Riders’ DL Anthony Lanier II draws praise from Garth Brooks for rendition of ‘Friends in Low Places’

Screenshot courtesy: Garth Brooks/Facebook

Garth Brooks is popular in the province of Saskatchewan and it appears the legendary country music singer and songwriter is a fan of one of the local football team’s players.

Brooks appeared on a Facebook livestream on Monday during which he was played a clip of Saskatchewan Roughriders’ defensive lineman Anthony Lanier II signing his 1990 smash hit ‘Friends in Low Places’ on the sideline at Mosaic Stadium during a game.

The 60-year-old reacted gleefully, complimenting Lanier’s ability to hit the high and low notes.

“Go, big man!” said Brooks. “That is great. I love it.”

Lanier tweeted that he’s “down for a duet” with Brooks provided the proceeds go to Undefeated Warrior, his foundation that seeks to support underserved youth in his hometown of Savannah, Ga.

The six-foot-six, 285-pound defensive tackle is having a strong season in Saskatchewan, recording 16 tackles, seven sacks, and two forced fumbles over ten starts. Brooks joked that Lanier’s size will prevent anyone from criticizing his musical skills.

“What I wanna know is if somebody would come up to him and go, ‘Dude, you can’t sing.’ Who’s gonna tell a man that size he can’t sing? That guy can sing! He can sing, that’s great,” said the native of Tulsa, Okla.

Brooks has performed in Regina a number of times, most recently playing back-to-back shows at Mosaic Stadium in August 2019. He clearly has an affinity for the city and loves hearing his music played and performed all across the world.

“That’s the place, it’s so much fun to play. I’m amazed how — it’s country music, c’mon man — country music is specifically the United States, right? But it’s funny how ‘Friends in Low Places,’ you can hear it in Asia, you can hear it in South America, it’s totally crazy.”

The video on Facebook had garnered over 90,000 views as of Wednesday morning.