A position-by-position look at 2024 CFL free agency

Photo: Neil Noonan/3DownNation. All rights reserved.

The Canadian Football League released the official list of 2024 free agents on Friday.

There are over 260 players slated to hit the open market when free agency begins on Tuesday, Feb. 13 at 12:00 p.m. EST. The Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Calgary Stampeders lead the way with 37 players in line for new contracts while the Edmonton Elks have just 18 players who don’t have deals into next year.

Below is a position-by-position look at who could come available to teams around the league. Please note that “N” denotes nationals (ie. Canadians), “A” denotes Americans, and “G” denotes Globals. Players are listed alphabetically by last name.

Photo courtesy: Steven Chang/B.C. Lions


Nick Arbuckle, Ottawa Redblacks (A)
Dru Brown, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (A)
Dominique Davis, B.C. Lions (A)
Jake Dolegala, Saskatchewan Roughriders (A)
Dane Evans, B.C. Lions (A)
Mason Fine, Saskatchewan Roughriders (A)
Kai Locksley, Hamilton Tiger-Cats (A)
Dakota Prukop, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (A)
Matthew Shiltz, Hamilton Tiger-Cats (A)
Tommy Stevens, Calgary Stampeders (A)

Courtesy: Paul Yates/B.C. Lions

Running backs

Jeshrun Antwi, Montreal Alouettes (N)
Johnny Augustine, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (N)
Ka’Deem Carey, Calgary Stampeders (A)
Walter Fletcher, Montreal Alouettes (A)
Andrew Harris, Toronto Argonauts (N)
Frankie Hickson, Saskatchewan Roughriders (A)
Kienan LaFrance, B.C. Lions (N)
Javon Leake, Toronto Argonauts (A)
Peyton Logan, Calgary Stampeders (A)
Greg McCrae, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (A)
Ante Milanovic-Litre, Ottawa Redblacks (N)
Dedrick Mills, Calgary Stampeders (A)
Jamal Morrow, Saskatchewan Roughriders (A)
Brady Oliveira, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (N)
A.J. Ouellette, Toronto Argonauts (A)
William Stanback, Montreal Alouettes (A)
Sean Thomas Erlington, Hamilton Tiger-Cats (N)
Devonte Williams, Ottawa Redblacks (A)

Photo courtesy: Scott Grant/CFLPhotoArchive.com


Albert Awachie, Saskatchewan Roughriders (N)
Felix Garand-Gauthier, Hamilton Tiger-Cats (N)
Anthony Gosselin, Ottawa Redblacks (N)
Tanner Green, Edmonton Elks (N)
William Langlais, Calgary Stampeders (N)
Mike Miller, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (N)
James Tuck, Montreal Alouettes (N)

Photo: Bob Butrym/3DownNation. All rights reserved.


Bralon Addison, Ottawa Redblacks (A)
Mario Alford, Saskatchewan Roughriders (A)
Manny Arceneaux, Edmonton Elks (A)
Rasheed Bailey, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (A)
Shawn Bane Jr., Saskatchewan Roughriders (A)
Juwan Brescacin, Saskatchewan Roughriders (N)
Dejon Brissett, Toronto Argonauts (N)
Regis Cibasu, Montreal Alouettes (N)
Jevon Cottoy, B.C. Lions (N)
Damonte Coxie, Toronto Argonauts (A)
Greg Ellingson, Montreal Alouettes (A)
Shaq Evans, Ottawa Redblacks (A)
Terry Godwin II, Hamilton Tiger-Cats (A)
Janarion Grant, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (A)
Luther Hakunavanhu, Calgary Stampeders (N)
Justin Hardy, Ottawa Redblacks (A)
Jake Harty, Montreal Alouettes (N)
Keon Hatcher, B.C. Lions (A)
Alexander Hollins, B.C. Lions (A)
Colton Hunchak, Calgary Stampeders (N)
Tevin Jones, Saskatchewan Roughriders (A)
Siaosi Mariner, Ottawa Redblacks (A)
Hergy Mayala, Hamilton Tiger-Cats (N)
Tyson Middlemost, Calgary Stampeders (N)
Kyran Moore, Edmonton Elks (A)
Tommy Nield, Toronto Argonauts (N)
Brendan O’Leary-Orange, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (N)
Chris Osei-Kusi, Hamilton Tiger-Cats (N)
Daniel Petermann, B.C. Lions (N)
Cameron Phillips, Toronto Argonauts (A)
Dalton Schoen, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (A)
Richie Sindani, Toronto Argonauts (N)
Tevaun Smith, Ottawa Redblacks (N)
Tyler Ternowski, Hamilton Tiger-Cats (N)
Derel Walker, Hamilton Tiger-Cats (A)
Tim White, Hamilton Tiger-Cats (A)
Lucky Whitehead, B.C. Lions (A)
Duke Williams, Hamilton Tiger-Cats (A)
Terry Williams, B.C. Lions (A)
Drew Wolitarsky, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (N)

