Bombers’ Willie Jefferson wore Milt Stegall jersey to Banjo Bowl due to wife’s advice

Screengrab courtesy: Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Hall of Fame receiver and CFL on TSN panellist Milt Stegall has a long-held belief that he is the prettiest man alive, but apparently just wearing his jersey can make somebody look better.

That’s at least according to Winnipeg Blue Bombers’ defensive end Willie Jefferson, who addressed the media after Saturday’s 54-20 victory over the Saskatchewan Roughriders wearing a signed vintage Stegall Bombers jersey that he described as a “personal gift” from the commentator.

Asked why he chose to wear it for the Banjo Bowl, Jefferson revealed that it was actually his wife who made the final decision.

“It was just a perfect time to wear it. I had a hard time this morning deciding between my Milt Stegall jersey or my Richie Hall jersey. When I tried them on for my wife, she said this one looked better with my outfit so I chose to go with this one,” he grinned. “Shout out to my boy, Milt. Paper plates.”

Repping the CFL’s all-time touchdown king was a popular choice with Bombers fans and Jefferson played like a future Hall of Famer himself, notching three tackles, two sacks, and a forced fumble. However, the decision likely saved him from the additional headlines he would have gotten had he shown up wearing his Hall memorabilia.

Winnipeg’s current defensive coordinator was a four-time West Division all-star during his nine-year CFL playing career but never suited up for the Bombers. He spent his first five seasons with the Calgary Stampeders before jumping to Saskatchewan for four more years, meaning Jefferson likely flirted with the idea of wearing a Riders jersey into IG Field for the heated rivalry game.

While that would have certainly raised eyebrows, it wouldn’t have been the first piece of controversial game-day attire that the former Most Outstanding Defensive Player has worn. Earlier this year, Jefferson showed up at a game in Commonwealth Stadium wearing his own Edmonton jersey, before promptly defeating the Elks.

Mrs. Jefferson’s keen sense of taste steered her husband into safer waters for this game and made him look just as cool as the league’s most iconic pass-catcher.