Montreal Alouettes troll air horn haters with fake request for Twitter feedback

Photo edit: 3DownNation.

The Montreal Alouettes’ social media team took another opportunity to troll CFL fans across the country on Monday, tweeting the following message regarding the air horns that were heard throughout last week’s 35-20 loss to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

While the message initially appeared to be a genuine solicitation for feedback, the team took advantage of a relatively new Twitter feature that limits who can reply to tweets. Only people who were tagged in the post are eligible to reply and, since nobody was tagged, it’s impossible for anyone to reply.

Twitter users are still able to quote-tweet the message and most who’ve done so have offered messages of support, including an active Canadian senator (yes, seriously).

A handful of Twitter users didn’t care for the Alouettes trolling, offering messages of frustration.

Air horn noise rang persistently at Percival Molson Stadium on Thursday evening and the honking was audible on TSN’s television broadcast, which caused quite a stir on social media. The panel even referenced it as part of their halftime promotion, complaining about the constant noise.

Montreal received so many complaints that they addressed the noise during the game, tweeting: “We like the horn…stop messaging us.” They referenced the air horn again during the fourth quarter, tweeting: “Thank you to everyone in Winnipeg who watched the game with surround sound tonight.”

The Blue Bombers posted a video of an air horn being crushed a hydraulic press after the game,

The team’s original tweet garnered over 100 retweets and 250 likes within the first 90 minutes of it being posted.