Photo: David Mahussier/3DownNation. All rights reserved.

Offensive linemen

Bryce Bell, Calgary Stampeders (N)
Dariusz Bladek, Toronto Argonauts (N)
Philip Blake, Saskatchewan Roughriders (N)
Brett Boyko, Edmonton Elks (N)
David Brown, Montreal Alouettes (N)
Stanley Bryant, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (A)
Isiah Cage, Toronto Argonauts (A)
Jamal Campbell, Calgary Stampeders (N)
Darius Circo, Toronto Argonauts (N)
Joshua Coker, Calgary Stampeders (A)
Logan Ferland, Saskatchewan Roughriders (N)
Philippe Gagnon, Montreal Alouettes (N)
Jesse Gibbon, Montreal Alouettes (N)
Dylan Giffen, Toronto Argonauts (N)
Geoff Gray, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (N)
Jamarcus Hardrick, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (A)
Tomas Jack-Kurdyla, Edmonton Elks (N)
Evan Johnson, Saskatchewan Roughriders (N)
Colin Kelly, Saskatchewan Roughriders (A)
Brandon Kemp, Hamilton Tiger-Cats (A)
David Knevel, B.C. Lions (N)
Chris Kolankowski, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (N)
Eric Lofton, Saskatchewan Roughriders (A)
Kristian Matte, Montreal Alouettes (N)
Sean McEwen, Calgary Stampeders (N)
Jordan Murray, Hamilton Tiger-Cats (A)
Patrick Neufeld, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (N)
Phillip Norman, B.C. Lions (A)
Brandon Revenberg, Hamilton Tiger-Cats (N)
Landon Rice, Montreal Alouettes (N)
Shane Richards, Toronto Argonauts (N)
Tyrone Riley, Hamilton Tiger-Cats (A)
Josiah St. John, Edmonton Elks (N)
Kyle Saxelid, Hamilton Tiger-Cats (N)
Ryan Sceviour, Calgary Stampeders (N)
Hunter Steward, Ottawa Redblacks (N)
Trevon Tate, Toronto Argonauts (A)
Samuel Thomassin, Edmonton Elks (N)
Hugh Thornton, Calgary Stampeders (A)
Chris Van Zeyl, Hamilton Tiger-Cats (N)
Coulter Woodmansey, Hamilton Tiger-Cats (N)

Photo: Larry MacDougal/3DownNation. All rights reserved.

