Winnipeg Blue Bombers donate 525 new football helmets to Manitoba high schools

Photo: Neil Noonan/3DownNation. All rights reserved.

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have donated 525 new football helmets to the 35 high school football programs across the province.

“We are committed to helping amateur football grow in our province and to help ensure kids are wearing safe equipment,” said team president and CEO Wade Miller in a statement. “Our expanded reach this year through our youth programs is a direct result of the support we have received through the Arts, Culture and Sport in Community (ACSC) Fund from the Province of Manitoba.”

At a cost of approximately $425 each, the value of the helmets is worth close to $225,000. The Blue Bombers have donated over $300,000 in equipment to youth programs this year and had over 1,000 youth participate in free football camps offered by the team.

“[The Blue Bombers’] support of equipment and camps for kids year-round helps us make it affordable for our kids to play,” said Chris Olson, the head coach of the Oak Park Raiders.

“The Blue Bombers donating 15 helmets per school is a massive support as helmets cost us around $425 each,” said Chris Olson, Head Coach of the Oak Park Raiders, which was attended by CFL players such as running backs Andrew Harris and Brady Oliveira, receiver Nic Demski, and offensive lineman Sean Jamieson.

The Blue Bombers (8-2) are scheduled to host the Montreal Alouettes (6-3) on Thursday, Aug. 24 with kickoff slated for 8:30 p.m. EDT.