CFL enters into partnership with American data platform vendor RudderStack

Photo courtesy: CFL

The CFL has entered into a partnership with RudderStack to become the league’s customer data platform vendor.

This relationship is the next step in the CFL’s continuing digital transformation, a process which began in December 2021 with its partnership with Genius Sports. The addition of RudderStack to the league’s marketing technology stack will help deliver a more tailored fan experience.

“From coast to coast to coast, our league has the most incredible fans,” said Tyler Mazereeuw, the CFL’s chief revenue and marketing officer. “But our fans in B.C. are different from our fans in Hamilton, and Rider Nation has different priorities than our east coast communities. Casual fans may wish to learn more about players, while seasoned fans may want to see the latest team merchandise.”

“To customize our marketing efforts and to deliver them at scale, we must sort through, organize and better understand our fan data. Through our strategic partnership with RudderStack, we’ll gain additional insights and we’ll be in a stronger position to deliver more personalized communications, bespoke experiences and more relevant engagement.”

Based in San Francisco, California and founded in 2019, RudderStack specializes in delivering trustworthy, real-time data to cloud data warehouses and conducting in-depth analysis to provide a clear picture of customer profiles and preferences. With a team composed of data engineers and data scientists, RudderStack prioritizes privacy and security when providing information to the league and CFL teams.

“Much like the CFL, we believe in putting people first. This principle guides not only better business, but also better relationships with customers, and in this case, fans,” said Eric Omwega, Vice President of Marketing at RudderStack. “Our data-driven insights will provide precise information, allowing the league to cater to specific individuals or entire markets to create a more personal connection.”

The partnership between the two furthers the league’s commitment to pursue innovative avenues of engagement and explore new ways to connect fans with the game.

“From the CFL Newsletter with the latest updates and information to CFL GameZone with exclusive games, contests, prizes and much more, we’re only scratching the surface of fan engagement,” added Mazereeuw.

“RudderStack will allow the league to push its boundaries and give fans what they want and deserve – a CFL experience to truly call their own.”