Defensive linemen

Sam Acheampong, Edmonton Elks (N)
Isaac Adeyemi-Berglund, Calgary Stampeders (N)
Brandon Barlow, Toronto Argonauts (A)
Mason Bennett, Hamilton Tiger-Cats (N)
Mathieu Betts, B.C. Lions (N)
Miles Brown, Saskatchewan Roughriders (A)
Malik Carney, Hamilton Tiger-Cats (A)
Bryce Carter, Ottawa Redblacks (A)
DeMarcus Christmas, Saskatchewan Roughriders (A)
Charbel Dabire, Saskatchewan Roughriders (N)
Ja’Gared Davis, Hamilton Tiger-Cats (A)
Jamal Davis II, Hamilton Tiger-Cats (A)
Tibo Debaillie, B.C. Lions (G)
Vincent Desjardins, Montreal Alouettes (N)
Avery Ellis, Montreal Alouettes (A)
Elliot Graham, Calgary Stampeders (N)
Thiadric Hansen, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (G)
Dewayne Hendrix, Toronto Argonauts (A)
Julian Howsare, Calgary Stampeders (A)
Jackson Jeffcoat, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (A)
Willie Jefferson, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (A)
Micah Johnson, Saskatchewan Roughriders (A)
Anthony Lanier II, Saskatchewan Roughriders (A)
Ted Laurent, Hamilton Tiger-Cats (N)
Cameron Lawson, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (N)
Shawn Lemon, Montreal Alouettes (A)
A.C. Leonard, Edmonton Elks (A)
Benoit Marion, Toronto Argonauts (N)
Lorenzo Mauldin IV, Ottawa Redblacks (A)
Terrell McClain, Calgary Stampeders (A)
Mike Moore, Calgary Stampeders (A)
Cole Nelson, Edmonton Elks (N)
Shawn Oakman, Toronto Argonauts (A)
Pete Robertson, Saskatchewan Roughriders (A)
Nigel Romick, Ottawa Redblacks (N)
Mike Rose, Calgary Stampeders (A)
Daniel Ross, Edmonton Elks (A)
Sione Teuhema, B.C. Lions (A)
Jake Thomas, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (N)
Nick Usher, B.C. Lions (A)
Michael Wakefield, Ottawa Redblacks (A)
Ricky Walker, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (A)
Derek Wiggan, Calgary Stampeders (N)
Dylan Wynn, Hamilton Tiger-Cats (A)

Photo courtesy: Bob Butrym/RFB Sport Photography


Adam Auclair, Ottawa Redblacks (N)
Micah Awe, Calgary Stampeders (A)
Dan Basambombo, Ottawa Redblacks (N)
Tyrice Beverette, Montreal Alouettes (A)
Jesse Briggs, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (N)
Tanner Cadwallader, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (N)
Jack Cassar, Toronto Argonauts (N)
Frederic Chagnon, Montreal Alouettes (N)
Malik Clements, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (A)
Brian Cole, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (A)
Douglas Coleman III, Ottawa Redblacks (A)
Brad Cowan, Calgary Stampeders (N)
Nic Cross, Hamilton Tiger-Cats (N)
Larry Dean, Saskatchewan Roughriders (A)
Jacob Dearborn, Hamilton Tiger-Cats (N)
Chris Edwards, Hamilton Tiger-Cats (A)
Bailey Feltmate, Hamilton Tiger-Cats (N)
Kevin Francis, Ottawa Redblacks (N)
Alexander Gagne, Montreal Alouettes (N)
Shayne Gauthier, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (N)
Frankie Griffin, Ottawa Redblacks (A)
Brian Harelimana, Toronto Argonauts (N)
Jordan Herdman-Reed, Calgary Stampeders (N)
Justin Herdman-Reed, Saskatchewan Roughriders (N)
Ben Hladik, B.C. Lions (N)
Trevor Hoyte, Toronto Argonauts (N)
Gary Johnson Jr., Ottawa Redblacks (A)
Jonathan Jones, Toronto Argonauts (A)
Tony Jones, Edmonton Elks (A)
Redha Kramdi, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (N)
Simoni Lawrence, Hamilton Tiger-Cats (A)
Wynton McManis, Toronto Argonauts (A)
Derrick Moncrief, Saskatchewan Roughriders (A)
Charlie Moore, Calgary Stampeders (N)
Henoc Muamba, Toronto Argonauts (N)
Enoch Penney-Laryea, Hamilton Tiger-Cats (N)
Adarius Pickett, Toronto Argonauts (A)
Jordan Reaves, Edmonton Elks (N)
Maxime Rouyer, B.C. Lions (G)
Darnell Sankey, Montreal Alouettes (A)
Josiah Schakel, Edmonton Elks (N)
Fraser Sopik, Hamilton Tiger-Cats (N)
Silas Stewart, Calgary Stampeders (A)
Micah Teitz, Saskatchewan Roughriders (N)
Jameer Thurman, Hamilton Tiger-Cats (A)
Tyron Vrede, Ottawa Redblacks (G)
Titus Wall, Calgary Stampeders (A)
Avery Williams, Montreal Alouettes (A)
Darius Williams, Calgary Stampeders (A)
Josh Woods, B.C. Lions (A)

