN Jabar N DL Eastern Michigan
WIGGAN  Derek N DL Queen’s Extended (12/03/19)
WILLIAMS Terry A RB Kutztown
WILLIAMS Ucambre A OL South Alabama Extended (12/13/19)



ADAMS Johnny A DB Michigan State
BAZZIE Alex A DL Marshall Signed with TOR (02/11/20)
BEARD  David N OL Alberta Extended (01/29/20)
BOND Travis A OL North Carolina
COLQUHOUN Arjen N DB Michigan State
COOPER Shaquille A RB Fort Hays State Extended (01/08/20)
DANIELS DaVaris A WR Notre Dame Signed with TOR (02/11/20)
DEAN Larry A LB Valdosta State Signed with HAM (02/11/20)
DRAHEIM Tommie A OL San Diego State Re-Signed with EDM (02/11/20)
GLASS Tyquwan A DB Fresno State Signed with MTL (02/11/20)
HOOVER  Jordan N DB Waterloo Extended (01/30/20)
HUNTER Monshadrik A DB Arkansas State Signed with MTL (02/12/20)
JACKSON Martese A RB Florida Atlantic
JOHNSON Josh A DB Purdue Signed with WPG (02/11/20)
JONES Christion A RB Alabama Extended (01/27/20)
JOSEPH Jesse N DL Connecticut
KILGORE Logan A QB Middle Tennessee State Extended (02/11/20)
MACKIE Mark N DL McMaster Extended (02/11/20)
MARSHALL Andrew N DL Simon Fraser
MCCARTY Calvin N FB Western Washington
MCKNIGHT Maurice A DB San Jose State
MOORE Mike A DL Virginia Extended (01/31/20)
MULUMBA-TSHIMANGA, Christophe N LB Maine Signed with OTT (02/11/20)
PARKER Anthony N WR Calgary Extended (02/06/20)
RUBY  Jacob N OL Richmond Extended (01/31/20)
SANTOS-KNOX Jovan A LB Massachusetts Extended (02/06/20)
SMITH Jamill A WR Ball State
ST. JOHN Josiah N OL Oklahoma Signed with SSK (02/12/20)
TUCK James N FB York Extended (02/05/20)
UNAMBA Don A DB Southern Arkansas Signed with OTT (02/11/20)
USHER Nick A DL Texas El Paso Released (01/02/20)
WALKER Brian A DB Fayetteville State Extended (01/08/20)


BARTEL Josh N P No College
BRIDGE Brandon N QB South Alabama
BUNDY Marquis A WR New Mexico
BUTLER Crezdon A DB Clemson
CHAGNON Frederic N LB Montreal Signed with MTL (02/12/20)l
DOZIER Branden A DB UNC Charlotte Signed with BC (02/11/20)
EDWARDS Chris A DB Idaho Released (01/07/20)
FOUCAULT David N OL Montreal
GODIN  Edward N DL Laval
GRYMES Aaron A DB Idaho Extended (01/29/20)
HARRIS Maleki A LB South Alabama
JOHNSON Antonio A OL North Texas
JOHNSON Shaquille N WR London Beefeaters Extended (12/19/19)
KONAR  Adam N LB Calgary Extended (12/19/19)
LANKFORD Ryan A WR Illinois
LEMON Shawn A DL Akron
LUKE  Junior N DL Montreal Signed with MTL (02/12/20)l
MBAYE Khadim N LB Ottawa
MENARD David N DL Montreal Signed with MTL (02/12/20)l
NEWSOME Jonathan A DL Ball State Extended (01/17/20)
O’BRIEN Danny A QB Catawba Retired (12/13/19)
PETERS Garry A DB Clemson Extended (02/11/20)
RENFROW Justin A OL Miami
ROY Jean-Simon N OL Laval Signed with EDM (02/11/20)
RUTLEY Brandon A RB San Jose State Extended (12/05/19)
SIMONISE Rashaun N WR Calgary
STEWARD Hunter N OL Liberty Extended (01/30/20)
THOMPSON Anthony N DB Southern Illinois
WILLIS Odell A DL West Georgia
WOODMAN Josh N DB Western University