‘I can’t promise you it’ll never happen’: Alouettes’ head coach Jason Maas will try to quell sideline outbursts

Photo courtesy: Montreal Alouettes

Jason Maas garnered a reputation for having fiery outbursts during his four-year stint as the head coach of the Edmonton Elks. Now that he’s the new head coach in Montreal, Maas is hoping to avoid similar behaviour with the Alouettes.

“I believe on the sidelines when I do just have an eruption, per se, there are other things I’m going to do to combat that. So, I can’t promise you it’ll never happen, but I’ll assure you that I have worked on things and you’ll see a different side of me at times when you would expect that to happen, it won’t,” he said at his introductory press conference that was carried live on TSN 690.

“I’m never gonna fake who I am: what you see is what you get. I am an intense person, I love football, I do. You will see my emotions but there are other ways I can deal with disappointment or things that bother me and I can assure you, I have thought long and hard about that. I’ve thought about how it does affect people, the organization, people outside as fans looking at me and not liking it and really feeling it’s distasteful.”

Maas broke headsets, threw Gatorade jugs, and berated assistant coaches during his tenure in Edmonton. He indicated that his history of sideline outbursts was addressed during his interview with general manager Danny Maciocia and said that he’s spent the past three years as an offensive coordinator learning and growing.

The 47-year-old acknowledged that angry outbursts have mixed results when it comes to motivating players. He’s hopeful that a more level-headed approach could help garner a better response from players in the locker room.

“There are guys on our team that will understand when I do something like that and they will be motivated as well. There’ll be other guys that will question it and, as a leader of men, you want everyone to follow, you want everyone to buy into you and feel good about the leaders on your team. And when you’re talking about disciplined football teams and people doing it the right way, I want to be a good example of that.”

Maciocia has known Maas for 20 years dating back to their time together in Edmonton when Maciocia was an offensive coordinator and Maas was a quarterback. Maciocia is familiar with his new head coach’s fiery temper, though it appears he has an insurance policy in place in case Maas destroys another headset.

“We also have an agreement — it’s actually in his contract — that whatever he breaks, he pays for,” said Maciocia, garnering laughter from media. It’s unclear whether or not this was a joke.

Maciocia indicated that a number of assistant coaches will be back in 2023, including defensive coordinator Noel Thorpe, special teams coordinator Byron Archambault, quarterbacks coach Anthony Calvillo, receivers coach Mike Lionello, and defensive line coach Greg Quick. He also confirmed that longtime assistant coach André Bolduc has departed for the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Though he did not address the impending departure of team president Mario Cecchini in any detail, Maciocia indicated that he wants to remain the general manager and does not covet the role of president.