Top 10 position players in the 2024 CFL Global Draft

Photo courtesy: Nebraska Athletics

The Canadian Football League’s Global program will enter its fifth season in 2024, giving players from outside Canada and the United States a chance to carve out a professional career.

This year’s Global Draft will take place on Tuesday, April 30 at 11 a.m. ET, featuring two rounds of selections. In total, over 72 foreign-born players are eligible to be picked.

Since launching in 2021, All22 – The Global Scouting Network has become a leader in verified data collection and talent evaluation in the international football marketplace. For the past several months, a select group of scouts including myself, Samit Bariana, David Mann, Lorenz Leinweber, Finn Rudd, and Christian Brown have been hard at work leveraging all that information to assess the prospects in the 2024 CFL Global Draft class.

As always, the CFL selection process will be influenced by the changing NFL landscape. With new regulations allowing all 32 franchises an additional practice roster spot for an international athlete whom they are able to independently scout and select for the first time, there is an increased likelihood that top players on this list will spend time south of the border.

All players in this year’s International Player Pathway program training cohort are available to CFL teams. However, cross-sport athletes without meaningful football experience cannot be properly evaluated and won’t be ranked as a result, with limited precedent for such projects being selected. This includes freshly signed Kansas City Chiefs running back Louis Rees-Zammit, Jacksonville Jaguars tight end Patrick Murtagh, and Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Bayron Matos, as well as recently drafted offensive lineman Travis Clayton of the Buffalo Bills — all of whom would be worthy of inclusion based on traits alone.

Today, we feature the top 10 true position players available. Those seeking more information on all the notable prospects can find it on All22’s exclusive Substack.

Note: All measurements are listed in scouting format. 6042 can be read as six feet, four inches, and two eighths. 

Photo courtesy: Michigan Athletics

1) EDGE Julius Welschof, University of Charlotte (Germany)

HT: 6065 | WT: 257 | HND: 101 | ARM: 324 | WNG: 796

BP: N/A | VJ: 32.5 | BJ: 10020 | 10YD: 1.64 | 40YD: 4.79 | 3C: 7.01 | SS: 4.40

A staple on the annual college football “Freaks List,” Welschof was limited to a depth role on a talented defensive line at Michigan and saw his final season as a transfer shortened to four games by injury. The lack of playing time doesn’t distract from his elite physical traits, which would be unique at the CFL level. His floor is a matchup nightmare on special teams, where he has proven college production, but his elite frame and flashes of top-end burst, bend, and power give him a ceiling as a difference-making pass rusher with inside-outside versatility.

Player role: Potential Impact Starter | NFL status: Signed with Pittsburgh Steelers

2) LB Eteva Mauga-Clements, University of Nebraska (American Samoa)

HT: 6004 | WT: 218 | HND: 97 | ARM: 320 | WNG: 761

BP: 13 | VJ: 35 | BJ: 9110 | 10YD: 1.66 | 40YD: 4.73 | 3C: 6.90 | SS: 4.14

The best prospect that you can guarantee will be in training camp, Mauga-Clements is the type of smaller-framed defender who projects better to the CFL game. Having last played for the Cornhuskers in 2022, he impressed at the Combine with elite change of direction and good downhill burst, standing out as the top Global. While adequate processing may limit his role, he’ll be a core four special teamer who can get you out of a game on defence or spot start at weakside linebacker to provide ratio flexibility.

Player role: Spot Starter and Core Special Teamer | NFL status: Unsigned

Photo courtesy: AP Photo/Amanda Loman

3) TE Thomas Yassmin, University of Utah (Australia)

HT: 6050 | WT: 251 | HND: 93 | ARM: 321 | WNG: 790

BP: N/A | VJ: 32 | BJ: 10000 | 10YD: 1.64 | 40YD: 4.68 | 3C: 7.01 | SS: 4.52

A former rugby player with a massive frame, Yassmin offers intriguing CFL upside despite the limited usage of tight ends in the Canadian game. While he can play in-line on certain sets as a solid wall-off blocker, his speed and explosiveness are on par with many true CFL receivers. With the added advantage of the waggle, he could be a physical mismatch when flexed out with reliable hands and the contact balance to generate big gains after the catch. Even if an offensive coordinator fails to maximize his unique skillset, the Aussie’s proven track record at Utah on special teams will make him an impactful addition.

Player role: Spot Starter and Core Special Teamer | NFL status: Signed with Denver Broncos

4) LB Heston Lameta, Northern Arizona University (American Samoa)

HT: 6005 | WT: 239 | HND: 93 | ARM: 310 | WNG: 740

BP: 11 | VJ: 30.5 | BJ: 9000 | 10YD: 1.73 | 40YD: 4.88 | 3C: 7.32 | SS: 4.52

A traditional middle linebacker with a thick, sturdy build, Lameta has a wealth of starting experience at the FCS level. He shows solid processing with the ability to sort through traffic and track the ball carrier, exhibiting good power to drive through contact and finish as a tackler. He saw limited snaps on special teams with the Lumberjacks but projects as a core four contributor who can competently fill in on defence as required.