Photo: Timothy Matwey/3DownNation. All rights reserved.

Defensive backs

Tunde Adeleke, Hamilton Tiger-Cats (N)
Brandon Alexander, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (A)
Hakeem Bailey, Ottawa Redblacks (A)
Sherrod Baltimore, Ottawa Redblacks (A)
Cariel Brooks, Ottawa Redblacks (A)
Maurice Carnell IV, Toronto Argonauts (A)
Jeremy Clark, Saskatchewan Roughriders (A)
Ty Cranston, Ottawa Redblacks (N)
Brandin Dandridge, Ottawa Redblacks (A)
Robertson Daniel, Toronto Argonauts (A)
Alden Darby Jr., Winnipeg Blue Bombers (A)
Brandon Dozier, Calgary Stampeders (A)
Jordan Edwards-Cooper, B.C. Lions (A)
Ciante Evans, Montreal Alouettes (A)
Kerfalla Exumé, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (N)
Ed Gainey, Edmonton Elks (A)
Aaron Grymes, Edmonton Elks (A)
Nick Hallett, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (N)
Jamie Harry, Toronto Argonauts (N)
Amari Henderson, Saskatchewan Roughriders (A)
Demerio Houston, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (A)
Justin Howell, Ottawa Redblacks (N)
Monshadrik ‘Money’ Hunter, Ottawa Redblacks (A)
Latrell Jamerson, Calgary Stampeders (A)
Mike Jones, B.C. Lions (A)
Abdul Kanneh, Ottawa Redblacks (A)
Stavros Katsantonis, Hamilton Tiger-Cats (N)
Richard Leonard, Hamilton Tiger-Cats (A)
Nelson Lokombo, Saskatchewan Roughriders (N)
Nafees Lyon, Montreal Alouettes (A)
Brad Muhammad, Calgary Stampeders (A)
Najee Murray, Montreal Alouettes (A)
Deatrick Nichols, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (A)
Donovan Olumba, Edmonton Elks (A)
Godfrey Onyeka, Saskatchewan Roughriders (N)
Jamal Peters, Toronto Argonauts (A)
Robert Priester, Toronto Argonauts (A)
Loucheiz Purifoy, Edmonton Elks (A)
C.J. Reavis, Saskatchewan Roughriders (A)
Shaquille Richardson, Calgary Stampeders (A)
Winston Rose, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (A)
Tigie Sankoh, Toronto Argonauts (G)
Marcus Sayles, B.C. Lions (A)
Nick Statz, Calgary Stampeders (N)
Nick Taylor, Calgary Stampeders (A)
Malcolm Thompson, Calgary Stampeders (N)
Damon Webb, Ottawa Redblacks (A)
Kobe Williams, Calgary Stampeders (A)

Photo courtesy: Scott Grant / CFLPhotoArchive.com


Boris Bede, Toronto Argonauts (A)
Sergio Castillo, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (A)
Tanner Doll, Ottawa Redblacks (N)
Michael Domagala, Ottawa Redblacks (N)
Stefan Flintoft, B.C. Lions (A)
Brett Lauther, Saskatchewan Roughriders (N)
Richie Leone, Ottawa Redblacks (A)
Marc Liegghio, Hamilton Tiger-Cats (N)
Rene Paredes, Calgary Stampeders (N)
Kaare Vedvik, Hamilton Tiger-Cats (G)