B.C. Lions’ receiver Lucky Whitehead not apologizing for trash talk that led to post-game punch

Photo courtesy: B.C. Lions/Darryl Dyck

B.C. Lions’ receiver Lucky Whitehead doesn’t feel sorry for the comments he made to Calgary Stampeders’ linebacker Cameron Judge that led to a post-game altercation this past weekend.

“I’m not apologizing for my trash talk, that’s football,” Whitehead told TSN. “It’s normal trash talk. I said it and told it to him in the first game, too. If people are throwing out ‘yo mama’ jokes, is that OK? We do it. We’re grown men. Suck it up.”

Whitehead claimed that he and a few teammates were celebrating after the game at midfield when Judge approached them still wearing his helmet. Judge said something and struck Whitehead in the face before being pulled into Calgary’s locker room by a teammate. Whitehead was wearing a hat during the altercation and did not have his helmet with him.

The star receiver believes that the punch was assault, though he doesn’t plan to press charges against Judge. He also believes the linebacker punched him because he was upset about losing the game — not the disparaging remarks that were made — as the two didn’t speak beyond the second quarter.

“Do you think if you win that game that you’re acting that way? I don’t think so,” said Whitehead.

Whitehead confirmed that he and some teammates waited for the Stampeders in the parking lot after the game in an attempt to confront Judge regarding the altercation that occurred at midfield. Players from both teams were seen arguing and had to be separated by police.

“I tried to confront him. We talked to a couple of their guys, asked them, ‘Hey, can you go get him?’ They said, ‘He’s upstairs with coach.’ We argued a little bit, cussed a little bit, but nobody got physical. It was more so talking and we were just letting ’em know,” said Whitehead.

The CFL suspended Judge for one game on Tuesday and he does not plan to appeal it. This means he will miss the rematch between the two teams scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 24 at 10:00 p.m. EDT at BC Place Stadium.

“It’s cool. It is what it is,” said Whitehead. “If they feel one game was good enough, I guess it’s cool with me.”

Whitehead has made 67 receptions for 839 yards and three touchdowns this season in 12 starts at boundary wide receiver. His team is currently second in the West Division at 9-3, two points ahead of Calgary (8-5) and six points back of Winnipeg (12-2).