Canada seeking qualification for IFAF 2025 World Senior Men’s Championship

Photo courtesy: Football Canada

Team Canada will hit the field in pursuit of the IFAF (International Federation of American Football) World Senior Men’s Championship for the first time in 14 years.

The event is slated for 2025 in Germany and will be the first IFAF World Cup in a decade. Canada didn’t participate in the most recent one, which was hosted in Canton, Ohio in 2015, and hasn’t competed since the 2011 event in Austria when they won a silver medal.

“I am thrilled to spearhead Canada’s return to the IFAF World Championships,” said Daniel Woloshin, the president of the TC International Football Team Society, in a statement. “Our athletes and organizations are among the world’s best, and it’s time we demonstrate this by competing for the global title once again.”

Canada still needs to earn a spot in the tournament with a continental qualification game against Mexico set for January 2025. The matchup winner will advance to the 2025 IFAF World Cup, carrying the banner for North America.

“Our group believes it’s high time for Canada to make a comeback at the IFAF Worlds,” said TC International Football Team Society’s general manager Jesse Maddox. “It is an honour, and we are hopeful for this journey towards the championship.”

Team Canada’s revival comes after two years of planning and partnership between the TC International Football Team Society and Football Canada, the latter of which is helping with safety requirements, competition compliance, uniforms, and equipment.

“The founding nation of football, Canada, has been absent from the world men’s championship for far too long,” said Football Canada president Jim Mullin. “Our return is a proud moment that aligns with our strategic plan’s objectives and reinforces our presence in international football.”

The IFAF World Senior Men’s Championship has been held five times since the inaugural event in Italy in 1999. Team Canada has qualified twice but withdrew in 2015. The United States has won the past three gold medals.