Rogue ram: sheep gets loose during Riders’ halftime show

Photo courtesy: Joel Gasson

Jaxon Ford and Jorgen Hus weren’t the only two Regina Rams on the field at Mosaic Stadium on Sunday Night.

Social media was set ablaze during half-time of the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ matchup with the Ottawa Redblacks when a sheep broke loose from containment and led a high-speed chase around the field.

The Riders celebrated Country Night with a kids’ rodeo for entertainment at the intermission, which created the perfect storm for loose livestock. The rogue ram was eventually corralled, but not before capturing the hearts and minds of CFL fans.

The incident also sparked a passionate debate as to what to name the animal.

There are contradicting reports as to the sex of sheep, with the TSN broadcast specifying it as a ram and the Riders telling local media it was, in fact, a ewe. Either way, the Riders scored a spectacular touchdown immediately following the appearance of the animal, begging the question: are sheep good luck?

No matter the result for the home team, fans were provided with an “only in the CFL moment” that is sure to be talked about for years to come.