CFLPA vice president Henoc Muamba believes new CBA between league, players should be ‘mutually beneficial’

Screengrab courtesy: CFLPA on Twitter

The Canadian Football League Players’ Association released videos on Monday outlining what they are looking for in a new collective bargaining agreement with the league.

One of these videos featured CFLPA vice president Henoc Mumaba detailing what he thinks are the important issues that need to be addressed in any new CBA.

“A fair collective bargaining agreement is one that is mutually beneficial to the parties involved,” Muamba said.

“It is one that is equitable and addresses issues and discrepancies with pay and benefits. It is one that includes policies that affect players’ physical, psychological and financial well-being.”

The league and Players’ Association failed to come to terms on a new collective agreement ahead of the expiration of the old CBA on Sunday leading to the first work stoppage to hit the CFL since 1974.

One of the bedrocks of the CFLPA’s stance has been wanting to form a partnership with the league to help grow the CFL and the game of football in Canada.

“It’s important that the Players’ Association and the league treat each other as partners because only a true partnership will our league be able to experience exponential growth. We must approach this relationship with respect so we can truly maximize all the potential from this allegiance.”

The players are getting their message out there. Let’s see if that brings everyone back to the table and a deal can get done to get the season going soon.