Player role: Spot Starter with Special Teams Upside | NFL status: Unsigned

5) IDL David Olajiga, University of Central Missouri (United Kingdom)

HT: 6032 | WT: 319 | HND: 104 | ARM: 317 | WNG: 796

BP: 30 | VJ: 34 | BJ: 8020 | 10YD: 1.83 | 40YD: 5.10 | 3C: 8.16 | SS: 5.00

A Division II All-American with a ridiculously cut-up and defined physique, Olajiga is bull-strong at the point of attack and has knockback power as an interior rusher. He possesses a violent punch and can manhandle opponents with a quick push-pull or club, finishing with malicious intent on the ball. He’s stiff in the hips and struggles to move other than in a straight line but should have a rotational CFL role due to his strength and explosiveness.

Player role: Spot Starter | NFL status: Signed with Los Angeles Rams

Photo courtesy: Illinois Athletics

6) IDL Denzel Daxon, University of Illinois (Bahamas)

HT: 6020 | WT: 304 | HND: 102 | ARM: 333 | WNG: 813

BP: 22 | VJ: 31 | BJ: 8030 | 10YD: 1.81 | 40YD: 5.50 | 3C: 8.34 | SS: 4.90

Despite starting last year along a talented Illini defensive line, Daxon was ill-suited for the traditional nose tackle role that he was asked to play in their gap control scheme. He is at his best when asked to penetrate quickly, showing the ability to slant hard into a gap with solid initial quickness or win fast with a quick swim. Those traits will translate to rotational value in the CFL game, where his inconsistent play strength versus the run will not be tested as consistently.

Player role: Spot Starter | NFL status: Signed with Dallas Cowboys

7) LB Fabian Weitz, Cologne Centurions (Germany)

HT: 5107 | WT: 228 | HND: 90 | ARM: 310 | WNG: 750

BP: 24 | VJ: 30 | BJ: 9040 | 10YD: 1.58 | 40YD: 4.77 | 3C: 7.09 | SS: 4.53

A stocky, short-armed linebacker who is still young enough to develop, Weitz effectively keys and diagnoses in the run game with good burst to press his gap and the lateral quickness to track outside runs. He shows functional spot-dropping ability in coverage as well, though his lack of ideal size and length will be a concern when evading or engaging second-level blockers at the pro level. At the very least, he is a proven contributor on special teams from his time as a backup at the University at Buffalo.

Player role: Core Special Teamer | NFL status: Unsigned

Photo courtesy: AP Photo/Al Goldis

8) OL Nouredin Nouili, University of Nebraska (Germany)

HT: 6027 | WT: 310 | HND: 103 | ARM: 326 | WNG: 826

BP: 18 | VJ: 31 | BJ: 9030 | 10YD: 1.76 | 40YD: 5.13 | 3C: 7.55 | SS: 4.72

A reliable starter at right guard last season with the Cornhuskers, Nouili shows active feet in pass protection with good alertness against stunts and blitzes. He tends to lunge in the running game and struggles to generate significant displacement with below-average leg drive. The tape isn’t always pretty due to deficiencies in his base and balance but he consistently gets the job done against high-level competition.

Player role: Strong Backup | NFL status: Signed with New Orleans Saints

9) IDL Hugo Klages, University of Massachusetts (Germany)

HT: 6017 | WT: 284 | HND: 96 | ARM: 315 | WNG: 757

BP: 22 | VJ: 30 | BJ: 8111 | 10YD: 1.84 | 40YD: 5.18 | 3C: 7.70 | SS: 4.56

A loose-bodied interior defender who missed the bulk of last season with injury, Klages is leaving school early in pursuit of a pro opportunity and has room to grow with only one year of significant playtime under his belt. He’s short-armed but shows quick and violent hands, with occasional flashes of explosive twitch as a pass rusher. He struggles to recover when out of position and will need refinement to earn regular playing time but can stick on the fringes of a roster.

Player role: Rotational Contributor | NFL status: Unsigned

10) IDL Tyrone Taleni, University of Southern California (American Samoa)

HT: 6020 | WT: 279 | HND: 101 | ARM: 320 | WNG: 763

BP: N/A | VJ: 29 | BJ: 8050 | 10YD: 1.77 | 40YD: 5.20 | 3C: 7.57 | SS: 4.56

A regular starter at a big-time college program, Taleni posted intriguing production in 2022 but had a precipitous drop-off last year. An effort rusher with a solid get-off and rudimentary hand usage, he struggled to challenge blockers with either speed or power at USC. He needs to be utilized on twists and stunts to win in the CFL, but you know what you’ll get thanks to his reliable pedigree.

Player role: Rotational Contributor| NFL status: Unsigned

Write-ups on players ranked 11 through 20 can be found on All22’s exclusive Substack, which is available by clicking here. Anyone interested in learning more about the organization is asked to email Patrik Asen at [email protected].

J.C. Abbott is a University of British Columbia graduate and high school football coach. He covers the CFL, B.C. Lions, CFL Draft and the three-down league's Global initiative.